How to Fix “Error 0x80070522: A Required Privilege Is Not Held By The User”

When users attempt to save, move, or copy files in Windows 11/10, error 0x80070522 may appear. Users frequently experience that problem when they attempt to copy or save files to the root or system folders. The message accompanying error code 0x80070522 reads, “A required privilege is not held by the client.”

This notification can occasionally be interpreted as a security alert for changing system files and folders. However, when that problem occurs, users are unable to create (save), transfer, or copy files to certain locations. This article will describe the steps that will fix problem code 0x80070522 on Windows 11/10.

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Different Methods to Fix “Required Privilege Is Not Held By Client” Error

Method 1: Launch Software Packages In Administrator Mode

When trying to save new files, if error 0x80070522 pops up, try executing the necessary software packages as administrator. Select Run as administrator from the context menu when you right-click any program’s shortcut or EXE file. When using the software with elevated user permissions, create or open a file and choose to save it. If this works for you, then use the following steps to always run an app in admin mode.

Step 1: Make a right click on the app shortcut.

Step 2: Choose Properties from the context menu.

Step 3: Next, select the Compatibility tab from the top.

select the Compatibility tab

Step 4: Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to “Run this program as an administrator”.

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Method 2: Use A Windows Admin Account

The notice for error 0x80070522 emphasizes that this is a privilege (permissions) problem. Therefore, standard account types are more likely to get error 0x80070522 than administrator account types. Change your current user account to an administrator one if it only has ordinary rights. Here are ways to check if your account has admin privileges or not. To convert any local accounts to an admin account, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Press Windows + I to open Windows Settings.

Step 2: Click on Accounts and then locate the Family & Other Users section.

Step 3: Choose the name of the account you wish to empower and then click on Change Account Type.

Change Account Type

Step 4: Choose Administrator under Account type.

Step 5: Click on OK and log out.

When you log back in you will find that your local account will have admin rights.

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Method 3: Deactivate User Account Control

Deactivate User Account Control

Windows has a security feature called User Account Control(UAC) that limits software rights. The most frequent root cause of problem 0x80070522 is this feature. If you wish to disable it then you can modify the settings using the Control Panel or Windows Registry or the Group Policy Editor. Here is a detailed article on How To Remove User Account Control In Windows 11?

It’s not advised to turn off UAC. When User Account Control is removed, you are free to do what you want with the files. After you’ve saved, transferred, or copied the files as necessary, turn UAC back on.

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Method 4: Alter Permissions Of The Drive

Restricted sharing permissions on a drive partition can also cause error 0x80070522. By using the Full control permission setting for the drive, you can fix this. The following is how to change the sharing permissions on a drive in Windows:

Step 1: Press Win + E to launch File Explorer and click on This PC from the left panel.

Step 2: Right-click the drive labeled Local Disk C: and choose Properties.

Note: In order to resolve error 0x80070522 on a different drive, choose Properties for the partition that needs work.

Step 3: Select the Sharing tab.

Step 4: Select Advanced Sharing from the menu.

Step 5: Check the box next to Share this folder.

Share this folder

Step 6: Select the “Permissions” button.

Step 7: Check the box under Allow next to Full Control.

Note: Ensure that you have clicked on Everyone under Group or User Names.

User Names

Step 8: Click Apply and OK.

Step 9: To close the properties window, select Close.

Step 10: Reboot your PC.

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The Final Word

Applying these probable fixes should resolve issue 0x80070522 and free up your ability to carry out necessary file or folder operations. The majority of customers have successfully fixed this issue by inactivating User Account Control security. However, leaving UAC disabled will jeopardize the security of your computer.

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