How To Rearrange Pages In PDF In 2023?

A PDF is a document format that stands for Portable Document Format. This was designed by Adobe to ensure that a document saved as PDF opens up in the same way (as intended) on all other devices that support PDF. Prior to this format, documents were shared in .doc or .txt format that did not retain the formatting and margins when opened in a different app or different version of the same app. To avoid the formatting issue and make a document portable ready to print anywhere, saving it in a PDF format is the best thing to do. But with the benefits of a PDF, we do also face a few limitations like editing and management. In this guide, we will guide our readers on how to rearrange pages in PDF using Advanced PDF Manager.

How To Rearrange Pages In PDF In 2023

If you want to rearrange the pages in your PDF document then it might seem impossible because a PDF file cannot be edited or altered easily. However, with Advanced PDF Manager, one can make certain important changes to the existing PDF file rather than creating a new one from scratch. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download & Install Advanced PDF Manager from the download button below.

Step 2: Once you have installed this app, launch it and click on the Continue Free Trial button.

Continue Free Trial

Note: You can use the full version of the software on a trial basis for 14 days only. After that, you will have to purchase it. Also, the free for 14 days offer is currently valid at the time of writing this article and might change in the future.

Step 3: Now that the software interface is all open, displaying many options to choose from, click on Rearrange Pages option.

Rearrange Pages

Step 4: You will be asked to locate the PDF where you wish to make changes through the Windows File Explorer.

locate the PDF

Step 5: Once the PDF is opened in the app interface, you can see the pages listed side by side. Drag the pages to the new intended position with the help of your mouse.

Drag the pages

Step 6: Finally click on the Save button to make changes to the original PDF or click Save As to save a new copy with the required changes, leaving the original file unchanged.

save a new copy

Step 7: Save the PDF to your desired location and exit the software.

Save the PDF

Step 8: Check the file and you will find that the changes have been made.

Advanced PDF Manager – Managing PDF Is Now Easier Than Ever

Advanced PDF Manager

I hope you found the once impossible task of rearranging the pages in a PDF, as easy as a child’s play. But that is not the only task you can carry out with this amazing software. Here is a brief description of the other features that this app contains:

Merge and Split PDF files

With Advanced PDF Manager, users can not only rearrange pages in PDF but merge two PDF files into one file. Also, users can split an existing PDF file into two or more parts.

Protect and Remove Password

The next major task you can perform with this app is to protect the contents of your PDF with a password so that it remains secure away from prying eyes. If you wish to remove the password then Advanced PDF Manager can also help you remove it forever, provided you know the password.

Add Blank Pages And Remove Pages

If you wish to add blank pages in your PDF then Advanced  PDF Manager is the right app for you. There is no limit to the number of blank pages you wish to add and at the same time can remove or permanently delete a page from the PDF file.

Create A Copy And Print PDF

Creating exact duplicates and printing them using a printer are two more modules of this amazing app that one can avail.

The Final Word On How To Rearrange Pages In PDF In 2023?

PDF files were considered unmanageable by many but thanks to Advanced PDF Manager, we can now add/delete pages, rearrange and rotate pages and merge or split PDf files. With this app, users can simply move the pages forward or backward within a PDF file and there is no need to create a PDF from scratch. It also gives you an option to make changes to the original document or save an exact duplicate copy embedded with changes leaving the original file intact.

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