Why You Shouldn’t Use The Opera VPN

Millions of people use Opera, a browser that has been around since the beginning of the commercial internet, on desktop computers and mobile devices. There are undoubtedly safer and more private alternatives, but Opera’s integrated Virtual Private Network is one feature that sets it apart from the competition (VPN). Theoretically, a VPN will create an encrypted connection and mask the user’s data to improve security and privacy.

What Is The Problem With The Opera VPN

Opera VPN

The Opera VPN is promoted as the “greatest free VPN” on the market on the company’s official website and is characterized as a free tool that “doesn’t log your activities or gather information,” enhancing security and privacy. This seems, at best, deceptive. In contrast to a proper VPN, the Opera VPN will not truly create an encrypted connection between your computer and the internet. However, it will spoof your IP address and conceal your location. By definition, a VPN should accomplish that. Therefore Opera’s free feature functions more like a browser proxy than anything else.

Why You Shouldn’t Use The Opera VPN

The Opera VPN won’t help if you require a VPN to watch Netflix, utilize an email program, or torrent anything. However, it will encrypt the traffic from your browser. This ought to be a bonus, but Opera’s carefully worded privacy policy suggests that any legitimate advantage you would get from utilizing the Opera VPN is nullified by the way the browser itself gathers data.

First, the privacy policy notes in the “Anonymous Usage Statistics” section that when the Opera browser is installed on a computer, a “random installation ID is produced.” According to Opera’s legal team, this “identifier” is used to gather a variety of data on you, such as your device ID, operating system, and “feature usage data.”

Use Systweak VPN


A VPN application is the simplest way to defend yourself against malicious attacks. VPNs build an encrypted tunnel between you and the VPN server where they route your communication. A VPN tunnel shields all the data you send and receive over the internet from prying eyes. If you use a VPN, your IP address is hidden, and your traffic is mixed with that of other users, making it harder for third parties to identify you. Only the VPN server can decode the data transmitted over the encrypted VPN tunnel, so even if a hacker can intercept your traffic, they will not be able to read or use it.

Users of Systweak VPN get access to more than 4500 servers across 200 cities and 53 countries. In 200 locations across 53 different countries, you can hide your IP address and location. You can understand why Systweak VPN is the best choice if you consider the advantages below.

  • Now, while traveling, you may access all geographically limited information in one location. To view the content, you must connect to the nation’s server.
  • To secure your privacy, Systweak VPN provides military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Hackers already have access to the data so that they may study it.
  • If the VPN server encounters an issue, your internet connection will be quickly stopped, ensuring that none of your data is ever exposed.
  • If your IP address or location is found, don’t be concerned. To change your IP address, choose one of the safe Tunnel servers.

The Final Word On Why You Shouldn’t Use The Opera VPN

Under the lack of a VPN protocol and inadequate encryption, your data is accessible to users of your wi-fi network, your ISP (and thus, the government), opera itself, and third-party businesses in any nation due to the privacy policy you agreed to. Therefore, opera VPN is regrettably not suited for individuals seeking security, privacy, or anonymity.

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