How to Safely Format a Windows Computer & Make Partition

If you keep on ignoring your system’s health, then you need to wake up!

More often than not, an average PC user is well acquainted with proper computer handling. However, formatting the computer without any technician’s help is not so easy. A number of steps are involved in the process. If these steps are not followed carefully, it could make your system worse.

Formatting hard disk isn’t particularly difficult. However, formatting hard drive deletes all data stored on the default drive and typically its ‘C’ drive. For the uninitiated, it’s the drive that contains operating system information on your Windows. Along with this, it also contains driver data and every other file that you store on it. Saying that, you should only save operating system data on the default drive, else in case of any mishap you’ll end up losing your valuable data. Any document saved on a drive other than the C, holds a rather secure place on your computer. We say this because when you format your system, it’s only the C drives that gets cleared. All other data remains untouched and safe, perhaps.

The entire memory on a computer can be parted in different drive, which can further be named with D, E, F and so on drives. Disk partition is easy when you have just formatted your system. So without further delay we’ll give you precise guide on how to format a computer and to make disk partition (a must step thereafter).

How to format hard disk and make partition

how to format windows computer (guide by Systweak)

The following process is applicable when you are to formatting a system having a single drive and you wish to make more drives, once the existing data is cleared out.

  • Turn on your system and insert Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive
  • Now restart your system.
  • Press any key when prompted. This will initiate the instruction window.
  • On the Install Windows page, enter your preferred language and other details, and then click on Next.
  • Windows will now ask you to accept the license terms. Accept them once you have read them all.
  • Now Window will ask you to select the installation type. Select Custom.
  • On Where do you want to install Windows? Page, select Drive options (advanced).
  • Now the screen will display a Window with a drive, right click on that and delete all of content. Your system will now have one clean drive with entire memory space on it, which can be allocated into different ones.
  • Here, you will get a chance to do disk partition. Break the entire memory in different drives by clicking on Allocate. (For your better understanding, if your system has 100 GB memory, then that is equivalent to 100000000 KB. If you want to keep two drives of 50 GB each, then mention 50000000 KB in the concerned columns.)
  • Your system is now clean with multiple drives on it.

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A tip before you format hard drive

Backup your data before format windows PC (Systweak)

Formatting hard disk is a sure solution to many of the error messages you often see on your system and so it is to get rid of system clutters. But at the same time it removes all your data. Perhaps, before you format and perform disk partition, you should pull your socks up and create a secure backup of it. Safe data backup is as easy as pie if you have advanced means for the same. One great alternative for you is Right Backup app. It is a nifty app, which saves your data on cloud storage and helps you retrieve it a jiffy.

  • Right Backup has easy access. Use it anywhere, anytime.
  • Scheduled backup is supported in the app.
  • Your data is stored on cloud storage, with ASE encryption.
  • The app supports all notable platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

So before you format your computer, make sure you have created a secure data backup.

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