What’s Better?: A Bundled Software Package Or A Single API Applications

Computer systems are of huge benefit today, but just like any other machine, even computers are prone to decline in their functioning. Any such issue in the system’s functioning may hamper your experience and result in abrupt app crashes, system halts, slow response time, slower boot time, etc. Unchecked system updates cause these issues, such as malware infections, piled up junk and browser traces, unnecessary logs, and unruly driver updates.

Since keeping a manual health check on your system is a bit tricky and less comprehensive to those who aren’t tech-savvy, people resort to computer optimization tools. Many developers and software solution providers have developed tools and utility software that performs automatic optimization measures such as driver update process, junk cleaning, cache cleaner, storage management, registry cleaning, etc.

While these tools are effective, they mostly come with a singular feature or a solution to only one of the problems causing system malfunction. However, a few package software solutions are embedded with different modules and offer multiple optimization tools.

But which one to choose. You may be only facing driver-related issues, so is it feasible to buy a bundled optimizer tool for your PC care, or should one stick to the essential driver software updater tool?

Suite Solutions: Evergreen Marketing Tactic

Evergreen Marketing Tactic

Suite solutions, bundled software, package deals, etc. is a long-term sales module that was once rigorously followed by tech giants like IBM and Microsoft. The tactic is to cater to the customers with bundled software packages, an all-in-one solution to multiple consumer concerns. This tactic still works for many products and services. This tactic still works, such as the famous Microsoft Office Suite and the G-Suite Administrator’s applications.

And these solutions are quite effective, given the rising number of users of such solutions.

But there’s a catch?

Suite Solutions Mostly Catering to Enterprises

Suite Solutions Mostly Catering to Enterprises

These packaged software solutions are losing their essence when it comes to end consumers. Lately, open-source projects have taken over the consumer market and have to build a decisive edge against the paid bundled software services. This has led the software developers to shift their marketing strategies to target enterprises and upgrade their tools to cater to corporate clients’ large-scale preferences.

When it comes to the end consumer, these suite software packages have lately failed to impact. Moreover, free access to the same software’s online versions has also changed consumers’ preferences towards opting for more flexible, low-price software services.

So why has this preference changed?

Change in IT Marketing Scenario

Change in IT Marketing Scenario

Marketing is the only aspect of business that is not static. An app’s development process remains almost unchanged, but it’s marketing tactics need to change per the preferences with the target audience.

Earlier, with the boom in the suite solutions’ development, the marketers made it their life goal to push an all-in-one package software and advertise it as a “complete” tool, which will solve their problems. At the time, the audience was not tech-savvy enough to understand this bundled deal’s real purpose, which came at a highly competitive price.

But the entire IT marketing landscape has changed now. Even the marketers chosen to push a product into the market are from a technical background. They are comparatively more agile when it comes to a conceptual and practical understanding of a tech product. This has led users to perceive these products in a new way and understand it thoroughly before making a purchasing decision.

Changing User Preferences

Changing User Preferences

Bundled packages were built on the idea that they will solve all the issues a consumer is facing. These software packages had several modules that used the same running engine and shared information between themselves to give the best results.

Now the concept of Application Program Interface has taken over the app development process. These applications are built as a singular, open-ended application which has room for further upgrades. These apps are designed to have distinctive features embedded or coded in one interface rather than a separate suite software bundle.

These apps cater to the end consumer with special emphasis on an intuitive interface and easy navigation. Furthermore, these apps are lighter, faster, and are often less expensive, making it easier for marketers to push them as a software product or service into the targeted consumer market.

API Apps: Taking Over Bundled Software Packages

The API apps are no longer designed for enterprise use only. They are directly assisting the end consumer in different aspects. They tend to the end consumer’s needs, which account for their survival in the market, unlike earlier, when these apps were sold after being pitched into sales interaction.

Since these apps are intuitive, it also ensures that they can be comprehended or used effectively. This makes a product/service more appealing to the masses and open grounds of creativity in the app development process.

So, What’s Better?

API apps are much better than packaged software. Two apps in a bundle can hamper the productivity of a tool. On the other hand, one single app embedded with the latest measures works faster and is more seamless during its purpose.

There’s no doubt in the capabilities of bundled apps either. But, these apps are more suitable for enterprise associated needs. This is because an enterprise runs on better systems and has robust servers to support multiple apps running simultaneously in a suite. But on a personal PC, these bundled apps may give a slower response, hampering overall user experience.

Smart Phone Cleaner: – Speed Booster & Optimizer for Android


smart phone cleaner


Smart Phone Cleaner is one of the finest user-oriented mobile apps embedded with useful features but doesn’t carry a secondary bundled app with it.

It’s an overall Android optimization app that removes junk, duplicates, large files, and other miscellaneous files from the mobile storage to keep it in the best possible functioning state.

Here are the finest features from Smart Phone Cleaner to help you condition your phone:

  • Junk Files:


smart phone cleaner


Hundreds of daily sessions on your phone pile up similar cache and temporary logs over time, collected in the internal storage as junk. Junk Files module scans your device for such files and lists them out. You can then mark and delete these junk files to clear up some space on the device’s internal storage.

  • Duplicate Finder:


smart phone cleaner


Duplicate Finder scans these copies regardless of their file types. Users can then choose to delete the unwanted ones and keep those that are required.

  • Battery Saver:

A built-in Battery Saver saves battery by killing such processes and improves the phone’s run-time in a single charge.

  • Malware Protection:

The app has a built-in scanner that searches for malware traces on the Android device and removes them to ensure user privacy.

  • WhatsApp Cleaner:

Smart Phone Cleaner has a separate scanner to locate files stored as WhatsApp data and delete them exclusively to reduce the load on storage.

  • One Tap Booster:

The app’s foremost feature is that the one-tap booster optimizes RAM by removing the cache from the device straightforwardly.

These features perform essential conditioning processes that can enhance your phone’s functioning and response time and avoid app crashes, sudden reboot, or storage problems. Install Smart Phone Cleaner and see how API can make an app seamless and more productive. And follow social media handles at Facebook and Youtube for more updates on everything around tech.

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