5 Best Baby Monitor Apps For Android & iOS

Your smartphone can do better than what you have been thinking till now. From clicking pictures, checking mails, and testing software, a new parent can use this to take care of his child through a baby monitor with a phone app.

Congratulations on this new happiness in your lives, firstly. And we understand the rising concern of baby’s safety while you are stuck with loads of work in the office. But interestingly, you don’t need to look for the best baby monitors around you which are probably very costly because a spare smartphone at home can do a better job by installing the best baby monitor app in it.

You can also learn about parenting apps for better development of the child as well as yourself as a parent and bring a happy family together.

How To Make a Smartphone Into a Baby Monitor?

Any spare phone, be it Android or iPhone, you can simply use them to pull off the process. Even if you don’t have an extra phone, a new one would cost less than half the price of an actual monitor. So yes, it’s time to use a baby monitor phone now. How?

1: Your own phone would be the monitoring device whereas the spare one would act as a camera.

2: Download the chosen baby monitor app on both the phones.

3: Keep the spare device in a position where the baby could be watched easily.

4: Once you log in with the same accounts on both the devices, you can view the baby’s activities live on screen.

Now you are ready to go! Forget about all the worries whether your child is doing OK in the crib and you can simply doze off by trusting the phone that has now become the best baby monitor.

Which Baby Monitor Apps Are Best For Android & iPhone?

If you are an Android user, make your Android a perfect baby monitor with these apps.

1. Cloud Baby Monitor

You would be totally overwhelmed with the video quality, audio alert, motion alert, and many more features so you can freely take a break from baby and work. In fact, you will be able to check the live video anywhere and talk to your baby when he cries, sing him lullabies, or simply play any of the white noise or music through the app to calm him down.

Cloud Baby Monitor Additional Features:

  • Multi-parent and multi-child features make it one of the best baby monitor apps.
  • Battery status and an alert will be provided to you.
  • This app allows audio and video chat both ways to make you feel as if you are beside each other.

Download Now (Android | iPhone)

Price: $3.99

2. Baby Monitor 3G

A baby monitor phone is settled right beside you when this app is installed on the phone. It has won many awards around the world for response accuracy. Moreover, parents can set it up within a minute and it’s ready to go. Once done, you can see and monitor the live status anywhere around the world and check what your baby is up to.

baby Monitor 3G

Additional Features:

  • You can check the baby activity log with this baby monitoring app and find out when he slept, made movements, etc.
  • Every tiny sound could be heard quite easily to you.
  • Just by tapping a button, you can talk to your baby and play lullabies imported from the song library.

Download Now (Android | iPhone)

Price: $3.99

3. Baby Monitor | Video Monitor

No need to connect with the same Wi-Fi when you want to watch your baby. Moreover, it is also not required that devices shall be identical for video compatibility. Simply, follow the instructions and help center while setting up this best baby monitor.

Baby Monitor & Video Monitor AppAdditional Features:

  • 12 adorable nightlights in the shape of animals are present to calm your baby.
  • You can also choose which side of the camera to be used by switching between front and back cameras.
  • Noise detection and live interaction with the baby is as much possible as ever thought of.

Download Now (Android | iPhone)

Price: Free

4. BabyCam: Baby Sleep Monitor

Just two devices are required that you can carry as a parent and another one that will monitor your child shall be present for complete monitoring. This built-up baby monitor with a phone app will notify you if the Wi-Fi connection goes weak.

BabyCamAdditional Features:

  • It claims to send no false alarms and notifies only when the baby cries or makes other noises.
  • Works perfectly with mobile data as well as wi-fi.
  • Sing and talk to your baby through a live audio/video session.

Download Now (iPhone)

Price: Free

5. Baby Monitor Annie: Nanny Cam

You can try it before finally buying and all you would call it is one of the best baby monitor apps. It can simply work on any network and Annie becomes a literal nanny for the time being. The beautiful sound of rain, shower, etc. can be played to calm your child and make him sleep once again.

Baby Monitor AnnieAdditional Features:

  • Multi-child and multi-parenting features are available with this baby monitor app where other family members can conjoin.
  • You can use any camera, be it back or front, for quality videos.

Download Now (iPhone)

Go Ahead, I Am With You!

When your child begins to feel the same closeness using a baby monitor phone, he develops himself very happily. We also want you to hold tight on your workspace but love your baby at the same time and all of these best baby monitor apps will be your channel to do that.

Are you addicted to your phone even after your baby has come into this world?

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Give your child more and better time from now on!

Download the one you loved most and make your baby feel safer and closer. Along with that, tell us which one was your call and how it works for you.

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