Here’s Why Choosing A VPN To Hide Location And IP Is A Wise Choice

Planning to invest in a VPN? Let us tell you; you are going to make a wise choice. This is the right move to strengthen your online security and privacy. You can check some of the best paid and free VPNs that you can have aboard, right now. For instance, you can install a VPN like Systweak VPN, especially if you want a VPN that can hide your location and IP seamlessly.

How Does A VPN Help Hide Location And IP?

We’ll keep it short and sweet. You must know that a VPN service opens you to a myriad of servers. When you choose one of these servers, your web activity or traffic will pass through a tunnel connected to this server. Even your IP address will be that of your chosen server.

Reasons Why You Should Choose A VPN To Hide Your IP or Location?

1. Easily Bypass Geo-Restricted Content


Imagine you are on vacation and want to sit back and relax your favourite Netflix or HBO web series, but the moment, you try and open it, you just can’t? Why? Because your country’s Netflix/ HBO library isn’t available in the country, you are vacationing in.

Come in a VPN that quickly helps you bypass Geo-restricted content. And, not just Netflix, HBO or Hulu, you can access any geo-restricted Websites. A reliable VPN service such as Systweak VPN lets you choose from among several servers spread globally.

2.  Buy Things At Fairer (And Even Cheaper) Prices


You should certainly use a VPN to hide location and IP if you are shopping buff. Several online shopping websites show prices country wise. For instance, you might get a gadget at a high price in England and a comparatively lesser price in the US. You might even see variations in pricing based on your ZIP code as well.

Now, if you use a VPN to hide your location or change your IP to appear in a different country or ZIP, you might get your hands on lower prices. You might change your mind of purchasing/ not purchasing the gadget you’ve dreamt of.

3. Easily Conceal Your Identity From Trackers

One of the biggest pet peeves when surfing social media platforms and search engines is the number of ads that meet your eye now and then. Something quite evident and annoying when you surf various websites or even scroll through your Instagram posts or check up on your Facebook account.

The ad trackers, apart from being intrusive, can track your browsing behaviour. Instead, when you hide your IP using a VPN, the ad tracking websites won’t be able to identify where the searches are coming from. To cement your online privacy and activity, online digital footprints are secured via DNS operated servers.

4. World’s A Smaller Place, At Least For Gamers


Imagine, you want to enjoy a multiplayer online game with your friend living in a different continent or different part of the world. But, you just can’t because of geo-restrictions. And, for the same reason, you might not even be able to get access to newly released games which your friend in some other country might have got access to.

When you hide your location using a VPN or change it, you can choose a server in a location which is closer to your friend’s country and then you can enjoy games anytime, without any hassles. Also, when you hide your IP using a VPN, you can prevent yourself from DDoS/ DoS attacks.

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5. No More Fear About ISP Throttling


Your ISP short for the internet service provider may put a cap on your data bandwidth if it finds that your data usage is crossing limits. Some ISPs may even deliberately throttle your bandwidth also if you are promised unlimited data. Thanks to the unlimited bandwidth feature of VPN, you will be able to defend yourself against this easily. The VPN will hide your IP address because of which the ISP won’t be able to understand where your traffic is coming from in the first place.

Also, the VPN will encrypt your web traffic with military-grade encryption. For instance, Systweak VPN protects your online traffic and web activity using AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. Moreover, it even follows a strict no-logs policy which means none of your online activity is recorded.

6. Freedom Of Performing Sensitive Research

Sensitive Research

Hiding IP becomes all the more important if you conduct a lot of sensitive research and are vulnerable to be tracked because of the same. In that scenario, you can use a VPN to hide your IP  and rest assured that your privacy will be completely protected.

In The End

We hope that we have given you enough reasons to opt for an excellent VPN service such as Systweak VPN to hide IP and location and not just that, even safeguard your web privacy. If you have got any more questions pertaining to VPN or anything tech under the sun, feel free to shoot it in the comments section below. Also, if you have found the blog to be helpful, do give it a thumbs up and stay updated of our content by following us on Facebook and YouTube.

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