How to Speed Up Internet Browsing Speed

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain” ~ Stephen Hawking

Isn’t that quite true? Internet is like this huge, gigantic web that connects each and every one of us, no matter in which corner of the world we’re sitting. Now the Internet is not just a mere informative platform but it has become one of the prime sources of entertainment as well. If you see today’s websites, they are not just static pages with a bunch of texts anymore.

speedup internet browsing
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In fact, websites have become more and more dynamic and interactive over time, featuring a lot of media content to catch user’s attention. From pictures, infographics, GIFs, videos, website developers take a lot of initiative giving us all the more reason to visit again.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, the Internet has now become accessible at almost anywhere. Whether you’re traveling in a subway, vacationing in the scenic lands, having a cup of coffee at a nearby café or while you’re relaxing at home, the Internet brings the world closer. But what is the most annoying experience while browsing online? When web pages take forever to load, right? So, are you wondering how to make Internet faster? Here are a few ways that can give you a clear insight on how to boost Internet speed irrespective of which browser you’re using.

Ways to Speed Up Internet Browsing Speed

Clear Cookies and Cached Data

To start off, you can try getting rid of browser cached data, as it takes a considerable amount of space and eventually slows down Internet speed. Although, it has always been a long-lasted debate whether deleting cookies increase the Internet speed or slows it down because Cookies help in loading content faster. As we happen to spend a lot of time on the Internet, a lot of cached data gets collected which is often used by marketers to offer us more targeted ad experience. So, it is always advisable to get rid of cookies and browser data in a time-to-time manner, for a more pleasant browsing experience.

Get Rid of Unwanted Browser Extensions

Get Rid of Unwanted Browser Extensions

Yes, extensions are pretty helpful but not all browser extensions come in use every day, right? So, whether you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox or any other browser, make sure that you check all the installed browser extensions and add-ons and disable the ones that are no longer relevant.

Keep Minimum Tabs Open

Keep Minimum Tabs Open

Surfing the Internet can get really addictive as one click leads to another, and we end up with tons of tabs opened at the same time. This can have an adverse effect on your Internet’s speed and can hinder your browsing experience as well. So, maintain a habit where you keep limited tabs opened to enjoy improved Internet speeds on all the webpages you’re using. You can anytime revisit your favorite webpages, so there’s certainly no point in keeping hundreds of tabs opened simultaneously.

Use a Third-Party Cleaner Tool

There’s no harm in taking extra help, right? And especially when you want to save your time and efforts from manually tweaking into browser Settings. A wide array of browser cleaning tools is available online for Chrome and Firefox, which you can take in use for speed up Internet browsing speed. These tools will help you getting rid of cached data, cookies, browser history in just a few taps.

Minimize the Presence of Ads

Minimize the Presence of Ads

When the question arises, how to boost Internet speed then the answer depends on a lot of factors and reasons per se advertisements. You may have seen a lot of ads crawling upon the browser window when you’re online irrespective of which browser you use. Well, agree or not but this unwanted presence of advertisements can also have an impact on your Internet speed, which you won’t like, of course. So, to avoid this and minimize ads you can use an intuitive browser extension tool like “Stop All Ads” that will by all means block all advertisement from popping on your browsing window.

We hope these tips cleared all your doubts on how to speedup Internet, so that there’s absolutely no hindrance while you’re surfing online!

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