Beware of The Ransomware Hiding In The Browser Updates

Blog Summary – A new ransomware is finding its way into Windows PCs on the pretext of browser updates. You can lose your personal information and much more if you are not aware of it. Read how to steer clear from such malware in this blog.

A new and very dangerous malware has been noted recently on Windows PCs. This is associated with the browser updater packages and called the Magniber ransomware. It has been very discreetly planted in the fake Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge updates. Now, you are not careful using the internet, you can fall victim to such nuisance easily. If you are wondering how you can get the computer infection in the first place, we have it all covered in this blog. This next section will help you understand how you get the ransomware on Windows PC.

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How is this ransomware making its way into the computer?

Magniber ransomware

Magniber Ransomware has been taking advantage of the Internet explorer’s vulnerabilities. Ever since the oldest web browser stopped getting any updates for it, the security around its usage has become highly questionable. It has been sneaking into the downloads as you visit a malicious web page on IE. Now with the latest reports, even Google Chrome and Edge are being targeted. Users have been duped by the fake updates and as they download these files, it enters the computer instantly.

Notifications showing the link to update the Chrome and Edge browser are the reason for the ransomware spread. A lot of people get these notifications when they visit certain websites. 

A South Korean Security Expert company named ASEC (AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center) has discovered the latest shenanigans of Magniber Ransomware. It has been more of a harmful malware that can encrypt the data on the device and ask for ransom money in exchange for the decryption. It is also found out that the victims were using a  computer vulnerable to attacks. 

Magniber ransomware

If you click on this fake but legit-looking browser update package, the malware is distributed. Files named wjoiyyxzllm.dll and wjoiyyxzllm.exe will then start creating a nondescript path on the Windows apps. After that, the ransomware is downloaded and executed instantly. The user data is then encrypted and a note appears demanding the money. 

Sadly, cyber experts have not been able to find how to decrypt a computer attacked by the Magniber ransomware. However, it is seen that once the ransom is paid, the user gets the decrypt key and is free to decrypt their device. But, that does not make it a viable solution, therefore, we recommend you take extra precautions while online. 

What can you do to save yourself from ransomware?

There are quite a few things that will save you from ransomware attacks. We have listed them down for you to follow for your digital safety. 

1. Using antivirus software –

It is highly likely that ransomware makes its way to the computer via digital transmission. Either you have downloaded something from online portals or transferred it from another infected device that is connected to your computer. In either case, you must install good antivirus software on your computer. It will save you from much harm as it instantly detects and blocks any suspicious files to get into your computer.  Here, we would suggest you download Systweak Antivirus which comes with  Real-time Protection. It also has  Web protection to warn you from visiting a malicious website. 

Systweak Antivirus

Run the application and click on Start Scan to find out about any malware present on your computer. The antivirus software has an ever-updating database for the computer virus. It will easily catch onto the latest virus on your computer and show you in the scan results. Also to stop you from downloading any malicious software or files, Systweak Antivirus can scan the files for you. 

With this Magniber ransomware present on the internet, one should adhere to malicious websites. Systweak antivirus has got your back in that case as well as it will block you from entering any harmful websites. 

2. Use Authenticated website-

Use the authenticated and the latest web browsers and download the updates from the official websites. Make sure you do not download any of the files or packages from any third-party websites. Web browsers such as Google Chrome and Edge will show up the updates within the Settings and do not need to go for third-party websites.

3. Stay Away from suspicious websites-

Magniber ransomware

Websites and emails claiming to give you free updates must be avoided. Do not fall victim to phishing websites with lucrative offers.  Always keep an eye out for any additionally downloaded files along with other files. Inspect the weblinks sent on any other platforms before clicking on them. When visiting a website, pay attention to the details to see if it is suspicious.

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Verdict –

With the Magniber ransomware attack, it has reminded us to be extra careful while downloading anything from online. The very similar but fake websites and applications are always popping up to lure unsuspecting users. The casual downloads for the Browser updates from the notifications can end badly for you. The device and data can be locked forever if you fail to pay the ransom. However, until now there hasn’t been a report of Magniber stealing any data, but that is possible. As the malicious elements can access all of your data present on the computer. One should always stick with the safety protocols while using the digital devices. Also be sure that you have antivirus software installed on your Windows PC. Give Systweak Antivirus a try and get real-time protection from such threats. 

We hope this article will help you learn about the ransomware attack with Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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