A Complete Guide On How To Manage Your Time Efficiently

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Time is precious and we certainly can’t have enough of it! Most of us often struggle to complete our daily tasks and are left exasperated about how the time just flew . Well! This article is for you if you are seeking for a solution to your time management skills.

Humans today spend most of their time being glued to their smartphones. They are so absorbed in their phone that they forget that they’re missing out on reality. Social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and games take up lot of our time. Although it is impossible to totally avoid your smartphone especially if you’re a businessman or professional, but being addicted is certainly far fetched. You may find people who can’t imagine their life without the phone, they need it all the time, while eating, sleeping and even in the shower. Too much of anything is not good.

In this article we will teach you how you can manage your time by using an app. Distancing yourself from the phone may sound impossible but it definitely isn’t. This simple app will help you see your most used Android apps that you spend most of your time with. To know more in detail, read further.

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Social Fever is an intuitive app that helps you beat smartphone addiction by maintaining balance between digital and real life.

How To Know About Most Used Apps On Android

  1. Download Social Fever app on your Android device.

Once done, you must set goal by tapping Set Goal tab to track app usage. This will open a window with two tabs Recommended and ALL. Select the apps from either of the list you want to track and hit Let’s Go.

set-goal-social-fever android app

2. Next you will see a Tracking Details window with an overlay timer. This timer will appear over whatever apps you’ve selected for tracking with Social Fever for real-time tracking. Plus, it will show your screen On time and how many times phone was unlocked.

tracking details on social feaver

3. To add more apps, tap Track Goals and then tap the ‘+’ sign at bottom right of the Tracking detail window.

add more aps to click

4. You will now be able to see the most used apps on Android under the Tracking Details window. The first on the list will be the most used and the overlay timer will show the time spent.

5. Tap on App Usage tab to see usage of each app. Here you can see total number of selected apps and the time spent today with those apps. Tapping on the time display will help you see the individual usage time. Top in the list is the most used app.

app usages social feaver

6. To see last 7 days app usage detail, tap on History Tab. To see more details, tap on the displayed time and you can see more statistics on your app usage.

last 7 day usages

Apart from this, Social Fever has several other features hidden under its sleeve, such as you can set interests, get notifications about your eye and ear health when listening to music for too long or keeping the screen unlocked for too long.

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By default, user receives daily usage report at 11 PM but you can change that from ‘Settings’. For that click on the gear icon present at the top right corner. Now click on Report delivery time to change it. By clicking on Daily Report, you can see the percentage of app usage and the total time spent.

report delivery time in social fever


This is an easy way to keep your phone usage under check. Each notification also contains a motivational message, inspiring  you to spend your time on more productive and creative activities. If you face any problems in using the app do let us know.

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