15 Best Games For Apple Tv In 2023

Did you know that Apple is not just television to watch movies and TV shows? Yes, it does connect Streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime but other than that you can also cast your iPhone’s content on to your Apple TV and even play iOS games on it. All Apple TVs have a built-in App Store which can be used to download and install Apple apps and games, and your TV’s remote can control these.

Playing on a big screen provides more entertainment than on a small 7-inch screen of your iPhone. These games are also customized to fit on your Apple TV and need not be sideloaded on to it. There are currently thousands of Apple TV games, and I have listed the best 15 games that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

15 Best Games For Apple Tv In 2023

I have categorized the best games for Apple TV into four categories. You can click on the category that you prefer or keep scrolling to know about all the games listed.

Best Apple TV Games for Racing Best Apple TV Games for Puzzles
Best Apple TV Games for Action & Adventure Best Apple TV Games for Shooting & Arcade

Best Games For Apple Tv – Racing

Asphalt 8: Airborne  4.7/5

Best Games Apple TV- Asphalt

A free racing Apple TV game, which has a 4.7 rating on the Apple App Store is something which all Apple TV owners must try out even if you are not a racing fan. Asphalt replicates even the tiniest details of a real racing environment on your Apple TV, giving you controls to decide the outcome of a race. It supports many languages and has hours of never-ending gameplay. However, all these extensive features also result in one major drawback with regards to its installation size that amounts to 2.6 GB.

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Riptide GP 2  4.6/5

Best Games Apple TV- RipTide

If you like manoeuvring a boat while facing extreme challenges, then Riptide GP2 is the best Apple TV game you have been waiting for. This game was initially developed for Android, and later it was available on iOS and finally Apple TV. Some of the many modes of playing this game include career mode, challenging friends, and online multiplayer.  Players can choose from 9 powerful hydro jets and choose the best one that would enable them to complete the fantastic missions and terrifying stunts.

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Impulse GP   4.3/5

Best Games Apple TV- Impulse GP

Racing is a sport that uses many mediums to race -from horses to jets. Each type of racing is unique, and this game is for those who love to fly on their bikes.  Users have to try and perform stunts that include lightning-quick manoeuvres through gravity-defying tracks filled with massive loops and impossible banks.

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Best Games For Apple TV – Action-Adventure

Oceanhorn 2   4.5/5

Best Games Apple TV- Ocean Horn 2

If you are a fan of Role Playing Games, then you would love to play Oceanhorn2 on your Apple TV. Start as a young boy with an adventurous journey to regain your Kingdom. The game does resemble the classic Legend of Zelda, but as you progress you would realize that it is entirely different. It gives you the feeling of having your Nintendo connected to your Apple TV.            The main quest is more than 15 hours of gameplay and is very absorbing. Besides the main quest, there are many side quests, and clever puzzles included to sharpen your analytic skills.

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Rayman Adventures   4.8/5

Best Games Apple TV- Rayman Adventures

If you want to enjoy an adventurous game on your Apple TV and that too for free then you are probably looking for Rayman Adventures. It contains over a 1000 adventures, defeating enemies and collection stuff to power up and progress further making this game one of the best Apple TV games ever. The graphics are amazing, and the boss battles are not very difficult but pretty challenging.

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Transistor    4.5/5

Best Games Apple TV- Transistor

Armed with an unusual weapon, that resembles a huge sword; walk through the futuristic city filled with machines and robots. Transistor, the game, allows the player to use turn-basedattacks as well as real-timeattacks. The city is designed with so many secrets that it makes the player explore every nook and corner, even though it is not required to complete the game.

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Alto’s Adventure  4.7/5

Best Games Apple TV- Alto adventure

One of the most beautiful adventurous Apple TV games is Alto’s Adventure, which is similar to the likes of Temple Run or Subway Surfers. However, despite being the do or die game, Alto’s Adventure does not build up the pressure which builds up in Temple Run. It involves players to snowboard the slopes and at the same time, catch llamas and collect coins. Like Subway surfers, there are landscape changes like snowboarding through mountains and villages during mornings and sunsets.

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Dungeon Hunter 5   4.7/5

Best Games Apple TV- Dungeon Hunter

Another of the most beautiful Apple TV games is Dragon Hunter, which allows the users to hunt for monsters through 69 missions. You can either achieve this feat as a solo RPG player or play a team mode with three more players. Travel the world of Dungeons and finding and killing monsters with friends. The game does not only comprise of killing monsters, but it also includes building more robust defences and creating trap rooms to protect the gold that you have collected after slaying each beast.

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Best Games For Apple Tv – Puzzles

Playdead’s INSIDE   4.3/5

Best Games Apple TV- Playdead Inside

A puzzle game, Playdead’s INSIDE, is a 2D puzzle game which has a storyline. Players move towards the completion of the story only when they solve the puzzles in their path. This game gives a feeling similar to LIMBO, which was also created by the same developers, years ago. The puzzles are captivating, immersive and fun, but this does not mean they can be easily solved. A word of caution as the game consists of instances of dark humour.

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Lumino City  4.7/5

Best Games Apple TV- Lumino city

Lumino city is a unique Apple TV game which does not have 2D or 3d GRAPHICS IN ITS GAMEPLAY. Instead, all the elements of the game are made of handcrafted items like Papers and Cardboards. It has an exciting storyline, which requires the players to solve the puzzles and find the missing persons. The puzzles involve using real objects and also are based on the principles of Physics.

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Hidden Folks   4.9/5

Best Games Apple TV- Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a different type of Apple TV game, which is in black and white. This makes playing the game very hard, and every new stage gets bigger and bigger with lots of movement and animation.  Hidden folks is an intense game which can be played with a bunch of moving parts and people. The game has the highest rating in the list but is not available for free and will set you back by $4 which I believe is every cent’s worth.

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Shadowmatic   4.7/5

Best Games Apple TV- Shadowmatic

As the name suggests, Shadowmatic is an Apple TV game, which involves the users to identify the shadows formed by using unrelated objects. The game has many rooms and themes with different objects that can be formed. The users are allowed to rotate the real object and form different shadow shapes and identify the correct one.

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Best Shooting And Arcade Games For Apple Tv

Shadowgun Legends  4.8/5

Best Games Apple TV- Shadowgun Legends

If you have a gamepad and want to enjoy some 3D shooting on your Apple TV, then Shadowgun is one game you must install. Shoot around aliens, monsters, and warlords and let the blood spill around you. The game has a decent rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the Apple App Store.

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Crossy Road  4.6/5

Best Games Apple TV- Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a simple game where you have to guide the chicken to cross the road full of traffic and not die. It is one of the most popular games on Apple TV with a rating of 4.6.

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The Afterpulse.  4.6/5

Best Games Apple TV- The Afterpulse

If you own a 4k Apple TV, then Afterpulse is a must experience game even if you do not like action or shooting games. The graphics are unbelievable with excellent gameplay comprising of different maps full of combat and chaos. Users can upgrade their weapons and install new mods and gear to kill their opponents. This game makes defeating your opponent a true realistic fun.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

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Modern Combat 5      4.7/5

Best Games Apple TV- Modern Combat

A First Person Shooter game, Modern Combat allows the users to kill irritating bugs, and I mean a lot of bugs. However, the game is playable and easy to win across the levels. You need to keep on trying and develop a new strategy each time. The graphics are mind-boggling. Although the gameplay seems chaotic at the beginning, once you get a hold of the game, it is difficult to leave the controls.

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Which Best Game For Apple Tv Did You Like?

That concludes the list of best Apple TV games I played on my device. There were yet others which I installed but did not seem to like them and hence delete them with a few minutes of trying out. If you have been playing a game on your Apple TV and is not here on this list, do mention the name and why you like it in the comments section below.

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    Two games mentioned here has not been working for years ?! Dungeon Hunter and Modern Combat no longer works on Apple TV. Please update.

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      Mansi Vijay
      Hey Sune, Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion. We’ll update the list soon with some new suggestions!

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