Best Parenting Apps for Android Devices

For your kid’s, childhood is the time when they need you the most. It is a crucial age for them to grow and learn. You can smoothly manage your kids upbringing with the aid of  technology. There are hundreds of parenting applications on  Google Play Store which can help you in this. Here are 10 best parenting apps for Android which can help you make daily schedule for your children and monitor their progress. These apps help a lot in managing your kid’s life with the help of tech.

Best Parenting Apps for Android Devices

1. PBS Parents Play & Learn

The application is loaded with amazing activities and games which are themed around with familiar location to kids such as a grocery store. Supermarket, restaurant kitchen. The application creates real time situation for your kids to learn general Mathematics and day to day calculations. The application encourages natural curiosity of the children towards the everyday world. Games and activities provided in the application are adjustable according to the level of your child.

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2. Baby connect

When a child comes to the family it brings lots of happiness and responsibility. Undoubtedly, an infant needs intense care. Understanding that you need to remember each and everything about your child, Seacloud software has developed this app in which you can find options to keep all the record of your kid like when you had last changed his diaper when he was last taken to doctor for routine checkup, sleep data and much more. You can manage data of all your kids with the help of this application. Though it is a paid application but its functionality makes it worth buying.

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3. Cozi Family Organizer

Becoming a parent and head of the family together brings you lots of responsibilities together and to manage all those efficiently you will need this application. It can help you with a well-organized family calendar, shopping list, family journal which helps you to capture special moments quickly. Widgets of the app also helps you to access required data easily from the home screen which makes it one of the best parenting app for Android  users.

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4. Parentune

From the stage of pregnancy to the time when your kid becomes a grown-up, there are a number of situations when you need an advice. The application gives you a platform to take and share advice from other parents. After signing up on parentune app you will be able to connect experts and parents who are on the same stage which helps a lot in taking accurate advice for every situation.

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5. Winnie – Parenting & Baby

With the help of this application you can immediately join the community of informed parents on a specific problem. If you want to share a photograph to provide a resolution or to get help on a problem you can easily share a photo by adding sticker on it. You do not need to wait for the approval to join the specific community you will be in it as soon as you request to join. With the app, you can also search family friendly restaurants where you can go with your kids and can spend quality time with your family.

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6. Baby Monitor & Alarm

Another best parenting app for Android devices is Baby Monitor & Alarm.  Its most amazing feature is that it alerts you when your baby wakes up that indeed is the most required feature by most of the parents. It gives you a call on another phone when your baby wakes up or starts crying. Like a nanny it starts playing kid’s favorite song as soon as he wakes up. You can also schedule to play your own recorded voice which helps infant to calm down when he wakes up.

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7. Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor is an all in one app to keep track of the growth of your child and keep a sharp eye on his growth. At the same time the application also monitors baby when you are not around him. Like the previous app on our list it also gives you a call on your other number when your baby comes into the motion. It also has a dedicated option to find answers to most common problems. Sleep diary and weight diary of your kid are very helpful in recognizing growth.

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8. Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Because parents are always protective for their kids no matter how grown up their kids are. So, another app in our list is for those parents who are bothered about the safety of their kids on the roads. The application helps you to track your family over the GPS. You can find if anyone is over speeding and can check when did they last check their device.  In case of emergency, important contact numbers can also be found through the application and you can immediately call a mechanic, a towing van or an ambulance.

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9. Happy Pregnancy Ticker

Next parenting application for Android users is happy pregnancy Ticker. This application is specially designed for pregnant women. It helps you to closely monitor the progress which helps then to keep a close eye that how is the health and physical progress of the child inside. Also, this application comes with suggestions which you may need during pregnancy.

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So, these were best parenting apps for Android users. We tried our best to cover all the applications which are suitable for every stage of parenting. Pick these applications as per your requirement and give your child the best of parenthood.

10. Best of Parenting

The application is loaded with most of the common problems faced during parenting. Best of parenting is loaded with situations which you may face during parenting and with the best solutions for them. With this app you can know how you can guide your children to develop his own strengths. If you want application to deliver you parenting quotes and motivational messages then do not forget to turn on push notifications.

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