What are Windows Location Settings and How to Prevent Location Tracking?

If there is one thing that computers have borrowed from smartphones, then it is the Locations Settings (everything else is the other way around). Microsoft introduced Windows Location settings in Windows 10, which is a pretty useful feature when it comes to using apps like Maps, Uber and others on your computer.

Now, keep in mind that a computer does not have GPS capabilities and also cannot connect or receive data from mobile cell towers. Then, how does a computer keep track of your location? The answer is an IP address. Your computer can keep track of your Wi-Fi positioning, which lets it determine your geolocation.

There is no need to fret by knowing that Windows 10 has records of your location. The location information is stored in a secured database and provided only to authorized applications which require location details to function. This feature lets you calculate the distance between two places (when one of them is your current location) and the time to reach there using Maps app. Other apps like Weather, Uber, Amazon and other food delivery apps also need this information to calculate time and distance and provide result accordingly. You can also know about the nearby restaurants, tourist destinations and other public places near your current location.

Microsoft has allowed its users to turn off location tracking in Windows 10 and change the Windows location settings as per need and requirement.

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How to set your default Windows location?

If you are looking to set up your location in Windows 10 so that you can benefit from a few apps that use Windows location settings, then here are the simple steps to do so:

Step 1: Press Windows + I to open the Settings app and locate the Privacy section.

windows location

Step 2: Look on the left side of the settings panel and click on Location. Now scroll down on the right side till you come across Default Location.

change region

Step 3: Click on the Set Default Button to open the Maps app. You would see a new dialog box inside the Maps app specifying your default location.

Step 4: Click “Set default location” button, and select your current location on the map, type your address manually or better yet, click on a previously stored location from the history tab.

location tracking

This will set your default location to the one you have chosen.

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How To Disable location tracking on Windows 10?

If you have decided to remove the location tracking from your computer despite all the benefits, then here are the steps to do just that:

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings by pressing the Windows + I keys on your keyboard.

Step 2: Click on Privacy among the various options in Settings.

windows location

Step 3: Click on Location and locate the toggle switch and slide it to turn off Windows Location.

change region

Once done, the location tracking will be paused in your computer and Microsoft or any other apps will not be able to know about Windows Location.

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How to Change Region in Windows Location App.

As I have stated earlier that the Windows Location maintains your current location through IP address and is beneficial for knowing the weather, ordering food or ride and locating nearby restaurants and tourist places. But if you want to know about a different place other that the default location set in Maps, then you must change the region in Windows location app.

Step 1: Press the Windows + I to open the Settings app and click on Time & Language.

location tracking

Step 2: Next click on Region & Language and locate your Country/ Region on the right side of the panel.

change region

Step 3: Choose the desired location and click on it to change the region.

Note: It is recommended to sign out and then sign back into your account. This will force all applications to recognise the new changed region as the current location.

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How To Disable Location Tracking Based On Per-app Basis

You also have the option in Windows to allow particular apps to view your location. We have already covered an in-depth blog on how to disable Windows location tracking on per-app basis.

Did you set the Windows location or disable location tracking in Windows 10?

The Windows Location is a fantastic underrated feature inculcated by Microsoft in Windows 10. It has never gained popularity majorly because of Google Maps, which is the most used navigation application in the world. However, for those not on Android or using Microsoft PC, there is no need to lift your smartphone for you can order a ride or food, know about the nearby places to visit and the 24-hour weather forecast with a few click on your computer.

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