How To Fix Google Chrome Is Waiting For The Cache Issue On Windows 10?

Imagine when you visit a website or webpage, it doesn’t load completely, and instead, you a see little message “waiting for cache” blinking somewhere in the status area at the bottom?

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is a fast and efficient browser, but glitches do happen time and again. There have been several instances when users have reported their browser being stuck at “waiting for the cache.” Worst! They aren’t able to do anything because the browser freezes. So, here we will talk about all the possible ways you can deal with the “Chrome waiting for cache” issue.

Ways To Deal With Chrome “Waiting For Cache” Error

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1. Clear Browser Cache

2. Use A Dedicated Cleanup Software

3. Create A New User Profile

4. Disable Write Cache Feature

5. Reset Chrome Settings

6. Uninstall And Reinstall Chrome

1. Clear Browser Cache

Clear Browser Cache

The error might be caused because there are corrupt cache cookies or files that you need to get rid of. Try removing these with the help of steps mentioned below, and you’ll likely resolve the Chrome “Waiting For Cache” issue –

  1. Open Chrome
  2. At the topmost right, locate three vertical dots and click on them
  3. Go to More tools and then to Clear browsing data
  4. Check all boxes if they aren’t already
  5. Click on clear data

Note: You can exclude the Browsing history option and mark the other two checkboxes.

2. Use A Dedicated Cleanup Software

You might be able to fix Chrome “Waiting For Cache” issue, but be warned; you might erroneously disable a setting or delete a file which may do more harm than good. In that case, you can try using a dedicated disk cleanup software like Advanced System Optimizer.

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Advanced System Optimizer can especially be a significant weapon against the corrupt cache, which might likely inject viruses or malware. In any case, let’s have a look at some of its modules that can help you resolve the issue –

  • A comprehensive privacy protector –


This module safely deletes your browsing cookies, browsing history and other privacy traces.

  • System Protector

System Protector

The moment Advanced System Optimizer sniffs trojans, malware, and other threats, it lays down reliable protection.

3. Create A New User Profile

You can also give a clean start to create a new browser profile where you can choose to import your bookmarks and preferences if you want. Many users have reported that they were able to resolve the “waiting for cache” issue. The steps for the same are mentioned below –

  1. Click on your profile icon to find just next to three vertical dots, as mentioned in the above point.
  2. Look at the very bottom and click on Manage people (represented by cog icon) as shown in the figure below –User Profile
  3. Now click on Add Person
  4. Add a name and icon and then, click on the Add button at the bottom
  5. Chrome will now restart. Check if the issue has been resolved.

Download chrome

4. Disable Write Cache Feature

Cache Feature

While disabling the write cache feature can likely resolve the Chrome “Waiting For Cache,” Error, what should be kept in mind is that after disabling this feature, your disk’s writing speed might slow down. But, for once, you can try disabling disk write caching. Here are the steps –

  1. Press Windows + R keys and open the Run dialog box
  2. Type devmgmt.msc and click on OK
  3. When the Device Manager window opens, click on the Disk Drive dropdown
  4. Click on the Policies tab
  5. Check the Enable write caching on the device
  6. Click on OK and restart Chrome

5. Reset Chrome Settings

Chrome Settings

If nothing else seems to work, resetting Chrome back to defaults might just do the trick for you. Needn’t worry! As none of your browsing history, saved passwords or bookmarks will get deleted. But, this process will disable all the extensions you have installed and clear cookies and cache. The steps for resetting Chrome settings are mentioned below –

  1. Click on the three vertical dots on the top right
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Scroll down till you find the Advanced option
  4. Under Reset and cleanup click on Restore settings to their original defaults drop down and then click on Reset settings
  5. Restart Chrome and check if you have been able to resolve the issue

6. Uninstall And Reinstall Chrome

Uninstall And Reinstall Chrome

Save this as the last option since apart from clearing cache and cookies, this will completely uninstall the browser, your bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, everything. It should resolve the Chrome “Waiting For Cache” Error.

  1. Type Control Panel in the Windows search bar and click on Open from the right-hand pane
  2. Go to Programs and Features
  3. Select Google Chrome and click on the Uninstall button on the top

Next, go to the official Chrome website and do a fresh install of Google Chrome and reinstall the updated browser on your computer.

Why Does Chrome “Waiting For Cache” Error Occur

You might not notice, but you are effortlessly able to browse websites faster or pick your browsing activity from where you left because of the browser cache. Specifically, be it Chrome or any other browser fetch this “cached’ information before processing or even combining it with the new information. The primary reason for the occurrence of Chrome “Waiting for cache’ error is that your PC cannot access the information that Chrome has downloaded.


Chrome web browsing issues might occur from time and again. And, having addressed the “Waiting for cache” issue in Chrome, we hope that now you will be able to browse the internet without any hassles or qualms. Plus, if you found the information useful, do give this blog a thumbs up and follow us on Facebook and YouTube.


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