Android Phones Set to Debut Long-Awaited Battery Health Indicator

Every smartphone utilizes lithium-ion batteries for operation, and owing to their chemical composition, these batteries can experience a decline in their capacity to retain a charge as time progresses. While it is an unavoidable fact that your phone’s battery will degrade over time, there are methods to slow down this process, ultimately prolonging the duration for which you can use your device comfortably.

Apple iPhones provide users with precise information about the extent of battery degradation, addressing concerns related to battery health. Now, it seems that Android might adopt a similar feature from iOS, potentially introducing it to Pixel and other Android-based smartphones.

Android’s Clue to Emulate iPhone’s Battery Health – What’s Unfolding?

Reports suggest that Google is actively developing a feature for Android that would enable it to monitor the battery health, a functionality already accessible to iPhone users. Google has initiated the groundwork for displaying battery status in Android 14. As the company looks ahead to future upgrades, particularly in Android 15, there are plans to provide users with additional insights into their phone’s battery health.

Battery Health
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In December 2023’s Pixel Feature Drop, Google unveiled a new “battery information” page accessible under Settings > About phone. Displaying details like the battery’s cycle count and manufacturing date and cycle count, this page provides valuable insights into the device’s battery status.

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Android 14 introduces new APIs that expose more than just the manufacturing date and cycle count as battery-related statistics to apps. Additional details on battery health, such as the charging status, date of first use, state of health, and charging policy, are also made available.

The battery’s health is not currently shown by the Settings app. It is anticipated that this will alter in the future, though. As of right now, the feature merely alerts users when their batteries start to lose capacity and require more frequent charges. However, in the coming weeks, it is anticipated to offer more dedicated information about battery health.

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Bottom Line

While iPhone owners have had access to battery health information for years, the addition of a battery health indicator may seem like a basic yet welcomed feature for Android users. Notably, this indicator is accessible directly from the standard Settings app.

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