Best Websites To Check Your Internet Speed

Wondering why your internet is slow? Well, it could be anything from your modem, signal strength to slow DNS, but you don’t have to wonder anymore. As the internet speed test sites will help you know your network speed, which will help you confirm whether network speed is the actual issue or not.

Once we find out the internet speed we avail, it gets easier to report that issue to the ISP providers. It is also simple to understand that we cannot truly monitor internet speed. Therefore, by analyzing the speed, we can get in clear that how much internet speed is good for our use.

Also, if you often play high-def videos, you require a high internet speed to run those videos.

What Is The Internet Speed Test?

The good old method is to run a test for calculating the bandwidth of your internet connection. There are various methods to check internet speed; the easiest of them will be using online websites. The parameters set to run a particular website will be dependent on the net speed.  All the ISP service providers have many claims of providing the fastest internet speed. They vouch for it, so we better keep it under check to know what we are paying for.

Top Sites Test Internet Speed

Good internet speed is a must in today’s times. We have to find out how to correctly check for the net speed. This article covers the best of internet speed test sites that are readily doing the work for you. For regular internet users, this has to be good news as it will help them get what they want in lesser means. Let’s begin by talking about these websites on our curated list.

1. is an internet speed test website for calculating real internet speed. This application is powered by Netflix. As soon as you reach the site, it checks your internet speed. internet speed test

You will get the results in a short time, and this makes it very like-able to use. You can further get more information by clicking on the button ‘Show details’. It will show you the Upload speed, latency which includes unloaded and loaded latency separately. This is to help users understand what is hampering the internet speed. It will let you save your report for the device and also make changes in settings. is an excellent website to measure network speed.

Go to the website.

2. is one of the best internet speed test websites, with over ten million tests done every day. You can get an active report for your network on this site within a few seconds. All you need to do is click on ‘GO’, and it will start calculating the network speed in a format. internet speed test

Results from Speedtest will include the download and upload speed. It also shows the ping speed for your internet connection. There are separate apps available for Android, iOS, Windows, Amc, Chrome and Apple TV. Use this website for getting the accurate results the next time you want to check the internet speed.

Go to the website.


Speed Smart

SpeedSmart is a simple website which is used to run an internet speed test. It is easily available for use on any web browser which is great for users. Making it available for any device- desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phones. The website has a simple format that provides you with a button named Start Speed Test. The test begins quickly, and it won’t take long to generate results.

Speed Smart Internet speed test

The website is fast and easier to understand. It uses a technology that does not need any kind of downloads or plug-ins. Its servers are ready to provide to service worldwide and therefore helps in giving accurate results. The results include the categories – Ping, download and upload. Additionally, you can check the IP address within the results. This is also available as an app for Android, so get it if you are a frequent user.

Go to the Website.

4. Speed Check

Speed Check

Speed Check comes as another of the internet speed test website. This website will tell you the correct speed of your internet. It has a clean interface and available to be used on any of the devices with a web browser on it. To get started, click on the button Start Test. This gives you results within a few moments, and you will know your net speed.

Speed Check Internet Speed Test

The internet speed test for latency, download, and upload runs in three different times. You can see the detailed results with more information on it as it finishes the test. It will also let you see the IP address and ISP provider’s name on the result page.

Go to the Website.

5. Speedof


If you are finding difficulties in any of the downloads or upload, this is the website for an internet speed test meant to give precise results. Speedof is one of the websites which will analyze the parameters thoroughly. The results will help you understand if you can download at a particular time or if you will need more time to upload a file.

SpeedOf Internet Speed Test

The website requires you to provide with the permission to perform the internet speed test. This will involve the download of a sample file to test the speed. It will then prepare a report with its help to find out the time taken to download it. Similarly, the upload test takes place, providing you with the details.

Go to the Website.

6. TestMy


TestMy is another website to help you with the different parameters tested on it. With a simple click, you will get the observed analysis for net speed. As you proceed to look for the download and upload speed, this is also given in the reports. This website will give you amazing results for the ones who are trying to find the culprit for their bad internet connection.

testmy Internet speed results

As you reach the site, you can choose to get an internet speed test for Download, upload, Latency and combined. The combined result is the one if you want a descriptive analysis in one report. The results are shown in a graphical format and therefore easy to understand.

Go to the Website.


So, the next time you think about how I test my internet speed, keep these websites in mind. Easier to use than it seems like a task to check internet speed. Very important to find out how much bandwidth you have been getting by using a Wi-Fi speed test. Try any of the above network speed test websites and solve the mystery. Also check out the apps to check your internet speed on Android and iPhone.

Please let us know what you use for internet speed test in the comments section below. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to keep getting regular updates of the tech world. Also, follow us on social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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