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How To Download & Install iOS 13 on iPhone

Apple has introduced iOS 13 to reform your previous iPhones by offering the latest features to use your iOS devices to their best. This major update is packed with Apple’s newest tweaks and improvements with Dark Mode, wireless mouse supp...


How To Compress Files In Windows And Mac

In 1970, computer scientists used to perform mathematical algorithms in computer codes to find ways to decrease the file size. The process was time-consuming and agitating. Because of this crisis, there has been an ever-growing need to d...


Double Your Followers With These 5 Apps To Repost On Instagram

With social media available at our fingertips, sharing our daily routine including where are we travelling, what we are eating, or buying on Instagram. With an increasing user base, Instagram is getting popular by the day. This social media...


Best Open Source Apps For Android

In 2003, a man, Palo Alto from California invented Android, a Linux operating system. This software has given life to touchscreen smartphones and tablets. 16 years later and Android currently covers more user base any other operating system...


Best G Suite Alternatives for Professionals Users

Google launched "Google Apps for Your Domain" on August 28, 2006, widely recognized as G suite. It is a cloud-based enterprise solution provided by Google that entrusts businesses to associate, create, control, and access with the help o...