7 Business Email Security Software To Protect From Spam And Phishing Attacks

Your email is a polished method to showcase the goods and services offered by your business and inform clients of promotions and sales. Additionally, it could include private information like trade negotiations, bank account information, credit card data, and much more.

You wouldn’t want to take the chance of losing your email information, then. However, spam and phishing attempts on emails are how cybercriminals typically get access to your company’s sensitive information. These cyber-attacks utilize spoof emails as a tool to deceive users into thinking the message is relevant to them. For instance, the message may include a request from their bank for their login information, a request to download a file from their employer, an impending deadline, and more. This blog talks about the best Email security services that you could apply to your business.

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What Effects Can Phishing Attacks Have On Businesses?

Businesses experience severe losses in terms of money, reputation, fines from the government, and many other things. The goal of these frauds is not merely to steal money, but something much more crucial like data. Let’s examine its negative effects on enterprises.

  • Damage to reputation: It alters how consumers, business partners, and even workers view your brand.
  • Regulated Penalties: If phishing attempts reveal the personal information of your customers and employees, regulatory agencies may impose significant financial penalties.
  • Loss of Clients: Consumers are anxious and suffer significant effects as a result of data breaches. They begin looking for alternatives that they believe are safer.
  • Loss of intellectual property: Trade secrets, client lists, priceless research, analytical data, the technology being utilized, patents or designs, and many other items are included in several online frauds and phishing attempts. Such private information may gravely harm a business in various ways if it falls into the wrong hands.

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List Of Email Security Software That Can Help Protect Your Data

1) Sophos


The first one on the list of top email security software is Sophos which protects its users from email attacks with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This email security service uses a neural network that uses the capabilities of deep learning and adapts itself to real-time scenarios.

Highlights –

  • Blocks Unwanted Applications.
  • Prevent Boot-Record attacks.
  • Integrates easily with third-party email clients like Google and Microsoft.

Download Here

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2) SpamTitan


Moving on the list of email security solutions we have SpamTitan which is built for companies and businesses. Apart from preventing Spams, Malware, Phishing and Spoofing activities, this top email security software uses Machine Learning technology along with artificial technology. 

Highlights –

  • Customize Data Leak Prevention Rules.
  • 24/7 tech Support.
  • Prevents zero-day email attacks.

Download Here

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3. Barracuda


If you are looking for an email security service that can protect you from potential Ransomware then your search ends with Barracuda. This Email security tool offers tamper proof protection and archiving along with an inbuilt cloud backup module.

Highlights –

  • Advanced Threat Protection.
  • Protects sensitive data.
  • Superior email encryption.

Download Here

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4. Avanan


Avanan is an email security program that does not allow malicious emails to enter your inbox. It does the same for cloud email and collaboration systems. Avanan email security service prevents hacking of organizational emails and secures breached accounts.

Highlights –

  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence.
  • Connects easily with OneDrive and Google Workspace.
  • Blocks all online threats.

Download Link

5. MailChannels


The next one on the list of email security program is MailChannels, an email security solution that provides Outbound Filtering as well as Inbound Filtering. With the help of Outbound Filtering you can scan outgoing emails to ensure that no spam is being sent from your side. On the other hand, the Inbound filtering does not allow spam or any threats to enter your system and ensures Email protection.

Highlights –

  • It boasts of 99.99% uptime.
  • Newest security standards like DKIM, DMARC, SPF, SSL/TLS etc.
  • Cloud Spam Filtering.

Download Here

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6. Mimecast


For those looking for a cloud based email security service, Mimecast is the perfect top email security software for your organizational needs. You need not worry about phishing campaigns, email malware, zero day attacks and spams. Use this Email security tool to safeguard and boost your Email protection.

Highlights –

  • Brand Exploit Protect.
  • 360 degree email protection.
  • End to End encryption.

Download Link

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7. Inky


The final one on the list of email security programs is Inky email security solution. This app can protect your PC from email attacks and provides a battery vision of your emails. The dashboard allows users to check the number of phishing and spam emails they have received. It is a cloud-based email security tool and hence very easy to use on all systems.

Highlights –

  • Administrative Dashboard that is user friendly.
  • Integrates with Office 365 and Google Workspace.
  • Warning banners are raised on suspicious emails.

Download Here

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Which One Did You Choose From 7 Business Email Security Software to Protect from Spam and Phishing Attacks?

Emails might include specific information that you would never want to lose and are a professional means of communicating with your clients and staff. But don’t be concerned—there is a method to keep them safe. Cybercriminals are beyond your control, but you can have some power over phishing schemes, spam, malware, and other online risks. This list of email security tools will definitely help you choose one for your Email privacy and security.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or recommendations. We would be delighted to provide you with a resolution. We frequently publish advice, tricks, and solutions to common tech-related problems. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

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