Photography Tips For Beginners To Improve The Picture Quality

Many of you have just stepped into the world of professional photography, and a lot of you are still in the process of learning.

Becoming a photographer, to capture that very moment takes years of practice, dedication and of course passion. In fact, some of the professional photographers have waited for years to capture the right shot. It isn’t that easy, being a professional photographer and  you need to be prepared to face a lot of hardship and have  patience to capture good photos.

So, if you are about to step into the whole new world of photography, or if you are beginner or a pro, be it anything, you need to know about these five photography tips to improve the picture quality and to become a much better photographer.

1. Lesser ISO Will Make It Look More Good:

Lesser ISO Will Make It Look More Good

Well, for those who don’t know what ISO is, let us tell you about it.

ISO is a short form for International Standards Organization. This is the way to measure the amount of light when the images are exposed to the light.

On the professional camera you can set the ISO depending on the amount of light you have. The smaller the ISO, the less sensitive it is to light. So, usually ISO 100 is used for bright situations where there is some existing light source such as Sun, lights, LEDs, etc.

And, then accordingly you have to keep moving to a higher ISO depending on the lower light situations. One more thing to remember is, when you are in a situation where you need to click in night mode or sports mode, your camera will automatically start raising the ISO accordingly. This is called Auto ISO. It is recommended to shoot in lower ISOs, because higher the ISO the more noise and grains your picture will have, which of course can be later removed using a photo editor.

Once you learn the use of ISO, you can raise the ISO level little by little. This will give more enhanced pictures and obviously a better experience in the field of photography.

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2. Aperture should be High but not too Much:Aperture should be High but not too Much


Basically, aperture is the hole in the lens from where the light travels to the camera sensor. So, larger the aperture of lens, the more light enters the camera.

In professional photography, aperture is described in F-numbers, which is also called F-stops. This tells the photographer about how open or closed the aperture is. We can say, smaller the f-stop, larger the aperture and vice versa.

Professional photographers recommend the high f-stops like f/16 or f/22 that will help in keeping background and foreground objects in focus. And if you want to take only either background or foreground objects in focus and want everything else to be blurry the f/1.4 or f/2.8 is recommended. Well, aperture shouldn’t be used much, as it may result in unclear and distracted image.

3. Setup Shutter Speed:Setup Shutter Speed

Shutter is basically a door that lets in light in camera and then closes it. When this door is open, light enters inside the camera and everything in front of the door gets recorded. So, shutter speed is the time for how long the door or shutter was open to record an image. Shutter speed is measured in seconds and in many cases, it is measured fraction of second.

For example, 1/30, 1/800, 1/1000. Bigger the denominator, faster is the shutter speed.

It is recommended to use a tripod when clicking with slower shutter speed 1/60 or below it. This is because, our hands can’t keep the camera stable while taking a shot, so a tripod would be needed for a stable picture in slower shutter speed.

So, this is it guys! These are some of the photography tips that you need to use before clicking your next shot. Make sure you keep these photography tips in mind to get good photos and to become the next professional photographer.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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