How to Extend 30 Seconds WhatsApp Status Video Limit On Android & iPhone

Are you tired of the 30-second limit on WhatsApp status videos? You’re not alone. Many users crave the ability to share longer moments with their contacts. 

Whether it’s capturing breathtaking scenery, sharing memorable snippets of your day, or expressing your creativity through longer videos, the 30-second limit can feel restricting. Fortunately, there are workarounds available that allow you to bypass this constraint and share more of your life with friends and family. 

From simple tweaks to utilizing third-party applications, we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you can make the most out of your WhatsApp status updates.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can extend the duration of your WhatsApp status videos on both Android and iPhone devices. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to expressing yourself more freely on WhatsApp!

Note: It’s worth to note that WhatsApp puts certain restrictions due to some reasons. So, we can’t legitimately bypass those restrictions. But we can surely rely on certain tips & tricks to post lengthy WhatsApp status videos.

30 seconds WhatsApp status video

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How to Post a Video Longer Than 30 Seconds on Whatsapp Status?

If you are looking for answers to how to increase WhatsApp status video length, we’ll be discussing five different WhatsApp tricks to share long videos. The only prerequisite is that some methods might require a rooted device to unlock hidden WhatsApp settings.

WhatsApp Trick 1 –  Using A Third-Party Tool (Root Is Must)

This method would allow you to extend the duration of WhatsApp Status Videos, but you need to have a rooted device to increase the limit. If you don’t wish to root your smartphone, go ahead with another workaround mentioned below.

You need to install a third-party tool, called WA Tweaks to bypass the video length limit. The application also helps users to change the theme of WhatsApp & share photos in full resolution. The Android app claims to unlock the hidden features from WhatsApp. Since WA Tweaks is not available on the official Google Play Store, you have to install it from its official website. So, without further ado, let’s start exploring How To Use WA Tweaks to increase the WhatsApp Status Video Limit?

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How To Extend 30 Seconds WhatsApp Status Video Limit?

Follow the step by step instructions after installing WA Tweaks on your Android:

STEP 1- Once you have installed the application on your rooted device, launch it and grant root access & other permissions.

STEP 2- Tap on the Menu from the left-corner & select the WhatsApp Tweaks option.

STEP 3- Find the option ‘Bypass 45 Seconds Video Limit For Status’.

STEP 4- Check the option to enable it & tap on the Save button.

Extend 30 Seconds WhatsApp Status Video

Now select any video with duration more than 30 seconds to post & that’s all! You’ll be successful to post videos more than 30 seconds of limit without any hassles.

WhatsApp Trick 2- Try Using A Video Splitter

Well, this WhatsApp trick might be used by a lot of people to cut a longer video into multiple 30-second clips & then share it as a status. To chop longer videos, you can either use the built-in WhatsApp video clipper or take help with a third-party app. The method won’t remove the 30 seconds WhatsApp status video, but it can certainly be helpful to do the job well.

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How To Post Long 30+ Seconds WhatsApp Status Video?

Discussed are two different Video Splitters for both Android & iPhone.

For Android: Use app Video Splitter for WhatsApp

With Video Splitter for WhatsApp, users can easily share smaller videos & then share them as a series as WhatsApp Status. The application is available on Google Play Store so you can chop longer videos into exact 30-second clips.

Video Splitter

STEP 1- Install Video Splitter for WhatsApp & launch the app.

STEP 2- From the home screen, you’ll be able to view your device’s gallery. Find & select the video you wish to post as your WhatsApp Status Video.

STEP 3-  Once the video is processed, you’ll get the ability to split the video into smaller parts.

Once you are done splitting the video, go ahead & share the WhatsApp Status Video! This is how to increase WhatsApp status time with a series of status updates.

For iPhone: Video – Splitter

Using Video–Splitter for iPhone you can post several short clips of your favorite videos & share the entire story & not just a glimpse of it. The application is available on the App Store so that you can rely on it without any second thought.

STEP 1- Install & launch the Video – Splitter on your iPhone.

STEP 2- Select the video file you wish to split into multiple parts, select the number of seconds for chopping the video & the app will equally divide your video into selected seconds.

STEP 3-  Now tap on the Split & Save, followed by the OK button to complete the process.

Video – Splitter for iPhone

Your video will successfully be saved in your gallery. Upload the WhatsApp Status Video like the usual way & put the series into a sequence.

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WhatsApp Trick 3- Install Best WhatsApp Mods

We’ve already discussed the Best WhatsApp Mods that allow you to access special features available on WhatsApp. While some mods would demand a rooted device, while others can be used like usual Android applications. Well, our list of WhatsApp Mods has a lot of options, we lay your hands on using GBWhatsApp that gives the ability to extend not only WhatsApp status video time but also the file size for sharing.

Video – Splitter for iPhone

WhatsApp Trick 4- Make Use Of GIF Maker

Well, if you don’t like the idea of posting multiple video clips to share as WhatsApp Status Video, what you can do is create a GIF image & share it as a Status without any limitations. It’s all the matter of a file format, you might not be able to hear the sound, but it’s certainly a great way to extend 30 seconds WhatsApp status video duration.

For Android: GIF Maker

Android users can rely on converting their favorite videos to GIF using the GIF Maker app. It’s available on Google Play Store & certainly very easy-to-use.

For iPhone: Video to GIF – GIF Maker

iPhone users can try using this Best GIF Maker app to convert videos/photos/live photos/burst photos to GIF without any hassles.

Disclaimer:  The information provided is for general informational purposes only. Systweak is not responsible for the accuracy, validity, reliability or completeness of the third-party tool. Any action you take is strictly at your own risk.


1. Why is there a 30-second limit on WhatsApp status videos?

WhatsApp originally imposed this limit to ensure efficient data usage and smooth performance for users across various network conditions.

2. Can this limit be extended on both Android and iPhone devices?

Yes, with certain methods or third-party applications, it’s possible to extend the duration of WhatsApp status videos beyond the default 30-second limit on both Android and iPhone devices.

3. Will extending the video limit affect the app’s performance or user experience?

It depends on the method used. Some third-party apps might impact performance or introduce compatibility issues, while other methods might maintain the app’s performance seamlessly.

4. Does WhatsApp officially support extending the video limit?

No, WhatsApp does not officially endorse or provide built-in features to extend the video limit. Users typically rely on unofficial methods or third-party apps to bypass this restriction.

Which Method Is Best For Bypassing 30 seconds WhatsApp Status Video Limit?

These are some of the most effective tricks to post long videos as WhatsApp Status. Since the official Messenger doesn’t allow users to share clips for more than 30 seconds, you can either install a third-party app like WA Tweaks, use a dedicated Video Splitter to share 30+ seconds WhatsApp status videos or other methods. Hope the detailed article helped you to learn how to increase WhatsApp status video length without any hassles.

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