Why Should Bloggers Use A VPN?

Digital writers and bloggers need to research and analyze countless sources to curate an authentic and justified write-up. But while bloggers are at it, they often face barriers to accessing websites due to censorship and regional restrictions. Their site information, private details, and logins also face threats against digital surveillance, hacking/phishing attempts, and network vulnerabilities.

That is why a VPN service’s significance must be taken into account as a severe measure to protect site activities such as content publishing, design updates, and other site management activities. In this piece, we cover the points as to why VPNs are useful and even mandatory for bloggers.

What Are VPNs’ Essential Features?

Well, it’s pretty much known how a VPN works. If I talk about what a VPN does, then there are two functionalities of a VPN we shall discuss:

– Geo-Spoofing

– Data Encryption

What Are VPNs’ Essential Features

While using the Internet, bloggers visit several sites over their Internet connection, communicating with tonnes of site servers to gather, download, and upload data on their blogsite. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects you to a secondary server and then transfer your data through that server to the visited site. This way, the IP address that the particular site collects is that the VPN server masks your original one. Moreover, while doing this, the VPN also encrypts the data transferred to add security to the site’s communication.

How is VPN Relevant to Blogging And Site Security?

Most large corporations use a VPN to make secure connections to different servers, but VPNs can help bloggers or digital publishers. Here are a few points that cover why it is good to utilize a VPN service by bloggers and online writers:

1. VPN Protects Admin Credentials:

VPN Protects Admin Credentials


Websites and Blogs are managed via a website builder tool or content management system such as WordPress. A valid log in ID and password access these tools. In case any of these credentials become compromised, site administrators will lose control of the site, and it can also result in complete loss of site data, blog posts, and future scheduled plans for website build-up.

Most admin credentials target of MITM attacks, where hackers pry into the network communication for accessing credentials. Encrypting them using a VPN can patch this vulnerability and save the blog from potential dangers.

2. Protects Your Uploads:

Protects Your Uploads


Bloggers need to upload tonnes of media files and embedded texts/links on the site. While doing this, the entire details regarding the downloaded media and its sources is registered. Hackers may use this information to track your website content and even try to plant script kiddies to gather control of your site.

Using a VPN will hide your IP and, therefore, mask any such information under the VPN server’s disguise, thus protecting your uploads.

3. Secure Downloads:

Secure Downloads


Bloggers often resort to free torrent sites and even use restricted media to upload on sites. Though it’s not recommended to use restricted media (at least not without giving proper source credits), beginner bloggers often do that to save on some cash on Shutterstock accounts.

However, the use of licensed images on sites without permission can cause an incoming attack of copyright trolls in your traffic, affecting your site reputation.

Using a VPN service encrypts your data, location, and site activities, and therefore restricts the trolls from tracking your website details or monitor your downloads. This way, you can prevent trackers from prying into your published blog content and secure it from any threat.

4. Secure Site-Associated Transactions:

Secure Site-Associated Transactions


Bloggers need to make some purchases now and then. They require paid themes and plugins to build their website aesthetically with new designs. They enter their payment credentials, account or debit/card details, and even passwords to make these purchases.

A VPN ensures that these details are always under the strict protection of a masked IP address and are hidden from the prying eyes of hackers and phishing attackers.

5. VPN Cuts through Censorship:

VPN Cuts through Censorship


Bloggers can cut through several geological restrictions and regional censorship on online content using a VPN. This paves a path for additional sources for research for content and ultimately create more authentic and well-researched content for the blogsite.

6. VPNs Allows Bloggers to Avoid Surveillance:

VPNs Allows Bloggers to Avoid Surveillance


Websites such as Google and Facebook or an Internet service provider track blog activity to target ads and gather user information for marketing purposes. Moreover, there is a government surveillance site keeping an eye for illicit online activities.

Using a VPN masks the IP address of bloggers’ internet connection and prevents surveillance sites from gathering data from online activities and keeping an eye on your blog or its content.

Things to Ensure Before Buying a VPN

Here are a few pointers one must keep in mind before getting a VPN service for their blogs:

Things to Ensure Before Buying a VPN

Do not buy a free VPN as free VPN service providers don’t guarantee user data privacy and total protection.

– Check the legality of VPN services before you decide to get one. There are several locations where using a VPN is not permitted by the law.

– Ensure that you use a secure VPN. AES-256 military-grade security with SSL certification accounts for a secure VPN service provider.

– Always check the VPN against data purloining. Ensure that a VPN service isn’t affecting the bandwidth of your Internet connection.

Systweak VPN: The Most Secure VPN For Blogging Security


Systweak VPN is the perfect choice for a VPN to any blogger looking for such service out there. It’s secure, private, and checks in all the mandatory pointers above. Moreover, Systweak VPN comprises several servers from more than 50 different locations to mask your IP, thus offering you a choice for changing your virtual IP address regularly.

It uses AES-256-bit security, thus making it impossible to break into the Systweak VPN’s safety. This makes data tunneling and encryption breach free. By paying US$9.95 monthly or US$ 71.40 you can enjoy using this best VPN for Windows. Not only this it comes with a 30-days moneyback guarantee, hence making it worth a try from every aspect.

The only drawback Systweak VPN has is, it is designed for only Windows users. Known for its privacy, as it is difficult to track it by the authorities Systweak VPN is a stand strong against ExpressVPN. It is out of the jurisdiction of nations that mandates VPN service providers to share user data with law enforcement authorities.

Download Systweak VPN and starts securing your blog site now!

Let us know if you’re a blogger and prefer to use a VPN. Also, tell us of your experience with Systweak VPN in the comments. And for more tech solutions, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media handles at  Facebook, Twitter.


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    Bloggers and VPN I always thought there’s no relation but your article is a real eye-opener Will try giving Systweak VPN a shot

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    I was planning on purchasing Systweak VPN but after knowing the perks some more, my decision is made. Thanks for this. How can I install Systweak VPN on my Windows 8.1? Can you help?

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