Why Using a Single Antivirus Program Insufficient?

Unquestionably, using an antivirus program is one of the best ways to safeguard your computer, data, and online identity. It offers defense against malware and virus attacks, particularly those launched by less skilled hackers. However, antivirus security is no longer sufficient in increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Antivirus software is struggling to keep up with the threat landscape’s rapid evolution. Here are some reasons why running an antivirus and malware package won’t fully protect you, even if you should undoubtedly do so.

Why Using A Single Antivirus Program Is Insufficient?

Attacks By Phishers

Attacks By Phishers

Phishing is a common form of social engineering assault that is used to gather credit card numbers and login information.

Attackers frequently pose as well-known organizations, especially businesses or banks, to trick people into clicking on a dangerous link.

Unfortunately, despite the great variety of phishing assaults, an antivirus suite will not do much to defend you. Spam filters can reduce phishing emails but cannot be blocked entirely. Even if they seem to be from a business you do business with, it is recommended to avoid clicking on links in unsolicited emails.



Cyberattacks in the form of malvertising originate from online advertisements on trustworthy websites. By purchasing ad space on networks and then submitting ads with harmful code, cybercriminals execute malvertising assaults. The advertisement loads as soon as a user clicks on it, infecting your PC before you can find and remove it.

Attacks Based On Browsers


Browser-based attacks usually occur due to cloned websites and malicious extensions or add-ons. A cloned website is an exact copy of the original website, down to the file names and content. Before entering your credentials, always be sure you are on the website you believe you are. Although some antivirus systems include ad blockers and URL checkers, it is generally acknowledged that these solutions cannot stop sophisticated browser-based attacks.

What Else Is Necessary For Addition to an Antivirus Suite?

It’s a bad idea to rely on antivirus software for protection, even though we advise utilizing it as part of your cybersecurity plan. Here are a few additional tools to prevent bad actors from accessing your network.

Virtual Private Network


A VPN, or virtual private network, is crucial for privacy protection. Your data is online encrypted and forwarded through a vendor-hosted secure server. With VPN encryption, even if someone intercepts your data, they cannot read or use it without the encryption key. It does this by building a tunnel for encryption.

A VPN not only encrypts data but also hides your real IP address and substitutes it with a chosen IP, practically erasing it from view. Both free and paid VPN services are available; however, the free ones frequently have usage limits for data and bandwidth.

Systweak VPN

Systweak VPN is one of the finest VPN service providers that help mask your IP address while online shopping, streaming movies, playing games, and anything you do on the internet. It also helps break geo-location boundaries and has a kill switch that will disconnect your internet connection if any 4500 servers fail to protect your identity.

Using Two Factors Authentication

Your online accounts are protected by an additional layer of protection called two-factor authentication. With 2FA, you’ll need something like an app to approve requests, so your security goes beyond just a username and password. When you use 2FA, a single factor’s possible breach will prevent fraudsters from accessing your account. Therefore, there is a very slight risk that someone will access your account even if you lose your phone or password.

Password Manager

Password Manager

Numerous services and websites we use demand a login and password. Keeping track of and remembering all the login details can be challenging if you don’t utilize a password manager. The temptation to use the same password across numerous websites and services is strong but poses a severe security risk. If any of your passwords are cracked, hackers will attempt it on different services and take control of your accounts.

Every time you create a new account, a password manager will generate a new, secure password for you and store it in a safe place. Because it is entirely encrypted, even if a hacker manages to get past your anti-malware defenses, they won’t be able to decipher your passwords.


TweakPass is a fantastic password manager tool that helps users to secure all their credentials in a secure digital vault locked by a master password known only to you. You can use TweakPass on any device, provided you remember the master credentials and generate difficult-to-crack passwords for free.

Back-ups For Systems

The most secure technique to ensure you’re being proactive about data security is to back up your data. We advise making regular backup copies of essential data that can be used to retrieve the originals. Although you can manually backup individual files, automation ensures that no files are missing and that the backup is carried out regularly.

Bonus Feature: Use T9 Antivirus For Real-Time Scanning


Exactly how the thieves were able to spread this virus is unknown. If you have a capable real-time antivirus tool installed on your computer, you shouldn’t be concerned even if you couldn’t recognize the caller as a bad actor during the call and they sent you an email.

T9 antivirus, for example, is a real-time antivirus with exploit protection. So, we advise applying it. Using this software has several advantages, including the following:

Malware Defense

T9 antivirus protects against a wide range of threats, including infections, zero-day threats, malware, Trojans, PUPs, adware, and more.

Real-Time Security

Before it can infect your computer, real-time protection finds and stops malware. This way, security breaches, identity theft, and other attacks can all be avoided.

Get rid of startup programs

By quickly identifying and removing unnecessary beginning items, you can avoid being exploited by malicious programs operating in the background and putting your computer’s and your data’s security at risk.

Protection Against Exploits

The dependable T9 Antivirus Exploit Protection module offers a defense against malware infections caused by security flaws.

Virus Definitions Updated

To recognize and eliminate new malware threats as they emerge and hackers refine their techniques, antivirus software must be regularly updated. By routinely installing the most recent database definition updates, T9 Antivirus guards you against the most recent threats.

Defend yourself against the most modern and cutting-edge dangers

In today’s networked society, one of the main security worries is the potential for sophisticated assaults. The best method to reduce these hazards is to use a cutting-edge program like T9 Antivirus and malware protection software, which provides real-time security and many defenses. Before data is compromised, security technology recognizes dangers and successfully combats them.

The Final Word On Why Using A Single Antivirus Program Is Insufficient?

A basic antivirus package is no longer sufficient to defend you from new threats due to the threat landscape’s ongoing evolution. Even expensive antivirus programs frequently fall victim to sophisticated phishing attacks and identity theft. You require a VPN, two-factor authentication, and regular system backups for complete security.

Additionally, you should regularly evaluate your network and system for cyber hygiene and create a preventative plan appropriate for your needs.

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