How To Turn Your Old Mobile/Tablet Into Baby Monitor

Whether you’re working or stay at home, a new born baby needs attention round the clock. As they’re incapable of saying what they need, a continuous watch is always required. Although, there are various gadgets at different costs to buy that promise better monitoring however, you can save this money to spend it on other necessary items and turn your old mobile/tablet into a baby monitor device at no cost. There can’t be a better use of your old smartphone or tablet than to make it a wireless baby monitor that displays the well-being your kid.

 Baby Monitor

Today, we’re going to talk about how to turn your old mobile/table into a baby monitor for free and use it wirelessly:

How to Set Up the DIY Baby Monitor?

The best thing about mobiles is that they are easy to go and can be used as you want them to. Setting up your old phone for a baby monitor takes a few moments and you’re ready. So,

  1. Download Skype on your old phone – the monitor and on the device, you’d be monitoring on.
  2. Create Skype account on both the devices.
  3. On the baby monitoring phone, you need to set it in a way that it automatically answers the Skype call, as your baby wouldn’t be able to. To do this:
  • Download and launch Skype on baby monitoring Android phone.
  • Go to
  • Tick the box against Answer calls automatically under the Voice and Video calls

4. If you’re using an iPhone, download and launch Skype > Preferences > Calls > Answer automatically > Configure.

5. Select the option that says Answer automatically with video.


Where to Place it?

Once you’re done setting up your old phone, it is time to place it at a suitable location. While deciding the location, make sure the phone is close to a power outlet as it would require a constant power supply/charge. The other thing required is a sturdy phone stand that would let you get the required angle. There are many options available online based on the type of your old smartphone/tablet.

While placing the monitoring phone, make a Skype call and check the perfect angle. Make sure the device is covers as much space as possible with a better vision of your child. Also, it is important that you keep the charging cable out of any possible reach of your child. You may also use wire clips to avoid any strangling hazard.

Start Monitoring the Smart Way

The perk of using Skype is not just that it is free but also your child would be able to see you. You may also say some soothing words to your newborn to let him/her feel your presence nearby. If you wish to keep a constant eye on your child, you may consider buying a smartwatch and pair it with your smartphone. The smartwatch would let you see your child on your wrist every time. However, make sure that the smartwatch you purchase supports video streaming.

Overall, if your old mobile is in working condition, it is better to use it than spending money. The idea to turn your old mobile into baby monitor doesn’t need any hardware alteration and can be done without any damage. Moreover, it is the safest way as many professional baby monitoring devices are prone to be hacked. If you know some more interesting conversions of devices, do let us know in the comments below.

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