6 Best Browsers for Chromebook (Chrome Alternative) in 2023

Looking for the best browsers for Chromebook? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we have listed 6 popular, feature-rich Chrome alternatives that you can use on your Chromebook to make the most of your browsing experience.

What is a Chromebook?

So, what is the difference between a regular laptop and a Chromebook? Well, the only difference is about the OS. A majority of laptops use the Windows operating system whereas Chromebooks run on web-based Chrome OS designed by Google. You can think of Chrome OS as an enhanced version of the Google Chrome browser with some added functionalities and features. Chrome OS is speedy, secure, easy to use, and allows you to focus on things that are important to you.


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On your Chromebook, you also get other built-in apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Drive, and so on. Chromebook is a low-cost alternative compared to traditional laptops. So, if you’re looking for a tablet or laptop that fits your budget, a device that you can use for browsing the Internet, watching videos online, checking your emails, or other light browsing activities, then you should surely consider a Chromebook.

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5+ Best Browsers for Chromebook

Not a fan of Google Chrome browser? Not a problem! So, if you already own a Chromebook, here are a few Chrome alternatives that you can consider.

1.Mozilla Firefox


Firefox for Chromebook is a decent choice, especially from the security point of view. Firefox is one of the most powerful and secure web browsers available online. Firefox takes security quite seriously and it blocks third-party apps and trackers to keep the intruders away. It allows you to effortlessly manage and work between multiple tabs. Firefox keeps all your data synced between connected devices so that you never miss out on anything important.

You may find Firefox a bit slower compared to Google Chrome but when it comes to security, Firefox serves as an excellent pick. To download Firefox for Chromebook, visit this link.

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2. Opera


Opera can be your go-to option when searching for Chrome alternatives for Chromebook. Opera is the perfect blend of speed, compatibility, and power. It comes packed with best-in-class features that you can use for making the most of your browsing experience. Opera features a built-in ad blocker and comes with a free VPN that you can use to browser privately. To download Opera for Chromebook, visit this link.

3. Microsoft Edge


Image source: Windows Central

Microsoft Edge happens to be the default web browser on Windows. So, yes, you can certainly consider this reliable web browser for your Chromebook. Microsoft Edge is quite popular for offering unique features like Immersive Reading and Vertical tabs which you won’t find on most browsers. Microsoft Edge is designed in a way that helps you prioritize things that are important to boost your productivity. To download Microsoft Edge for Chromebook, visit this link.

4. Dolphin Web Browser


On the Dolphin browser, you will find the most unique and new features that allow you to get things done easily. It comes with an adblocker, personalized smart search, multiple tabs bar, private browsing mode, third-party add-ons, and more. Dolphin browser is highly customizable so you can easily revamp the look and feel of your space as per your requirement.

To download the Dolphin web browser on Chromebook, you can visit this Google Playstore link.

5. Brave


Here comes the next Chrome alternative for Chromebook. Brave is an ideal, one of the best web browsers for Chromebook offering lightning-fast speed and performance. The brave browser takes security quite seriously and also blocks third-party website trackers. You can even earn rewards and tokens by viewing personalized advertisements.

To download Brave for Chromebook, visit this link.

6. Ghostery


Ghostery browser is entirely focused on privacy and security. It makes sure that your data remains protected while you’re browsing online. Ghostery also blocks third-party website trackers and advertisements. It is an open-source web browser that protects your online identity.

To download Ghostery for Chromebook, visit this link.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q.1. What browsers work with Chromebook?

You can choose between numerous options that include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Ghostery, Brave browser, and others. All these web browsers are fully compatible with Chromebooks.

Q.2. Can you change the browser on a Chromebook?

Yes, if you’re bored of using Google Chrome on your Chromebook, then you can easily install other alternatives that you can use for browsing the Internet. Scroll through our list of best browsers for Chromebook to pick the best from the lot.

Q.3. What is the Chromium browser?

Developed by Google, Chromium is a free, open-source web browser that generates the source code used by popular browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and others. It is more like a subset to Chrome and Edge.

Q.4. Can you run alternative browsers on Chrome OS?

Yes, you can run different browsers on your Chromebook, including Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, Dolphin, Ghostery, and others.

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