How To Apply Password AutoFill On tvOS 12 And Apple TV

Apple has been known for its impenetrable security and customer centricity. It is only because its popularity that Apple scoped itself from building computers to now TVs. One of the best things about Apple is that it never lets any problem unattended and provides with a significant solution. This time, when the signing in process in Apple TV became persistent and a headache for many elderly people, Apple came with a solution known as Continuity Keyboard. This special keyboard is nothing but a simple iOS feature that lets you enter text on your Apple TV using your iPad or an iPhone. The keyboard solved a very frustrating problem of singing in many apps and services on Apple TV.

Apple TV
Source: MacRumors
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What is Continuity Keyboard?

Continuity Keyboard is a utility software that enables you to enter text in your tvOS. Although, Continuity Keyboard was first designed and tested for the MacOS Yosemite, which could allow you to make calls from your iPhone. The keyboard allows you to redial and call while you’re working on your Mac with either the virtual button on the screen or from the keyboard itself. When you’re using the Continuity Keyboard on your tvOS, you could see a notification on your iPhone, asking for your permission to type directly from your device into your TV.

How to apply password AutoFill on Apple TV and tvOS 12?

Now that Apple has got everything covered for you, whenever you try to login to any app or any service, you would be able to see a screen like below on your iPhone.

apply password AutoFill
source: macrumors

As soon as you see the alert on your iPhone screen, tap on it to bring the keyboard up. Now you could see the keyboard on your iPhone/iPad screen, you can simply put your password on your Apple TV by tapping to the AutoFill password suggestion in the Quicktype bar of the keyboard.

In case you are using the Control Center interface or the TV remote with you Apple TV, you can follow the same process of tapping the alert and bringing up the keyboard on the screen.

It is important to know that the aforesaid method to password autofill on Apple TV would only work when your Apple TV and iPhone are registered on the same iCloud account. Now, if you are wondering on how you can access someone else’s TV to login to your account, tvOS 12 is empowered to cater you here too. With the new tvOS 12, the Apple TV would be able to ping the Siri remote to locate the nearby iPhone. Once it discovered your device, your iPhone would seek your permission to confirm the AutoFill. It would also prompt you to enter the authentication PIN that is being displayed on the nearby Apple TV.

AutoFill email password
Source: Ubergizmo

Overall, Apple is not only good for iPhones and MacOS, the Apple TV is another great product that delivers you its best. It is understood that shouting loud the characters in Siri remote or shutting between characters on the onscreen keyboard is frustrating, which Apple took care with its Continuity Keyboard. Now you just have to use your iPhone or iPad to get your desired text into the TV and log in to any app or service like Netflix, Prime etc to start enjoying. Now that one of your problems is addressed, apply the password autofill on Apple TV and tvOS 12. If you know someone tips and tricks for Apple TV, do let us know in the comments below.

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