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How To Fix Wifi Icon Missing On Windows 10?

One of the most extremely annoying things is when your internet speed slows down, especially when you are working on an important document. On top of that, what if you can’t locate your Wi-Fi icon on Taskbar’s system notification area o...


How To Use Google Maps With Multiple Destinations In Single Trip?

Traveling is fun, especially, when you are on the exotic land and want to explore every bit of it! However, if you get stuck in heavy traffic and bad roads, you probably won’t get to have fun and stay enthusiastic. Indeed, no one can! ? ...


How To Use Google Docs For Voice Typing

Every one of us wants to explore new options to make our daily routine more productive. Google Docs is one of the tools which is popular among millions of users. But you know, there is an option of Voice To Text in Google Docs which will...


How To Fix ”Your Connection Is Not Private” Error On Windows 10

“Your connection is not private”- this is the common error encountered by every one of us, & this can be seen only on Google Chrome. Well, this privacy error in Chrome refers to a security warning from Google browser to keep your...


Best Three Ways To Change Keyboard Language on Windows 10

While unboxing a new device, we want everything of our choice, even if it is the keyboard layout on Windows 10! After all, it is your computer, therefore, every setting starting from wallpaper to keyboard settings on Windows 10 must be of y...


Windows Was Unable To Complete The Format? Here Are The Fixes!

Every one of us wants to improve our computer performance without any glitch and that can be done by formatting the system’s hard disk. But, while performing this step, we may encounter an error of Windows Unable To Format or Windows C...


How To Change Mouse Sensitivity In Windows 10

Imagine, you are searching for an important presentation file and your manager is standing right in front of you and suddenly your mouse stops responding! What would you do? Well, this often happens when there are issues with Mouse Sensi...


How To Share Screen Mirroring In Android To PC

Got your wedding pictures or favorite movie on your Android phone and want to see them on a large screen? How will you proceed? What will you do? Well, the solution is Screen Mirroring of Android To PC! Yes, by sharing screen, you can wa...


5 Free YouTube Keyword Tools in 2022

Like other video streaming platforms, YouTube content too, demands rich traffic and targeted audience. But here the question arises, what exactly are people searching for on YouTube?  Or what could be the topic to get more hits and subscri...