Best Apps For New Moms That Aid Baby Care

Congratulations dear! I am sure you are happy to see pink lines and now the baby will be coming really soon. Are you prepared? Yes, you must be but let us also assist you with the best apps for new moms that will guide you with how and what has to be done in various situations.

From tracking pregnancy to monitor them, feeding them to letting them sleep peacefully, newborn baby apps can be your best friend all day long.

Best Apps For New Moms

We are forming a bundle of joy here to keep you updated and stress-free from various chores. Nothing unnecessary, just what you need!

  1. Preglife (To assist you during pregnancy)
  2. Baby Monitor (To keep an eye on baby’s activities)
  3. Baby Breastfeeding Tracker (Helps in nursing your little one)
  4. Sleep Baby Sleep (Helps in baby sleeping)
  5. CareZone (Keeps mom healthy while she is busy with baby)

 1. Preglife

Rated 4.9 by the users, Preglife is going to take care of you and your baby until the delivery. It tracks your pregnancy smartly and you get to learn all the hints about baby’s activities. With every trimester chart, learn the developments and make yourself really happy.


  • Use the pregnancy calendar and mark the due date. Now keep updating contractions, weight and enjoy an interface with no ad-pop ups that annoy.
  • Its straightforward information is simple to grab and absolutely useful for to-be new moms.
  • Add important notes like morning sickness, body changes so you can discuss it with the doctor later. In fact, add doctor’s appointments to remind the visit.

Download: Android | iPhone

2. Baby Monitor 3G

Very much straight to the point and one of the best newborn baby apps, why? Add this application on mobile phone monitoring baby as well as in yours, to begin with. Now you have the live update of what the baby is doing, when did it wake up, its actions, etc.

Baby Monitor 3G

  • If he makes even a tiny sound, you will be notified and following reaction could be made by you.
  • Import various lullabies in this must-have app for new mom. If you are not present around, just tap the button and play these lullabies to calm him.

Download: Android | iPhone

Note: You can also go through the best baby monitor apps and How to turn your old mobile/tablet into baby monitor?

3. Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

Nursing a newborn baby is not a cakewalk, so this breastfeeding tracker is going to help you with the progress. His growth, diaper changes, visit to the doctor, etc. can be logged in for real-time progress. Plus, you can track the location where the baby was fed, in case it has slipped from your mind.

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

  • You can click your baby’s photos, add videos and sound and see how he develops.
  • Record special moments, daily happenings and even the milestones with one of the best newborn baby apps.
  • This best app for new mom allows data syncing with granny, nanny, spouse or childcare provider easily.

Download: iPhone

4. Sleep Baby Sleep

This white noise application for your baby’s long and peaceful sleep is another essential touch. This is one of the best apps for new moms when they struggle with constant crying and trying to calm him down. Amongst 6 types of the white noise of a fan, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer, running water and womb sounds, your baby tends to adapt a good sleep.

Sleep Baby Sleep

  • The timer feature lets you select play and pause button while noting the total played time.
  • Minimalistic functions with simple interface make it a must-have app for new moms.

Download: Android | iPhone

5. CareZone

This beautiful and one of the best apps for new mom keeps her organized while she can track her vitals like glucose, sleep, weight, etc. Because you will not be able to remember your doctor’s appointments during baby chores, CareZone’s in-built calendar will handle all. Store your important documents here and stay healthy!


  • You get to scan the pictures of medicines alongside the amount of dosage and other details that are automatically detected through it.
  • Once you set the medicine reminder here, you will get the updates regularly.
  • Organize important contacts, notes, and to-do list here which remains secure within the application itself.

Are You Ready?

Seeing your baby grow every day is simply amazing! Where these best apps for new moms help you with baby assistance, an app like CareZone asks you to take care of your body as well. Remember, when you stay healthy, you can take care of baby better.

Have a happy pregnancy and motherhood. Let us know if we can assist you with other relevant methods in the comment section below.
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