Apple TV 4K: 10 Tips & Tricks You Must Know

Did you get a new Apple TV? Read on! It has been sometime since Apple released its first-ever Apple TV. However, with passing time and advancement in technology, Apple has clearly evolved with each successor. The latest of them all is the recently released Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV 4K is an extremely useful gadget that adds a lot of value to the entertainment system. A portable efficient device, which comes with ample useful features like news, weather, two storage options and much more.

apple 4k tv

While there are many features that are clearly visible on the first go, it also has many which the users are not aware of.

This article is about features that add an extra edge to the Apple TV 4K and make it more fun to use. Sarah

1. Rename Your Apple TV:

Apple always strives at making its devices extremely easy to use. One such feature in the Apple TV is the ‘Rename’. This feature works best if you have multiple Apple TV’s. Naming all the TV’s with different names avoids any sort of confusion that comes along with having the same name.

how to rename apple tv

To rename the Apple TV:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > About.
  2. From About, locate Name and tap on it.
  3. This will display a list of present names to choose from, like Living Room, Office etc. Choose one according to your requirement.
  4. Users can rename it by tapping on Custom Name located at the bottom of the screen.

Renaming helps users to identify the Apple TV to which the content is streamed.

2. Force Reboot Apple TV With a Remote:

Is your Apple TV not responding properly or the applications getting stuck? Well, no need to worry, just navigate to settings and reboot the system.

Users can also choose an alternate way. Hold the Home+ Menu buttons simultaneously until the front status light starts blinking. Once it starts to blink, release the buttons and a reboot will be initiated.

3. Put Apple TV to sleep:

It’s easy to put Apple TV to sleep, which can be done both automatically and manually as per needs.

how to put apple tv to sleep

To set a predefined sleep time, navigate to Settings > General. Here locate Sleep After and click on it to set a time frame at which you want the device to enter sleep mode.

To set one manually, long press Home button and then tap Sleep.

4. Organize Apps by moving them into folders:

Like to have your stuff organized? Now you can easily organize apps installed on Apple TV by categorizing and putting them into different folders.

how to organize apps in apple tv

Apple allows you to create folders by simply dragging the app icon over another app icon. Drag and drop an app icon if you already have a folder for it.

5. Easily Customize the screensaver:

Have you heard about the new aerial screensaver Apple has released? Well, they look awesome, ranging from amazing cityscapes to beautiful sceneries, they certainly bring an enchanting effect to your home.

customize the screensaver in apple tv

However, if you wish to change the wallpaper you can easily do it.

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For this:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General.
  2. Here locate Screensaver and choose Apple Photos, Home Sharing, My Photos or My Music.

6. Delete apps the other way:

Wish to delete all the unwanted stuff from your Apple TV and want it decluttered? Choose the apps you no longer want and long press on its icon. Now press the Play/Pause button and finally choose the Delete button to delete the app.

how to delete apps in apple tv

Another way to get this done is by navigating to Settings > General > Manage Storage. From Manage Storage, click on the trash can icons located to the right of the apps to be uninstalled.

7. Install apps automatically:

Apple provides its users a feature to install the apps automatically. Just like an app that gets installed automatically on your iPad when you install it on your iPhone. Similarly, you can have it installed on your Apple TV too. This feature work for apps that have Apple TV component associated with them.

Navigate to Settings > Apps > Automatically install apps and toggle it on.

8. Menu button functions:

If you think the Menu button is only intended to take users to the previous page, you are mistaken. Apple TV 4K Menu button does a lot more than that. Double click on it and the screensaver will start.

how to change menu button fucation in apple 4k tv

Triple click on it and Accessibility Shortcuts, like Zoom, Voice Over etc. will be activated.

9. Make a Remote out of your Apple Watch:

Want to control your TV with your Apple watch? You can do it easily with Apple TV 4K. Install the Apple TV Remote app on your Apple watch and easily control it from your wrist. You can swipe directions on the watch and make it work like a touchpad on the Apple TV remote. The same goes with tapping. You also get a Play/Pause button and a Menu button, however, you have to settle without a Home button.

10. Uncertain What to Watch? Let Siri help you Out!

Uncertain of what you wish to watch on your Apple TV 4K. Ask Siri! Just press the Siri button and she is ready to help you. If you wish to watch popular TV shows, simply ask “show me the popular TV shows” and she will display a list of all the TV shows that are trending and famous.

So, these were some of the amazing features that could get the best out of Apple TV 4K. If you find the article helpful, do let us know in the comments section below. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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