10 Best Free Anti-malware Apps For iPhone

iPhone users often believe they do not require an additional app for their mobilesecurity, but it’s not true. iOS devices may also be vulnerable to malware attacks every day, and this can be prevented with the use of anti-malware for iOS. However, you can check with a few signs that your phone has malware. The apps are designed to keep your phone data and personal information safe and away from the hands of hackers. There are various apps available on AppStore and therefore we decided to help you select one. The best of the free apps are listed below in this post for you to choose the one anti-malware for iPhone. They come with features to alert you about harmful WiFi connections, weblinks, apps, and software.

List Of The Best Anti-Malware Apps For iPhone:

We have curated apps and made this list, which includes mobile security on every level. It provides you with the device scan, safety while browsing, WiFI hotspots scans, etc. Take a look at them to consider the perfect anti-malware for the iPhone.

1. Phone Guardian Mobile Security:

Phone Guardian Mobile Security


Phone guardian takes its duty seriously and keeps your iPhone secure all the time. It works for surfing the internet. This anti-malware app has an amazing interface which makes it very likely to be enjoyed while providing your iPhone safety. The public Wi-Fi is always detected and checked for any harmful effects and advice to use the internet is shown. The app encrypts the private information which is shared online to secure your device and data. The best part is that you will get all these features for free on this app.


  • Total activities are recorded to keep any malicious attack checked.
  • Protects your data online.
  • One tap safety with VPN protection.

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2. Trend Micro Mobile Security:

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security is a wonderful app with great reviews and can be apt for the malware removal app for iPhone. This ensures the safety of your personal data online completely. It will constantly protect you from scams online by the web guard feature. The VPN helps you to browse the internet safely and have no worries of getting tracked. Malicious activities are blocked instantly from entering your device. Any ads which are harmful are also prevented from playing on your iPhone. Free services include device access and QR scanner for weblinks to ensure safety. 


  • Fraud attacks are curbed with the help of the app.
  • Blocks websites from collecting personal data.
  • Prevents from entering harmful websites.

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3. McAfee:


McAfee is a well-known name in the security sector for devices and it comes with Mobile Security: Privacy App. It is a good option as a malware removal app for the iPhone as it includes a number of features to keep your device data safe. Any malicious content is restricted from entering with the regular scan. Use of VPN service to block any dangers from trackers online. Additionally, it has a contact backup which may be used if a device is compromised. Media vault is included in the app to keep your media files from prying eyes. The free services have the full system scan for any threats from browsing, check for Wi-Fi hotspot safety, automatic contacts backup. Premium plans have more features like -unlimited use of VPN services and alerts for phishing and spoofing attacks.


  • GPS tracker to find your lost device.
  • Wi-Fi scanner for safer browsing.
  • Notifies for out of date operating system.

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4. Norton Mobile Security-

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security leads the chart of the malware removal app for the iPhone with its amazing features. This will identify and help you secure from the public networks which pose threats. It will also inform you if your Wi-Fi is attacked detecting your connection. It uses an online VPN to avoid the online scam, which can track your location. The app is capable of sending you warning messages for the outdated operating system. It includes a 30 days free trial that is activated after the annual subscription.


  • Sends security patches and updates for your iPhone.
  • Safeguards you from malicious websites.
  • Keeps malware from entering your device via SMS, MMS, apps, web browser, email, and social networking sites.

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5. iSafe-antivirus, malware, ads

iSafe-antivirus, malware, ads

iSafe-antivirus, malware, ads app is the best anti-malware for iPhone with security features. Free trial version is available with limited features. Once you download the app and start the subscription, it shows the current status of the device. Turn on the security parameters for apps, web browser etc. The anti-malware for iOS helps you turn on the security features for different sections on your iPhone. It will indicate inside the app if any portion is unprotected and hence you can turn on the toggle switch.


  • Keep your device safe from malicious advertisements.
  • Fast page downloads and improved privacy.
  • Saves battery life.

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 6. Avast Security & Privacy:

Avast Security & Privacy

Avast Security & Privacy is another app to look for when you want an anti malware for iPhone. This comes with complete protection against malware by safeguarding phone on public Wifi and while browsing. The app is also capable of notifying you for any identity theft attempts so you can terminate the action. Activate safe browsing to keep safe while surfing unidentified webpages. Free a free trial of 7 days for a monthly subscription while 14 days free trial for yearly subscription. Enjoy the app, which is a trusted name in the security field.


  • Notifications are sent if saved passwords are at risk.
  • Photo vault to keep your gallery safe.
  • PIN, Face ID, Touch ID.
  • Scans the vulnerabilities immediately.

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7. AVG Mobile Security:

AVG Mobile Security

AVG Mobile Security is a good option as a malware removal app for iPhone. It comes with security for your device while web browsing. Along with the safety of the device connectivity to a public WiFi connection. It will also notify you for the identity protection for all the personal information such as email and passwords saved online. The app has an inbuilt VPN for safer browsing experience. Free trial period is available on a monthly and yearly subscription.


  • Photos are secured in the photo vault.
  • Wifi security
  • Secure browsing.

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8. Lookout, Mobile Security:

Lookout, Mobile Security

 Lookout is an anti-malware app for iPhone which will protect the privacy and data stored from all types of virus infections and malicious content. The app continuously scans for any malware present on the device and notifies instantly. It will keep your iPhone safe from phishing attacks by checking on the malicious URLs. The breach is prevented for all services and apps used on your iPhone for better security.


  • WiFi connection is checked for vulnerabilities.
  • Personal information is saved from getting stolen.
  • Alerts for any attacks or data breach.

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9. LogDog:


LogDog  is an anti malware app for iPhone to keep the device and personal information safe from malware attacks. The suspicious activities are immediately informed as a notification on your iPhone. The email and social networking accounts are checked for being at risk or not. The personal information such as credit card data, passwords are traced if ever used by online services on your device. Monitors logins to keep track of safe points of internet connections. Premium service includes more features to safe keep your iPhone.


  • Fetches details of stolen or compromised personal information online.
  • Accounts at the risk of a breach are shown in alerts.
  • Adds safe places like home and work connection.

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 10. Kaspersky:



Kaspersky has been providing security to many devices and here it comes with an anti malware for iOS. Access your devices from one account and that is what makes Kaspersky Cloud and Security apps beneficial. The app alerts you to take necessary actions when it detects any threats. It will come with new updates in the app automatically for your iPhone. The app uses a security scan to safeguard accounts and data from data breach.


  • Keeps accounts in check for malicious attacks.
  • Automatically turns on safe browsing.
  • Updates the automatically for new features.
  • Remote management is available with the Kaspersky account.

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These are some of the best anti-malware apps for iOS. You can select one from the list above for your iPhone. The best free app is the Phone Guardian for its user interface and the section of tracing suspicious activities. Other with free services are McAfee for its mobile security with the complete phone scan.

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  • comment_avtar
    Akanksha Soni
    I am confused between McAfee and Norton. Which one would you recommend?

    4 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mridula Nimawat
      We would recommend McAfee as it provides more protection features.

      4 years ago

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