How To Fix “Can’t Move The Folder Because There Is A Folder In The Same Location” Error (2023)

Moving files and folders is a  pervasive operation performed on a PC/Laptop. However, many Windows 11 users have faced the error message stating, “Can’t move the folder because there is a folder in the same location that can’t be redirected”. Users reported this error when they tried to move personal folders into OneDrive, SkyDrive, or any similar location.

In this post, we’ll have a look at some of the ways to can resolve the issue –

How To Resolve The “Can’t Move the Folder because There is a Folder in the Same Location” Issue? (2023)

Sometimes, simply updating your outdated Windows OS to the latest version may resolve the issue. But if you’re struggling with the same error on Windows 11 as well, here’s a list of workarounds you can try.

SL.NO Solution Brief Description
1. Unlink OneDrive Syncing issues with OneDrive or Dropbox could surface the issue at hand. Unlinking the account and then relinking the account again can help resolve the issue.
2. Run SFC Through SFC /Scannow we shall try and fix corrupt system files, which often cause mishaps in Windows.
3. Use A Third-Party Utility To Resolve The Issue A third-party utility like Advanced System Optimizer can help us identify the impending issue in a faster manner, and it may even help us resolve the issue as well.
4. Tweak Registry Tweaking specific User Shell registry keys and changing their default value might also help in efficiently fixing the issue.
5. Restart Windows Explorer In Task Manager This is the addition to the above step. Restarting Windows Explorer to refresh it and resolve common issues preventing you from moving folders or even files.

1. Unlink OneDrive

Many users have reported that they couldn’t move the documents folder out of OneDrive. If you face the same issue, it could be because of OneDrive syncing issues. To resolve this, all you have to do is unlink and then relink OneDrive to your computer. Here are the steps for the same –

1. On your System’s tray locate the OneDrive icon

2. Click on Settings from the top and then click on Unlink this PC as shown in the screenshot below.

can t move the folder because there is a folder in the same location

Restart your PC once again, re-login into your OneDrive account, and click the Sync button.

Now check if you can move the file and folders or not!

2. Run SFC Command Line

Corrupted system files on Windows are often the cause of many issues. The same could be the reason you can’t move the folder to the location you intend to. To resolve this, you can perform a simple SFC scan and check if the issue is fixed or not.

1. In the Windows search bar type cmd.

2. Click on Run as administrator from the right-hand side.

can t move the folder because there is a folder in the same location

3. When the Command Prompt opens, type SFC /scannow and press Enter.

can t move the folder because there is a folder in the same location

4. Restart your device

Check if you can now move the folder to your intended location.

3. Use A Third-Party Utility To Resolve The Issue (Recommended)

While the SFC command has proved to be helpful, there are times when the system issues in Windows are more intricate. And, honestly manually trying to identify such problems might not be wise. Hence, you can employ a third-party utility like Advanced System Optimizer to resolve the issue.

What is Advanced System Optimizer?

Advanced System Optimizer is one of the most potent junk and RAM cleaner that caters to all Windows PC’s optimization needs. It also doubles up as a tool to help you identify and remove system issues.

How To Use Advanced System Optimizer?

1. Download, run and install Advanced System Optimizer.

2. Click on Smart PC Care from the left-hand side.

Advanced System Optimizer

3. Let the scan take place, Smart PC Care will scan your PC for any impending issues.

4. Click on Optimize

You can even try out the Common Issue Fixer feature, where you can further click on PC Fixer and fix common issues.

Advanced System Optimizer

Want to know more about this wonderful tool? You can check out this review.

4. Tweak Registry

In this step, we shall be making a few tweaks to the User Shell Folders in the Registry Editor. Please ensure that you take a backup of your registry as well as a backup of your data so that, in case anything goes wrong, you will at least have a backup to fall back on. Here are the steps –

1. Open the Run dialog box and type regedit, and press Enter.

Note: To take backup, once the Registry Editor is up, go to File> Export. Now save .reg file in the desired location.

2. Once the backup is created now proceed and type the following path –

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ User Shell Folders

3. Now on the right-hand side locate the keys mentioned below, double-click on them, and replace their Value data with the default value mentioned below –

Registry Key Default Value
Desktop %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
Favorites %USERPROFILE%\Favorites
My Music %USERPROFILE%\Music
My Pictures %USERPROFILE%\Pictures
My Video %USERPROFILE%\Videos
Documents (Personal) %USERPROFILE%\Documents
Downloads ({374DE290-123F-4565-9164-39C4925E467B}) %USERPROFILE%\Documents

4. Restart your computer.

5. Restart Windows Explorer In Task Manager

In addition to the above method, press Shift + Ctrl + Esc, open the Task Manager and locate Windows Explorer. Right-click on it and then click on Restart. This will refresh Windows Explorer and may resolve the issue.

can t move the folder because there is a folder in the same location

Wrapping Up: Windows 11 can’t move the folder because there is a folder in the same location error (2023)

To fix this error message, we recommend you take the help of a reliable third-party tool like Advanced System Optimizer that will help you to identify and resolve common PC errors and issues in no time.

Were you able to fix the “Can’t move the folder because there is a folder in the same location that can’t be redirected” issue? If yes, which of the above fixes helped you out? Do let us know in the comments section below. For more information, keep reading WeTheGeek! 

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