How To Fix Wrong Time In Windows 10

Is your Windows 10 clock showing wrong time? Tried to change it but needless to say, changes won’t stick for long? Many users have reported this issue with Windows 10, as soon you restart your computer it shows the wrong time. No matter how many times you have changed it, the problem seems to be persistent. We are here to discuss the solutions to this common issue.

Windows automatically synchronizes with the internet servers to set the correct time. But sometimes due to certain factors, the clock will show the wrong time even after you change it.

Therefore, we need to work on fixing this issue manually. First, let’s start with the conventional method, changing the time.

Step 1: Right click on the time and date in the Right corner of the Taskbar, and select Adjust date/time.

How To Fix Wrong Time In Windows

Step 2: In this tab, you see Set time automatically, turn it off.

How To Fix Wrong Time In Windows -1

Step 3: Now go to the Change date and time, and now enter the correct date and time and click on Change.

How To Fix Wrong Time In Windows-2

Now,  try to see if this change stays after restarting the computer.

Windows Services

It can be a possible case of Windows service error, we can fix this by following the steps given below:

Step 1: To open Run command, press Windows Key + R, and type services.msc and hit OK.

Windows Services

Step 2: List of Services opens. Locate Windows Time and right click on it. Open properties.

Windows Services-1

Step 3: Under the General Tab, set the Startup type to Automatic.

Windows Services-2

Step 4: If you see the Service Status as Stopped, make sure to click on Start and click OK.

Windows Registry Error:

 Registry Editor is used to making direct changes to Windows settings. It rarely needs to be changed but if you are willing to fix an error by yourself, it is possible to do so. Advanced users should use it as it can make permanent changes to your system.

 Disclaimer: Advisable to try this step in Safe mode and please take a system backup before proceeding. It requires professional help but if you are well versed with your computer, you can try it. Any changes that you make can cause your computer malfunction and the process might not be reversed. Therefore, take a registry backup as well.

For that, go to Registry Editor-> File->Export.

Follow the steps to make changes to registry editor,

Step 1: Open Start Menu, type Registry Editor in search. Open it.

Windows Registry error

Step 2: In the Registry Editor window, Go to Computer>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation\

Windows Registry error-1

Step 3: On the right side panel, go to the empty space and right click. From the context menu, click on it and select out of DWORD (32 bit) Value and QWORD (64 bit) Value.

Windows Registry error-2

Step 4: Give the new entry a name, RealTImeIsUniversal. Right click on it to modify and change the value to 1.

Windows Registry error-3


Powershell is a shell used to configure the administrative tasks. We can write command and run it to apply changes to the system administrator. This will make changes in the Time Zone and correct it for the displayed clock.

Step 1: To open the Run command, press Windows Key + R, and type PowerShell and press OK


Step 2: In the Powershell window, type w32tm/resync 


Or net time/domain for Administrators.


Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) battery is responsible is your computer is a little old. The CMOS battery is placed right above the CMOS chip which stores data like time and date. If your battery runs old, it can cause the chip to malfunction and lose its last stored data. Hence, whenever you try to fix the Date and Time, it does not apply changes after the computer for a reboot.

Get the help of a technician, to repair your old battery or get a new one.

Internet Time Synchronization

When you see the certain behavior of your clock i.e. operation is well. As it will run in the correct manner but it is ahead or behind the actual time. It is a possible case of the wrong Time zone. To correct the clock time, let’s follow the steps ahead:

Step 1: Go to Clock in the Taskbar, right click and head to Adjust Date and Time.

Step 2: Check under the Time Zone, if the region is correct or not. If not, make changes and save it.

Internet Time Synchronization


It is possible that your system settings have been corrupted due to the presence of malware. A good chance arises when you have been trying to fix the settings for your Time and it refuses to acknowledge it.

To curb the issue, we have a great solution for you. Advanced System Protector is a robust anti-malware solution for Windows which protects your computer from malware, spyware and adware. Its best feature is that it can scan your computer precisely and help you get rid of all the detected threats. It works efficiently in the background and you can continue with your work. Moreover, it’s spyware definitions get updated automatically and keeping your system free from the latest malware.

Status_Home Screen

Go to the link below to Download it now. Once you get it, install and run a scan to fix the issue of wrong time in your settings. It will protect your system from any kind of malware in future too.

To Conclude

It’s always good to fix the issues immediately as they are found. Now we have learned quite some ways to look for how to fix the wrong time in Windows 10. This might look small issue but it is definitely not and its best to resolve it, As we keep looking at the clock every time we are on our systems, it should always be correct.

Please let us know in comments if you know of any other methods.

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