How To Change Your Location With VPN And Other Methods

It’s convenient to have a tool that allows you to change your location online at any time, but how do you do it? VPNs, on the other hand, are popular and simple-to-use cybersecurity technologies that let you change your location to practically any place on the planet. Continue reading to learn how to obtain and utilize a VPN location changer.

Why Would One Change The Location?


With only a simple IP lookup, anyone who knows your public IP can learn a lot about you. So an IP location changer can be used in a variety of ways.

When shopping, compare pricing: Some websites charge different costs to users from different countries. Once you’ve figured out how to change VPN locations, you may travel the globe in search of the greatest deal.

Cover your tracks from trackers: If you’re connecting from home, your location is a key factor in determining your online identity. You can avoid unpleasant internet services that try to track your position by masking your location.


Freedom of speech: For any privacy-conscious internet user, hiding your IP address is a must. It’s especially crucial for journalists covering sensitive topics or anyone else worried about their whereabouts being discovered online.

VPNs are a bliss for those who love to protect their privacy while surfing online. When it comes to secure connection and taking control of your data. Surfshark VPN comes to mind. It will hide your location, block ads, and help you stay safe when connected to public Wi-Fi. Surfshark VPN also generates personal data security reports and keeps a check on any leaked credentials and informs you. Plus, streaming content when away from home is also made easy with its private streaming service. Get Surfshark VPN now to get all of these benefits now.

How To Change Your Location With VPN And Other Methods

Use a Proxy Server


In general, it functions similarly to a VPN. A proxy operates as a go-between, connecting to the website on your behalf and sending it to the proxy’s address rather than your own. The primary distinction is that, unlike a VPN, a proxy does not encrypt your connection. A proxy must, by definition, change and modify your IP address, and that’s all. In general, VPN services come with greater functionality.

Make use of Tor


It operates by routing your messages across a network of nodes located all over the world. Because each node only knows the nodes that came before it and after it, tracing the initial connection back to you is challenging. You will also pass through at least three nodes.

PowerCycle your Router


When you connect to the internet, your ISP allocates an IP address to your network. If your modem or router is disconnected, wait a few minutes, and then reconnect, you may be assigned a new IP address if the one you previously had was already assigned to another network. There’s no assurance, however, that you won’t get the same one again.

Modify your network


Because your public IP address is tied with the specific network you’re on, if you move networks, you’ll appear online with a new IP address. However, unless you’re moving around the world before connecting to the new network, you’ll have about the same location information.

Use A Virtual Private Network

When you use a virtual private network to conceal your physical location, your IP address is also changed. Simply tap the country to switch your VPN server to, say, the United States, and Systweak VPN contains a sophisticated algorithm that will select the quickest server accessible. Systweak VPN, for instance, has servers in 53 countries and 200 different locations with 4500 servers across the globe. When you connect to the server you’ve chosen, your app creates an encrypted tunnel around all of your device’s traffic. That VPN tunnel will connect directly to your chosen server, which will decrypt and transfer your communication to its final destination. Your IP address (internet protocol) – which is used to determine your location and identity – will now be the servers. Yours will be kept concealed from the rest of the world.


Systweak VPN, which combines smart DNS with a kill switch, is one of the best VPN services for Windows. With military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, this VPN for Windows protects your online privacy by allowing anonymous browsing and masking your IP address. Using our free VPN service, you can circumvent ISP throttling. Apart from disguising your IP address and safeguarding you from the dangers of public Wi-Fi, Systweak VPN includes several handy features.

There are no geographical limitations: All IP region-based restrictions imposed by streaming services like Netflix are abolished when utilizing a virtual private network application like Systweak VPN.

Maintains the user’s security and privacy: A VPN application provides privacy and protection by preventing hackers from tracing your original IP address or location. Viruses, malware, and other forms of trackers are also absent from your laptop.


Securely sharing files: Data sent over a public Wi-Fi network is encrypted and unreadable by hackers, so you can rest easy.

Secure remote access: You may quickly set up remote access from your laptop to your office or home computer if you activate your VPN on any network, including public Wi-Fi.

The Final Word On How To Change Your Location: VPN And Other Methods


What is the most effective IP address changer? One of the simplest and most efficient options is to use a VPN service like Systweak VPN. You’ll not only have your IP address masked, but you’ll also be browsing with encrypted data. You can contact your ISP and request a new IP address for your network or device. Of course, this isn’t a practical alternative to use regularly, therefore Systweak VPN is the greatest solution available.

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