What Is The Best Way To Digitally Detox Yourself

In the times when we are heavily dependent on the Internet and have given ourselves up to long hours of social networking; which has led us to an app-hungry lifestyle and in turn has grown concerned over digital wellbeing.

Like Fabulous App, Many apps and web platforms have indeed eased hundreds of different tasks and daily functions, including task management, note-taking, and banking; as well as our shopping preferences, travel bookings, and food orders.

But it’s also true that it has increased cases of health issues such as weak eyesight, stress, poor physical reflexes, and other symptoms of digital addiction.

So, how do you tackle this digital addiction increased by social media usage and how you can truly go through a digital detox.

What Is A Digital Detox?

Digital Detox is a process that is carried out for a specific time, wherein an individual or people distances themselves from all sorts of digital platforms such as social media, browsing engines, e-commerce sites, etc. Digital detox may also involve completely giving up on digital devices for the time being.

Digitally Detox Yourself

Digital Detox has a variety of advantages, and there are several reasons to do a digital detox and sustainfavorable digital wellbeing, such as:

– It helps you clear your mind and reset it by clearing the clutter of stress you’ve gathered scrolling through social media sites for long hours.

– It helps you boost your productivity as it will help you focus on things that matter more.

– Digital detox also helps in improving your creativity by helping you take time off from continuous digital addiction.

– Mental rest is as vital as physical stress, and online activities cause a decline in mental rest. Digital detox helps you release stress, give rest to your brain, and keep yourself calm.

– It further results in sustaining a positive work/life balance.

– Long-term digital addiction can result in severe health problems, especially among teens. This may include weaker eyesight, decrease in physical reflexes (due to lack of physical activity), and decline in logical thinking abilities.

– Social media, while helping you peek into the luxuries and lifestyles of others, may also render you depressed and mentally frustrated towards your own life. Limiting social media can decrease the rates of depression, loneliness, and therefore, improve your social skills.

How to Do Digital Wellbeing via Active Tracking of Your Phone Activity?

It is almost impossible as there are some essential daily tasks we need our phones for. So, going completely AWOL on the Internet is not an option. So, here are the best ways to do a digital detox and sustain digital wellbeing:

Download Social Fever and Track Your Phone Activity:


Social Fever is a digital wellbeing app for Android users which allows them to set limits to the usage of different applications on their mobile phones.

Social Fever offers multiple modules and features that help you set limit timers on all the apps on your phone. The app constantly reminds you whenever you exceed the set time limit. Here’s how Social Fever assists you in sustaining digital wellbeing by planning an effective digital detox:

  • Picking up interests:

Under Quality Time, you can add as many activities as you wish. The app lets you save your off-internet interests and keeps reminding you of taking time off to do those kinds of stuff. This can include exercise, cooking, taking your pet out for a walk, dancing, or any other recreational or rejuvenation activity you are fond of.

  • App Usage:

Add apps

The app tracks the usage of social media apps and other selected apps as well. You can add apps to the tracker list. The default time limit set is 30 Mins which you can edit for each app. Once the time limit exceeds, you’ll be notified of the same.

  • Eye and Ear Tracking:

Eye Health

There is a separate module within the app that allows users to track the amount of time they’ve spent looking on the screen, as well as the amount of time they’ve spent on the phone with the headphones on.

Ear Health

This helps in easing offload on your ears and strain that mobile screens are causing on your eyes.

  • Quality Time:

Quality Time

You can set preferences of the quality time you wish to spend away from the screen and execute a digital detox. These preferences can be spending time with family, some creative work, etc.

In this feature, you set a time interval for which you’ll be keeping the screen off. Once the timer starts, your device will be automatically set to Do Not Disturb mode.

  • Whitelist:

There is a unique whitelist feature within the Quality Time module. You can add contacts to this list. These contacts will be able to connect with you even during the Quality Time active hours.

  • Water Intake

Water reminder

This feature requires a little bit of manual effort. Water intake is a significant part of digital detox. Whenever you drink a glass of water, just register that one glass on this feature of the Social Fever app. This will help you ensure that you take sufficient water during the day.

Yes, some apps have some in-app trackers to keep a check on your activity time on those apps. But that’s not enough. How often will you head to Settings just to check the time you’ve been using that app for. Social Fever will be in monitoring mode all the time in the background and will eventually notify you on its own when you get past that set limit.

Plus, you get a time tracker for all the apps on the phone, who don’t have a built-in activity tracker in them. Social Fever is about all-around digital detox, and not just about limiting your phone activity.

All these features accumulate to a well-maintained lifestyle with the best balance between your digital and the real world. And with Social Fever, you can take time to carry out those tasks that matter and execute a favorable and positive digital detox process.

Here are some things that you can do to digitally detox yourself during the time you save using the Social Fever app.

What are the Best Ways to Digitally Detox Yourself?

What are the Best Ways to Digitally Detox Yourself

Meditation and Yoga are great ways to execute digital detox. This will not only keep your digital detox process active but will also positively impact on your mental health.

– Subscribe to Paper Media. Users these days spend a lot of time reading news updates on mobile, which are also sometimes incomplete. Consume daily news via paper media and add some more time to your digital detox.

Best Ways to Digitally Detox Yourself

Read whenever you can. Reading is a highly productive activity and can be a stress-relieving therapy. Books are great for not just knowledge, but they also help you gain a new perspective towards your work and may even boost up your creativity.

Indulge in a productive hobby. Write (pen and paper), paint, play instruments, sing, dance, etc. All these recreational activities are great for a digital detox and may also help you build a skill or two in the process.

Best Ways to Digitally Detox Yourself

Socialize in person. Meet people, indulge in conversations, either for fun or for wisdom. It helps you connect with people around you and detox yourself from the digital conversations.

Travel. Make a plan with your friends and take a break to travel. Travelling accounts for a great deal of rejuvenation. Just don’t make Instagram your only friend for the trip.

–  Personal Care is another option you can take upon to help yourself do some good digital detox. Work on your looks, appeal, and hygiene and get your health and body in shape.

Personal Care

Sleep. Yes. Take a nap. It is a proven fact that digital addiction impacts your sleep, which leads to lack of focus and energy. So, keep your phone aside and sleep.

These activities can be easily thought of, but the tricky part is acting on them. That’s why, download Social Fever, so that you can set the limits on your digital activities and focus on the aforementioned ways to do a digital detox. Social Fever will help you make better decisions regarding digital well-being and will help you manage your digital detox period more efficiently.

A digital detox is not just a one-time activity. It’s a complete endeavor where you’re giving up on your in-app world and are trying to focus on your real-life issues and concerns. It’s about sustaining healthy functioning for all your senses through mindful activities and refreshing your mind, thus overcoming several of your problems and the accumulated stress.

Tell us about your digital detox journey if you’ve ever tried it and what more ways you can digitally detox yourself besides the ones mentioned here. Also, let us know of your views on Social Fever as a digital wellbeing manager.

Let us know how much time you spend on social media daily. And for more fresh tech updates, tricks, solutions, follow WeTheGeek on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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