Which Is Faster? IE 11 VS Firefox VS Google Chrome Vs Opera

Web browsers can be considered to be one of the most used software in today’s internet augmented world. The speed of a browser means how fast a user can connect to internet, how long it takes to open a web-page,  and the average time taken for start up.

Browser speed depends on various factors. Following factors are mentioned below:

  • Specification of computer.
  • Speed of internet connection
  • Type of browser

It is not necessary the browser we prefer will be the right one for you. Therefore, we have done a speedtest on following browser benchmarks to know which browser is the fastest.

So, if you are questioning which browser is the fastest, this article will help you conclude.

Speed and Performance Test of Browsers:

For the comparison of speed and performance, we have done a test on all four browsers on following benchmarks. We have used the following configuration of computer with the following browser versions:

Computer Configuration: Win 7, processor 2.9GHz, 64-bit, 8 GB RAM

  • Chrome (Build 61.0.3163.100)
  • Firefox (Build 56.0.1)
  • Internet Explorer (Build 11.0.9600.17843)
  • Opera (Build 48.0.2685.39)


JetStream is a JavaScript benchmark suite for web applications. Bigger scores are better.

  • Chrome979
  • Firefox65
  • Internet Explorer301
  • Opera242


It measures the speed of several different test cases. It is a JavaScript performance benchmark formed by Mozilla. Results are reported in milliseconds (lower is better).

  • Chrome06 ms
  • Firefox6 ms
  • Internet Explorer6 ms
  • Opera9 ms

JetStream and Kraken benchmarks test done for JavaScript speed and performance. As per the above results, Firefox performs best, followed by Opera, Chrome and lastly Internet Explorer.

HTML5 Test

The HTML5 measures how healthy a browser supports the HTML5 standard.

HTML5 Test

  • Chrome 518/555
  • Firefox 478/555
  • Internet Explorer 302/555
  • Opera 518/555

Microsoft has far behind to the web standards compare to the Firefox and Chrome. However, Chrome and Opera are on equal levels and Firefox is also close to them.


Based on the both JetStream and Kraken test results, Firefox arises as the fastest browser. However, Firefox is currently used by only by about 13.6% of desktop users.

Statcounter stats

Chrome is the most popular web browser in the market, used by 63.98% of Desktop Users and 51.78% of Mobile Users.

While Internet Explorer and Opera has performed disappointedly on the stats. Nevertheless, what browser you use depends totally on your preference and convenience. We hope this comparison helped you in making a better choice. Please share your feedback in the comments section below.-

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