World Photography Day 2022: Top Photography Genre

A day dedicated to the trail of photos, 19th August, is celebrated as World Photography Day with an aim to inspire budding photographers as well as pay homage to the legends’ brilliant work.

Indeed, photography is an art that expresses thoughts, expressions, environment, colors, bricks and everything beautiful around. From the era of vintage camera to selfie phones, we have evolved at the speed of light, so photography!

And now as the younger generation is leading to an unconventional mode and choosing photography as their mainstream, we have compiled a list to guide their energy towards the focused genre.

1. Stock Photography

Stock Photography

 This genre is for all those who find beauty in every detail around, be it the work desk, building, fashion or setting sun. when it comes to professional touch, you are able to sell your pictures to any client based on their interest through a wide catalog he can choose from.

‘Fill The Frame The Way You Like’

Either you can upload your wonderful shots on any stock website or ask an agency to work towards your favor. And if you choose the former, we recommend you Shutterstock as this website works on behalf of photographers to provide royalty-free stock photos on the front end.

Pro Photography Tips From Yuri Arcurs: He says that you don’t need a high-end camera to shoot stock photography but a frame full of subjects. Add some emotions and try to become a master of one niche along with stock photography.

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2. Portrait Photography

Portraiture photography is the best way to shoot the personality of a person with optimum utilization of settings and compositions in the surrounding. Since years, portrait photography has produced wonders and no doubt, it still is creating every day.

Newborns, maternity shoots, school group photos, and family pictures are all examples of this kind of photography and is indeed a chunk from where beginners can step at. This has also opened gates for further fields like weddings, fashion, and vibrant makeup.

Portrait Photography

Tips for photographers by Alex Malikov: He says that thoughtful preparation is something that must be focused before delving in portrait photography. You need to spend 2 hours on preparation but just 15 minutes on clicking. See and understand light and practice more often in the studio.

3. Wedding Photography

No doubt that professionals are earning respect and money at a faster pace through wedding photography. It involves various events and people just want to keep the memory of these moments for a lifetime. These moments are so delicate and candid that they might not even come back and you need to be witty & quick at the same time.

The more beautiful results look, the trickier situation could be. Lights, stage, set up, expressions, dance, and what not has to be kept in mind while taking a single beautiful click. Buck up budding artists and enjoy this challenge in an amazing manner.

Wedding Photography

Pro Photography Tips by Dani Davila: Try to immerse in the emotions and feelings of the wedding day so that the couple can relive their moments for the rest of their lives.

4. Travel Photography

Who doesn’t want to get paid to travel? Interestingly, traveling involves various subjects like wildlife, landscape, the lifestyle of people around the world, culture, nature and more than words can combine them all.

There are some travel firms who are willing to pay handsomely on behalf of your work portfolio. So guys, try it out before time flies off!

Travel Photography

Tips for photographers by Alex Strohl: He believes in a photography style that is Experiential, Authentic and Motivational. Moreover, it takes practice and commitment to improve your capture day by day.

5. Architectural Photography

Many photographers have turned their passion for clicking buildings as their major objects. And even architects and their agencies pay these photographers to grab the essence from in and out. Facade, landscape, interiors, antiques, etc. are all taken into consideration to make a perfect folio, yours as well as the architects.

What you need to keep in mind are the right perspective and angles that actually help in defining a building that ultimately helps in gaining more projects in the future.

Architectural Photography

Pro Photography Tips by David Leventi: David says that the photographic process imitates with light waves bouncing off each architectural element, bringing vast space back to the detailed image.

6. Fashion Photography

All those catalogs, magazines, online stores, etc. are all running a high-business through fashion photography. This opens the doors of the glamour world for you and who knows you get to become a stylish photographer of the Runway or Vogue tomorrow. There is no harm in trying your hands on something so exciting!

Fashion Photography

Pro Photography Tips by Annie Leibovitz: She says that even before you start with anything, you must have an idea about it. Then find a good location, set up a team, the right model and the right inspiration are all you need to finally have a good photo in the end.

7. Aerial Photography

Surely now aerial photos are easier to shoot after drone cameras have arrived in our lives. Once you have a license, this photography can cover all the fields from top to bottom, be it architectural, landscape, wedding or travel. Your every client can simply awe with the captures that were usually not noticed before.

Aerial Photography

Tips for photographers by Calin Stan: He got an inspiration which was surprisingly the Roads. He says that your inspiration can become your passion, your dreams and ways to reach the sky. Follow it and enjoy it thoroughly.

Photography Helps People To See!~ Berenice Abbott

And honestly, he did not say anything wrong about it. You can choose any of the above genres, and the list is still endless when creativity is talked about, and follow the dream passionately. Seek the inner side of you and follow the love you are willing to move ahead with.

We wish all the photographers a captivating world photography day! Stay ahead and show the world that they cannot see with their naked eyes!

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