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Dheeraj Manghnani likes to read and write about latest technological developments that make life simpler in today's intricate world. He has been fascinated by technology since he got his first computer and is on a never ending quest to know more and share his knowledge with others.

Author: Dheeraj Manghnani

For Windows 10 - 2020-02-29

Are you Facing Issues with Photos App in Windows 10?

The Photos App is one of the underrated software available by default on Windows 10. It is capable of many tasks, which are not known to many and is always shunned by Windows users. You can edit videos and images, rotate them and create slideshows of the precious snapshots and memories, you have stored on…

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How-To - 2021-03-09

How to Restore Contacts From iCloud Backup

There is no doubt that Contacts are the most important element in a smartphone which helps us to keep in touch with our family, friends and colleagues. And, it wouldn’t be anything less than a horrible nightmare to lose them. Fortunately for Apple users, those terrifying dreams are no longer a reality with the invention…

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How-To - 2021-03-09

How To Completely Remove Bing From Chrome Browser

Bing (because it’s not Google) is the second most used search engine today after Google. It is safe, secure and trustworthy, as it is developed by Microsoft and data fetched by its search results comes directly from Microsoft’s own database, which is constantly updated. However, despite all that, there are many who don’t prefer to…

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The Firefox logo isn’t a fox

It is a common misbelief that the furry creature in the Firefox logo is a fox thanks to its name. But it is rather a Red Panda.