Clean Master Lite for Android: Complete Review and Guide

Is your phone out of space or slowing down? Is your device experiencing lag or freezing all the time? If the answer to any of the interrogations above is YES, then Clean Master Lite is just the right app for you.

Our phone becomes junk storage quite often without even installing apps or doing something. It is either because of the cache created in the background or because of some malware attack. Phone slowing down, or crashing is one of the most common problems we smartphone users especially the Android users are facing nowadays.

For Android users, we have Clean Master Lite- junk cleaning and antivirus app meant basically for low-end devices. The size of this application is just 6.3 MB and is compatible with devices having less than 1GB RAM. For versions above, there is a parent app by cheetah mobile called the Clean Master.

Note: As the app is of Chinese’s origin, it may not be available in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the Chinese apps

Clean Master Lite

Clean Master Lite is a toned-down version of the Clean Master Android app designed to fit low budget mobile phones in terms of RAM. Quite similar to Clean Master, this Android app employs the same algorithm to find useless files and malware threats on your smartphone.

Clean Master Lite and Clean Master are more or less in terms of user interface but are different from the perspective of features and app size. Like all apps available on Google Play Store, Clean Master Lite is no exception. It also takes some permissions to function i.e. accessibility, usage access, etc.

Clean master lite basically focuses on making your device junk-free, clean and faster than its usual performance. Along with cleaning junk, Clean Master Lite also keeps your phone protected from possible infections and viruses. It optimizes your phone, so it stays protected and performs at its peak.

Clean Master Lite- Interface

Clean Master Lite- Interface

Clean Master Lite app is having a user-friendly interface wherein it just flaunts a round blue color Scan button in the middle of your screen as its premium Call to action button. You need to tap on that button to start scanning your device’s internal and external storage. It also displays free storage and system memory used/available on the device. Tap Scan button to find useless files and wait for the scan to complete so that you can clean unwanted files.

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Clean Master Lite: Junk Scanner

Clean Master Lite- Junk Scanner

The junk scanner by Clean Master Lite will find residual files, WhatsApp and other files junk, obsolete APKs, and other related files carry junk or cache. It will generate a list of all scanned files that need cleaning with a Clean Junk button at the bottom. You can, of course, deselect the items you do not wish to delete. Clean Master Lite app runs smooth and faster with taking just a few seconds to find junk of any size on Android devices.

Note: It is important to take a backup of your phone before you perform such tasks.  

Clean Master Lite: Phone Boost 

Clean Master Lite- Phone Boost

When you open Clean Master Lite app, you will see an option of Phone Booster at the bottom. Tap on this utility option to boost your device performance. Phone Booster clears system memory by killing inactive Android apps running in the background and taking unnecessary system space. Uninstalling such apps can reduce background memory and as a result, can boost your device performance, commonly known as RAM cleaning.

Clean Master Lite- Boost Your WhatsApp

Clean Master Lite- Boost Your WhatsApp

CM Lite offers a specific tool to boost your WhatsApp wherein it lets you know about the latest images, audio, video and voice files, if any, saved on your device. You can check them and select the unwanted files to delete them and hence saves space and optimizes your phone’s performance. Though Clean Master Lite is almost similar to Clean Master, it has a unique feature by the name of ‘Boost your WhatsApp’.

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Clean Master Lite- Settings

Clean Master Lite- Settings

Like all apps, Clean Master Lite also has a settings interface under which you will find an option to add a shortcut to Home Screen to boost performance and hibernate active process. Furthermore, it has an option to enable Scan obsolete APKs. Turn it on to scan and prevent scanning system memory for any unwanted files.

Under Settings tab, you’ll find an option of Ignore List. Here you can add processes to prevent them from CM Lite to kill it. Under Settings, go to Notification tab and enable/disable junk reminders, task reminders, etc. to save your device battery.

Clean Master Lite: Antivirus

Clean Master Lite- Antivirus

At the bottom, tap on Antivirus tab and Clean Master Lite app will start scanning your device for the infectious content that might be there in your device. Once the scanning is finished, your device will show you whether there is any threat or not. If all clean, it will state ‘All Safe’.

Clean Master Lite: Applock

Clean Master Lite- Applock

Other than the features listed above, you can use CM Lite to lock device apps using Applock. It protects your device from intruders and keeps your personal data safe and secure. Once you tap on Applock, it will show you the list of apps with privacy issues or are unprotected. Select apps you want to protect and add a password or PIN of your choice to keep them safe.

Why Download Clean Master Lite in your Android device?

The best four things I liked the most about Clean Master Lite are-

  • User Interface- The design is stunning and offers quick access to all the important tabs.
  • No Nuisance- The app is subtle with no pop-ups and unnecessary features. It is basically clutter-free, making it a go-to app.
  • Lightweight- The app is friendly with devices with low RAM and storage. It is just 6.3 MB in size that hardly consumes 4 or 5 MB of your device RAM.
  • Smooth Running App- Due to its compact size, it performs faster and smoother. Though it takes a bit more time in identifying what is junk and what can be important. It is quick in removing unwanted files and boosts your device instantly.

Clean Master or Clean Master Lite?

It is recommended to use Clean Master Lite as compared to Clean Master. It has many added benefits such as- a lightweight app, helps in quick scan and removal, offers WhatsApp Booster, Notification Cleaner, CPU Cooler and much more. Clean Master Lite is although a compact app but has almost all vital features a person needs to keep up the performance of his Android device. So which one do you prefer?

Download Now Clean Master Lite from Google Play Store.

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