How to Sync Stored Passwords In Google Chrome

This article helps you sync all your passwords to a password manager app that lessens the burden of remembering all your credentials and also does not require you to write them down on a piece of paper, which I believe is a sure way of getting your credentials compromised. Google Chrome is the most commonly used browser across the globe and it does provide a built-in password manager. However if you are facing issues like Chrome Passwords not syncing or want to opt for a more secure password manager with multiple options, then I strongly suggest you opt for TweakPass Password Manager.

How To Sync Passwords On Google Chrome

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the browser and click on Settings from the drop-down menu.


Step 3: A new tab will open where you have to click on the Autofill tab from the left section.


Step 4 :  Next, click on the Password option in the right panel of the tab.


Step 5: Locate options labeled as ‘Offer to save passwords’ and ‘Auto Sign-in’.

Offer to save passwords

Step 6: Now, toggle the button towards the right to turn on the options.

Google will start asking you to save your credentials every time you enter a new account and will start auto-filling them the next time you visit the same website. This way you will be automatically signed in to all your online accounts.


Why should you choose? The most important benefit of using a Chrome browser password manager other than being absolutely free of cost is that it lets users sync all credentials across all devices using the same Google account.

Why should you avoid it? Despite many benefits, the password manager of the Google Chrome browser does not provide AES Encryption Technology like other third-party apps and also does not scan and find passwords on PC stored within other apps.

How To Sync Passwords Using TweakPass Password Manager

If you want to find passwords scattered all over the PC or your Chrome browser is not syncing all your passwords, then you can opt for TweakPass password manager. Here are the steps on how to do that.

Step 1: To download TweakPass, click the icon below.

Step 2: Create an account.

Step 3: To sign up for free, go to the Sign Up page and input your email address, master password, and password hint.

Sign Up page

Step 4: Once you’ve created an account and signed up, you’ll need to install the Extension on your browser.


Step 5: Click the Install TweakPass button to go to the Chrome Web Store and choose the Add to Chrome option.

Add to Chrome option

Step 6: Select Add Extension from the popup menu.

Add Extension

Step 7: The extension will now be installed in your browser. TweakPass may be accessed by going to the top right corner and hitting the Extensions icon.

Extensions icon

Step 8: From the drop-down box, choose Generate Secure Password to get a list of options for building a strong and unique password.

Generate Secure Password

Step 9: The password generator gives customers a variety of options to pick from.

password generator

Step 10: Click the Lock sign within a circle to generate new passwords. By selecting the Use Password option in the bottom right corner, you can copy and paste the new password everywhere you like.

TweakPass is a terrific program that organizes and encrypts all of your passwords in a digital vault. To access this vault, just one Master Password is necessary, and it is the only one you must remember. You can create strong passwords while also storing confidential information and notes. Here is a quick summary of its features:

Import information from web browsers. TweakPass allows you to import and store all of your browser credentials in a secure digital vault.

Passwords are being put to the test. A specialized module can be used to test the strength of your password.

Make a password generator. You may generate unique personalized passwords for all of your apps and web logins.

It’s easy to use. TweakPass offers a clean, easy-to-use interface that responds rapidly.

Keep a record of it. TweakPass allows users to maintain track of personal information such as bank accounts, Social Security numbers, and health insurance policy details, among other things.

It can be accessed by any system. The most important advantage of using TweakPass is that it can be downloaded to any PC and that once you log in with your credentials, you will have access to all of your personal information, including passwords.


Why should you choose? TweakPass Password Manager is an all-in-one password manager suite that not only protects your credentials with AES Encryption but also helps generate unique passwords that are impossible to guess.

Why should you avoid it? Well, perhaps you cannot avoid it but Mac users might face disappointment for some time as the Mac version of this app is still under development. It is currently available on Windows, Android, and iOS with the Mac version to be released soon.

The Final Word On How To Sync Stored Passwords On Chrome

The choice between TweakPass or Chrome password manager is the one decision that you will have to take on your own. While Chrome is free, TweakPass is not but on the other hand, Chrome does not find and remove passwords from all over your computer and store them in an AES encryption digital vault. TweakPass is undoubtedly the better choice of the two and you can create strong passwords and store other personal information in the digital vault.

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