How To Create PDF From Multiple Images

A PDF document is one of the most reliable formats of digital documents as it displays the same output on any device. However, it is not easy to create and manage a PDF document. This guide focuses on creating a new PDF document from multiple images. This sort of PDF document is suitable for making catalogs in a small business as well as documenting your vacation or trip as a story to share with others. These image-filled PDFs can be viewed on any device, including smartphones, PC, and Kindle.

Creating a PDF from multiple images is easy and can be done in two different methods. This blog also helps users manage their PDFs by rearranging or removing PDF pages after the PDF has been created.

How To Make A PDF With Multiple Images

The first step in the process of how to make a PDF with multiple images is to select the photos and transform them into PDFs. This can be in two ways:

Method 1: Use Microsoft’s Print To PDF Utility

Microsoft has provided a free tool that converts all your images and documents into PDF format with a few mouse clicks. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Select all the images you want to convert into PDF and right-click on them.

Step 2: Now, select Print from the context menu.


Step 3: A new window will appear on your screen by the name of Print Pictures.

Step 4: Locate the Printer option and choose Microsoft Print To PDF option.

Note: For those who do not have an actual printer connecter to their PC, The Microsoft Print To PDF option will be selected by default.

PDF option

Step 5: Select the size and alignment of the image and click on the Print option.

Step 6: Choose a name for the PDF and select the location where to wish to save it.

Choose a name for the PDF

Step 7: Click on Save Button, and your image will be converted to a PDF.

Note: This process might be a bit longer but rest assured that your images are not uploaded on any server or compromised.

Method 2: Use An Online Tool To Create PDF From Multiple JPG.

The next method to convert your images to PDF is to use an online tool like TinyWow. You can click on the link to access the webpage or use any other tool as well. Here is the step-by-step process on how to make multiple pictures into one PDF using TinyWow.

Step 1: Navigate to the TinyWow website and look for JPG to PDF option.

TinyWow website-covert jpg to pdf

Step 2: Next, click on the upload button to open the File Explorer of your PC and then locate the

image. You can also minimize the browser and drag the image onto the browser window.

Step 3: After you have added the first image, click on the Add Files button to add more images.

Add Files

Step 4: Once you have added all the images, click on the Create PDF button.

Step 5: It will take a few seconds, depending on the number of images you have selected, to make the PDF.

Step 6: Click on the Download button after getting the “Your File Is Ready” Message.


Step 7: Select the location where you wish to save the PDF file. You can save it on your PC or upload it to cloud storage.

Note: This process is quicker and easier than the previous one, but as the photos are uploaded to a server,  a few users aren’t too comfortable with that.

Bonus Feature: Manage Your PDFs With Advanced PDF Manager

Advanced PDF Manager

After you have successfully created a PDF from multiple images, you need to understand that the pages in a PDF cannot be easily rearranged, deleted, or added. To modify your PDF, you need a PDF Manager Tool like Advanced PDF Manager. Here are a few features of this program that will help you understand why you need this tool more than ever.

advanced pdf manager

Add/Remove Pages. The Advanced PDF Manager helps users remove unwanted pages from a PDF and add new ones if required.

Rearrange & Rotate Pages. This tool lets the users change the order of the pages and rotate a page by 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees.

Rearrange & Rotate Pages

Add/Remove Password. You can protect your PDF by adding a password to it. Once your PDF is locked, no one can open and view them, unless they have the appropriate password. The password can also be removed from a protected PDF if you wish to share it with many.

Merge/Split PDF. With Advanced PDF Manager, you can either merge two different PDFs into one or split a large PDF into many small PDFs.

Other Features. Advanced PDF Manager can also help readers to view, read, and print their PDFs as well.

The Final Word On How To Create PDF From Multiple Images?

As you now know creating a PDF from multiple images is very easy and can be done in any of the methods described above. After the PDF is created, you need a PDF management tool to make changes to your PDF if required. Advanced PDF Manager makes PDF management easy and eliminates the need to recreate a new PDF from multiple images if the initial one created has a flaw.

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