How To Fix The YouTube Video Freezes But Audio Still Plays Issue (2023)

YouTube is considered one of the most popular platforms, allowing users to share videos, create channels and build virtual communities. However, sometimes, problems such as video freezing after a few seconds cause inconvenience to several users. It becomes challenging to know the leading causes of such issues. 

Keep reading this article to learn the major causes of the “YouTube video keeps freezing but audio still plays” issue and how to fix it! 

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Why Do My YouTube Videos Keep Freezing?

After having a tedious and stressful routine, sometimes you wish to relax and watch videos on YouTube. Though you may suddenly experience YouTube video freezes when it’s all going well, the audio continues to play. Some of the common reasons why you may be facing the issue are listed below: 

  • Browser Related Issues 

There might be a possibility that your YouTube video keeps freezing but audio still plays because of the outdated browser you use. Additionally, there might be some extension issues with your browser, leading to the freezing point. 

  • Server Related Issues 

Due to poor Internet connections or server overload, users may experience YouTube video freeze problems. If it’s happening, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Not only this but often, cookies and cache saved on the website may also cause the YouTube video to freeze.

  • Driver Related Issues 

Your YouTube video keeps freezing because the graphics driver installed on your device may have become outdated or corrupted. If the associated drivers are obsolete, it may cause YouTube videos to freeze, but the audio continues to be a problem or similar. 

Best Way To Fix YouTube Video Keep Freezing Issue (2023)

It is imperative to feel restless until you find a resolution to fix any issue. So, this blog will provide you with all the best methods to fix the problem. 

Check Your Internet Connection

When your YouTube video freezes, poor Internet connection may be the leading cause of the issue. It might be possible that other users are using your broadband and carrying out multiple activities. Using a broadband speed checker, you can estimate your broadband speed. 

If it doesn’t help, then it is recommended to disconnect the users connected to your broadband to enhance the overall speed. Additionally, watching a video in lower resolution is suggested so your slow broadband can load the video and prevent the YouTube video from freezing. 

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Clear Cookies & Caches

Your YouTube video freezes, but the audio continues. It might happen due to many cookies and cache data collected on the current browser. Although caches speed up the loading of your webpage when you re-access them, sometimes, due to the difference between the version of a website cached on a PC and the version that you are loading from the web, the platform may stop working. 

The below-mentioned steps must be followed to clear the cache on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 


1. Click on the three dots at the top of the Chrome page as soon as you launch the page.

2. A drop-down menu will appear; click on ‘more tools’ and select ‘Clear browsing data.’

Youtube video freezes but audio continues

3. Set the time range to ‘all time’ on the advanced tab and select the kind of information that must be cleared. 

Youtube video freeze

4. Select the cookies and other site data and cache images and files too. 

5. Finally, click on the “Clear Data” option to remove all your cache data from your browser. 

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Follow the steps given below to clear the cache data in the Firefox browser-

1. When you launch the Firefox browser, click on the ‘menu’ option, which will appear at the top of the screen.

2. Click on ‘Library’ and select the history option. Next, choose the ‘clearing browsing history option. 

Youtube video freeze

3. A dialogue box will pop-up asking for details. Check all the boxes and set the time range to ‘everything.’

Youtube video freeze

4. Click on the clear now option to clear all the cache data from the browser. 

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Update Your Browser

Outdated browsers can significantly slow down or could make a YouTube video keep freezing but audio still plays an issue. So, before you watch a YouTube video, ensure that your browser is updated to enjoy seamless watching. Follow the steps given below to update Google Chrome and Firefox to the latest version. 


1. Launch the Chrome browser and click on the three dots on the screen.

2. Choose the setting option and select “About  Google Chrome” from the new page.

3. The browser will quickly search for any updates and install them automatically.

Youtube video freezes but audio continues

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1. Select the three horizontal lines on the top of the page after launching the Firefox browser. 

Youtube video freezes but audio continues

2. Choose ” About Firefox” from the Drop-down menu.

Youtube video keep freezing but audio still plays

3. The browser will automatically search for any updates and install them. 

Disable The Browser Add Ons

A user’s browsing experience is enhanced with the help of some extensions. However, they could cause the YouTube video to freeze. So, try to disable all the problematic extensions individually to figure out the source of the problem of videos not playing on Chrome or Firefox browser. 


1. Click on the three dots > Settings option > Extensions.

Youtube video keep freezing

2. All the extensions on your browser will be opened, and select “Disable” on all extensions.


1. Launch the browser and click on the three lines on the top of the Firefox page.

2. A drop-down menu will appear; click on the “add-ons” option.

Youtube video keep freezing but audio still plays

3. Choose the extensions option and click “Disable.”

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Update Your Drivers

If the solutions mentioned above didn’t work for you, then your YouTube Video freezes due to obsolete drivers. This is one of the most straightforward issues to fix. Drivers can be updated either manually or automatically. 


Visit the hardware manufacturer’s website and search for the latest driver for your Graphics card. If you update your Graphics driver card manually, ensure that you choose the compatible driver with the exact model number on your hardware and keep the Windows version on your device in mind. 


If you don’t have enough time to update your Graphics Driver manually, you can update it automatically using the most efficient Driver Updater Tool, SMART DRIVER CARE. This exceptional and efficient driver updater program detects missing and outdated drivers and lets you select the most suitable one. With just a click of a button, your drivers will be updated without interruption, and your PC will run faster. As a result, your YouTube video freeze problem can be fixed easily. 

Why Choose Smart Driver Care?

The Smart Driver Care tool aids in updating obsolete drivers, enhancing the computer’s performance, and fixing BSOD and other system driver-related problems most efficiently and straightforwardly. This amazing and the most potent Driver Updater Tool has outstanding features such as:


Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care tool scans and updates your computer’s obsolete drivers, minimizing the hassle of running into hardware and system performance issues.


Youtube video keep freezing

You can quickly take a complete backup of all installed drivers or particular drivers. 


Smart Driver Care

With the help of Smart Driver Care, you can restore a full or selective backup of your PC drivers whenever required. 

You will hopefully not face the YouTube video freezing issue as soon as you get your drivers up-to-date. 


Next time, if you experience your YouTube video freezing due to poor Internet connection, obsolete browsers/drivers or cookies and cache collected from the browser, etc., try to use the above methods to fix the problem. Suppose your Youtube video keeps freezing because of outdated drivers. In that case, it is highly recommended to use Smart Driver Care, the best driver updater tool that improves the PC’s performance and fixes your Youtube video freeze issues. 


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