How To Change Your Cursor On Windows PC

Although the mouse cursor on a Windows PC is pre-set, not everyone likes it. Thanks to a function built into Windows, you may create a new cursor or change your current one to a more modern, refined one. Therefore, you may modify practically everything about your mouse cursor with a few small adjustments here and there.

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Different Ways On How To Change Your Cursor On Windows

1. Change The Windows Mouse Cursor

Step 1: Go to the Start menu search box, type “mouse,” and then click the Change your mouse option to open your mouse settings.

Step 2: Click on the Additional mouse option under Change your mouse settings.

Change your mouse settings

Step 3: It will then open the Mouse Properties dialogue box.

Step 4: Select the Scheme menu and the desired cursor by clicking on it after selecting the Pointers tab.

Step 5: You can choose from a selection of cursor alternatives when you click Browse in the Customize area.

Step 6: Click on Open after choosing the cursor of your choice.

Step 7: In order to confirm updated cursor settings, click Apply at the end.

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2. The Cursor’s Color Can Be Changed

The default cursor in all Windows operating systems is white. With a few adjustments, you can modify that, though.

Step 1: Select Adjust mouse & cursor size from the Mouse Pointer Settings page.

Step 2: Select a desired color from the Change pointer color option to finish.

Change pointer color

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3. Cursor Speed Can Be Changed

Want to change your Mouse’s default speed? No issue. The Settings menu makes it simple to adjust its pace. Take the following actions to begin:

Step 1: By hitting the Win + I, you can access the Settings menu.

Step 2: Go to Devices and then Mouse.

Step 3: Choosing Change other mouse settings.

Change other mouse settings

Step 4: To change how quickly (or slowly) the pointer can move, utilize the Cursor speed slider.

Step 5: Your mouse speed will start changing as soon as you move the slider.

Step 6: You can also use the slider under choose how many lines to scroll each time.

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4. Changing The Cursor Size

You can experiment with the Cursor Size in addition to changing the cursor color. This might be especially useful if you have vision problems. From the Settings menu, you may modify your cursor’s size.

Step 1: From the Windows Settings, access the Mouse settings page.

Step 2: Click on Adjust Mouse & Cursor Size.

Step 3: To change the cursor size, drag the pointer beneath the Change point size menu.

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5. Utilize The Control Panel To Change The Cursor

You can alter settings of your cursor using the Windows Control Panel. Here are the several methods for accessing the Control Panel.

Step 1: Enter “control panel” into the Start search bar, then choose the best match.

Step 2: To access the ease of access center, select Ease of Access.

Ease of Access

Step 3: Choose the options under make the mouse easier to use.

Step 4: You can adjust your mouse settings from here.

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The Final Word On How To Change Your Cursor On Windows

Changing the cursor is frequently not a common thing that comes to mind when most people are wanting to customize their user interface. However, making a few little adjustments to your mouse’s settings can always make things better.

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