Accidentally Deleted A Hard Drive Partition On Windows 10! Now What?

No matter how prudent you stay while taking care of your computer, disasters are bound to happen. We’ve all experienced that feeling of dismay when an important file or folder isn’t there where you expect it to be. For instance, while working you’ve accidentally deleted a partition & you can’t access your precious data stored on that particular hard drive partition. Now what?

What’s The Purpose Of A Partition?

For people unaware, partitions are the logical disk that allows users to divide the computer’s hard drive into different partitions. Further, it can be used to allocate system files or other data.

Usually, your system has at least two partitions of the hard drive – one for operating systems & other for storing your data such as photos, videos, audio files & other documents. Depending upon your requirements, you can create multiple partitions.

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Lost or deleted hard drive partition

Reasons How A Partition Gets Deleted Or Lost

There are numerous factors that could lead to the loss of hard drive partition, few of them are listed below:

  1. During OS Installation: You might have denied the pop-up to keep the previous partitions on the hard drive.
  2. During Repartition Process: You might have deleted the previous partitions in order to create new volumes.
  3. Power Failure: Power outages can lead to various partition issues.
  4. Bad Sectors: A partition damaged due to the bad sector can result in showing unallocated spaces.
  5. Deleted Accidentally: All it takes is one accidental move to delete or clean the entire partition.
  6. Data Corruption: There can be times when your partition table can get damaged due to virus or faulty disk operations, which can lead to a lost partition.

Is It Possible To Recover Lost Partitions On Windows 10?

Absolutely Yes!

Several users think that if they’ve cleaned or deleted a partition, there’s no way to restore them. However, you can certainly recover deleted volumes in Windows 10 by applying a few simple solutions:

How To Perform Lost Partition Recovery?

To restore deleted partitions on Windows 10, follow the methods below:

METHOD 1- Using Command Prompt

Step 1- Find the lost partition in Disk Management.

To access Disk Management, press Windows + R & type diskmgmt.msc in Run Window. A deleted partition would show an unallocated disk space.

Step 2 – Run CMD as administrator

To run Command Prompt as an administrator, launch Run window > type cmd & hit CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER altogether.

Step 3- Run command ‘diskpart’

Execute the following commands (all the commands are in italics)

  • diskpart & hit Enter.
  • list disk & press Enter.

A list of all the disks on the computer will be displayed.

  • Type select disk * & hit Enter (Replace * with the number of the hard drive that has lost partition)
  • Type list volume & press Enter.
  • Type select volume * & press Enter (Replace * with the number of the lost partition)
  • Type assign letter=* & hit Enter (Replace * with an available drive letter)

Now exit Command Prompt and check whether you can have access to your lost partition or not!

Restore deleted partitions Using Command Prompt

METHOD 2- Using Best Partition Recovery Software

EaseUS Partition Master is one of the ideal solutions to help recover Windows 10 lost & deleted partition. The software is capable of recovering lost or deleted partitions, formatted hard disk partitions, partitions with bad sectors and even corrupted/inaccessible or RAW partitions.

Now let’s get straight to the partition recovery process using

Step 1- Install & launch EaseUS Partition Master on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2- Click on the Partition Recovery button located at the top of the main window.

Step 3- Select the hard disk to search for the deleted or lost partition(s).

Step 4- Click Scan to let the Partition Recovery Software locate all the lost partition and data for you.

It has two scanning modes: Quick Scan & Deep Scan.

  • Quick Scan – will let you find all the recently lost or deleted partitions quickly & efficiently.
  • Deep Scan – will help you locate earlier deleted partitions on your system.

Best partition recovery software EaseUS Partition Master

Step 5- All the deleted partitions would be listed, you can double-click to check the inside content.

Step 6- Choose the partition(s) you wish to recover & click on Proceed to continue.

Step 7- Click on the Execute Operation button, followed by Apply to complete the lost partition recovery.

Additionally, EaseUS Partition Manager helps users to solve MBR & GPT disk and partition errors and also create partition copies!

Keep In Mind The Following Tips To Increase Chances of Successful Lost Partition Recovery:

Say . . .

  1. NO to hard drive operation
  2. NO to disk formatting
  3. NO to partition table function rebuilding
  4. NO to trying manual methods unless their security & efficiency are verified
  5. NO to making any changes to the current partition table
  6. NO to creating a new partition on the disk area taken by a lost partition previously
  7. YES to selecting a reliable Partition Recovery Software to solve the problem.

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    This article was really helpful. Right article at the right time had a critical problem this signed posted me to a solution. Thanks.

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    Thank you a lot! I thought i lost my data when i accidentally deleted a Partition but all of it is still there and i just needed to assign it a new volume letter! (First Method)

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    There are no instructions in here to recover deleted partitions. The article only explains how to “rename” a partition that is already seen by the system. Not sure what the author was thinking.

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