Technology Fueling Or Resolving Depression? A Sneak-Peek

I don’t want to declare my point of view right in the beginning but want to share personal experience, to begin with. “A few years back, my relationship hit a rough patch and my dreams got crushed. I lost a tremendous amount of weight within a week. With time, I stopped talking to people, got anti-social, and was on the verge of depression.

If I remember right, I didn’t want to check my phone, loathe people’s happy stories on social media, or even stop watching movies online for some time. But before I could flush myself deep into a mental disorder, I regained my senses and started looking for help online. Honestly, some great inspiring videos, expert advice on various platforms, and meditation apps worked.”

Now technology played both roles in my life. At a certain point, technology increased depression, whereas, at some, its optimization unravelled a new vertical of life.

What Is Depression?Depression

It is a mental health disorder that can cause significant defacement in everyday activities like lack of concentration, sleeplessness, doubting self-worth or even brings thoughts of suicide. Persistent sadness covers the person and causes trouble in taking even normal actions.

It has been found that depression is the most common mental disorder in the United States.

How Technology Increases Depression?


Are we less happy than our ancestors? Observe things around and then ask yourself. Somebody has rightly called it ‘Creative Destruction’.

  • As per Pew Research Center, “Technology may be making us more impatient, distracts us and creates desperation for constant entertainment.” In short, you are not giving yourself space and instead filling time with phones, computers, etc.
  • Professor Larry Rosen says “many people are diagnosed with iDisorder today which is exhibiting signs and symptoms of overuse of technology. iDisorder is creating OCD, narcissism, or even attention deficit hyperactivity.”
  • As per the American Medical Association, too much exposure to artificial light from the phone, computer screen or television throws off the circadian rhythm, creates negatives of depression and brings mood swings.
  • Now if you ask does technology causes depression, we won’t say No. Those who spend long hours on various screens tend to develop anxiety issues. There has been a constant increase in the rate of depression within them.
  • The Internet has made the world really small. As you type anything, the information comes out in a few seconds. Real-life looks slower than ever when you are away from it and one gets impatient without getting connected to the cyber zone. I believe it’s no less than a dopamine effect.
  • The University of Gothenburg has something interesting to say. Heavy cell phone usage amongst us has increased sleep disorders, depressive symptoms, and increased levels of stress. Does technology make us depressed? You might have found the answer.
  • How can I leave Social Media behind? If technology addiction is bringing depression in, social media tops the respective cause.

How Technology Resolves Depression?

Resolving Depression

Do not worry, we are not against technology at all and will tell you how to fight with it using technicalities. It has helped millions to come out of anxiety and depression. Not always technology causes depression!

Before we provide you with methods of how technology can help you in resolving depression, sit back and relax first. Take deep breaths and move ahead.

  • Self-help apps or wellness apps have helped in providing relief to many users by now. They do not let the users fall into a deep trap of depression, whereas motivating them to take better activities in life. Some apps like My Fitness Pal, Social Fever, Breathe2Relax, etc. are notable. Social Fever is a great application for Android users to track the phone usage time and application individually. 

Also find: Best app to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • Motivating YouTube channels to help in distracting from stressful situations quite effectively but make sure you are dealing with the right guidance. There are many channels you can check, but I personally recommend The Secret. This 120 minutes video has changed the lives of many, including mine and helped in fighting depression to a great extent.
  • Binge Watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu doesn’t allow you to overburden with negative thoughts. Yes, you need to take care that these shows shall be good enough to cheer you up. Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S., The Big Bang Theory or other comedy shows to keep yourselves entertained.
  • Depression wants you to settle in your place, and the doctor’s visit becomes one hell of a task. Once you search for online help, you can find multiple websites where doctors provide you with online services and help in breaking the barriers of chained thoughts. A good video call and things have changed for many. Many patients started visiting the doctor personally after taking online sessions and final results.

What Do I Have To Say?

I agree that overuse of technology brings restlessness and anxiety within us but ignoring it is not a solution, neither today nor in the future. Unless you have decided to become a ‘yogi’, technology will bring only benefits to your modern lifestyle.

But for the same, its optimization is essential. Whether you are working in the office, staring at your laptop’s screen or your children getting obsessed with social media, your responsibility to control the situation works.

This optimization can always work with few ‘mantras’ like:

  • Exercise regularly! And with this, keep your phone back at home. Immerse in the natural beauty around and control the first stage of depression right there.
  • Practice meditation! Whether you are facing relationship problems or financial, keeping your mind calm is the first thing. If you want to find solutions for a better future, this mantra never fails.
  • Take short breaks! Travel with family, friends or even solo and see the effects with your own eyes.

Keeping the right distance between the two worlds is one important way to manage life. And depression wouldn’t even touch you then. Now, Does technology lead to depression? Hell, No!

What Do You Have To Say?   

We are open to taking your reviews and comments in the comment section below. Let us know what you think about technology causing depression or resolving it. Does technology make us depressed? How? Let us know!

What People Asked:

Q1. Does technology increase anxiety?

  1. Yes! Overuse of technology like social media, working on the computer system and staying connected to the cyber world, makes you anxious. It changes the pattern of thoughts and effects like OCD, impulsive disorder, etc. shows.

Q2. What causes teenage anxiety?

  1. Apart from hormonal fluctuations, lack of attention on social media, peer pressure, feeling of sadness and being alone causes anxiety.

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