How To Fix 0x8900002A Error On Windows 11/10

We can’t stress enough how important updates from Microsoft are. However, there are times when these updates may turn out to be harmful and bring along issues. One such issue is the 0x8900002A error. 

What Happens When 0x8900002A Error Surfaces?

Here are some real-life cases of the 0x8900002A issue – 

A user upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and further tried to trim his SSD but couldn’t and what he encountered was the 0x8900002A error. 

Another user simply updated their Windows 10 and started encountering problems with defragmenting and optimization tools. Furthermore, the user was bombarded with hardware issues and incorrect requests. 

Also, the error is further accompanied by an error message – The operation requested is not supported by the hardware backing the volume.

In case you are facing the same issue, here are some ways in which can resolve the 0x8900002A issue. 

Best Ways To Fix The “0x8900002A” Error

Now that you have a fair idea of what the issue is, here are some methods in which you can resolve the problem and continue working smoothly – 

1. Restart Your Computer


Often the most scary-looking errors can be the easiest to fix. Take the “0x8900002A” error, for instance. Many users have reportedly been able to fix the problem just by restarting their computers. Restarting your computer at regular intervals helps in stopping RAM hogging processes and clearing cache. 

2. Stop Windows Update Service

One of the ways to deal with the “0x8900002A” error is to stop the Windows Update service since an ongoing update could be the reason why you are facing the issue. So, here is how you can stop Windows Update Service to fix this issue – 

1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box 

2. When the dialog box appears type services.msc

3. Scroll down and locate the Windows Update service

4. Right-click and then click on Stop 

3. Check Your Internet Reception

If your internet reception is not right, chances are your Windows update might not have downloaded completely. As a result, you are getting the error at hand. One way to fix this is to switch to a LAN cable if you are using Wi-Fi. And, In case, even this doesn’t work out for you, here are some other hacks that can help you fix network-related issues on your Windows 10 PC.

4. Run SFC Scan

One of the common reasons why the “0x8900002A” error occurs is because of corrupted system files. If that’s the case, you can run an SFC scan which will, in turn, protect system files and then, replace all corrupted files with a cached copy. Here are the steps for the same – 

1. In the Windows search bar, type cmd 

2. From the right-hand side, select Run as administrator

the operation requested is not supported by the hardware backing the volume

3. When the Command Prompt opens type sfc /scannow and press Enter 

the operation requested is not supported by the hardware backing the volume

4. Wait for the scan to get over 

When the scan is finished, check if the issue has been resolved and if you are able to perform operations without any glitches. 

5. Use A Third-Party Optimization Tool

Since manually trying to resolve the “0x8900002A” error might not be easy, you can instead take the help of a PC optimization tool that can also help in tracking down system issues and damaged files. One such tool is Advanced System Optimizer. This tool will help you identify any issues that are causing the error especially if the issues are related to your Windows registry or system files. 

Get to know Advanced System Optimizer better!

How To Use Advanced System Optimizer?

Assuming you are in a soup and want to fix the issue as fast as possible, here is how Advanced System Optimizer can quickly come to your aid – 

1. Download, run and install Advanced System Optimizer

2. From the left-hand side of the interface, click on Smart PC Care 

Advanced System Optimizer

3. Now, click on Start Smart PC Care from the bottom-right of interface

Advanced System Optimizer

4. Wait for the scan to complete 

5. Once the scan is over, click on the Optimize button 

That’s how easy it is to use Advanced System Optimizer. Now, check if the error still persists or not? 

6. Clear Software Distribution Folder

One of the ways in which you can fix the 0x8900002A error is to permanently delete the contents of the Software Distribution folder. This folder is located in the Windows directory. The Software Distribution folder is the place where files related to Windows Update are stored temporarily. Here are the steps to do the same – 

1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box 

2. In the dialog box type – 



3. When the File Explorer opens with the Software Distribution folder, click on Ctrl + A, select all contents and then press Shift + Delete 


Things don’t end here, now try fetching the update 

7. Update Date and Time

the operation requested is not supported by the hardware backing the volume

This doesn’t normally happen, but, if your date and time settings are incorrect, the update files might not download. Hence, check for the same and update your date and time settings. There are ways more than one to do just that

Wrapping Up

As we can infer from the blog above, the issue may occur if – 

  • Your update could not download properly – In that case, you can stop the Windows update service or clear the Software Distribution folder and try and fetch the update once again. 
  • You have a faulty internet connection because of which Windows updates are not being installed correctly – In this scenario, you can use a LAN cable to connect to Wi-Fi or try restarting your router.
  • There are corrupt system files – To resolve this you can enforce the SFC command in the command prompt or take the help of a third-party optimization and cleaning tool like Advanced System Optimizer
  • The error has surfaced because of a discrepancy in date and time – You can adjust your date and time settings  
  • There are issues with DLL files related to the WIndows update – Refer to this post and try and fix the errors.
  • A third-party Antivirus is creating problems – For once, use the Antivirus provided by Windows and disable any third-party Antivirus while installing updates. 

We hope that the ways and methods above will help you get over the “0x8900002A” error. And, if you have been able to successfully resolve the issue, do share in the comments section which of the above methods worked out for you.

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