VPNs for Business and Employees

Over the past few years, a lot of information was written about Virtual Private Network. The proliferation of censorship, regular leakage of personal data, surveillance, traffic interception at communication centers and the general growth of cyber threats has lead to VPNs becoming more and more popular. In this article, we will discuss why it is so essential for business. Also, make sure to check the VPN comparison if this article convinced you that a virtual private network is necessary for your business.

Connect to a Corporate Network via VPN

1. Ability To Connect to A Corporate Network From Any Place

Communication isn’t just about being connected but also about data security, which is extremely difficult to compromise. Modern companies always or partially use a remote scheme with some of their employees. Some of them do not even have a real office at all, preferring a virtual one. For all employees, the protection of this connection with a VPN is required to connect to corporate resources.

Previously, organizing such a work scheme was quite difficult technologically, since the process was manual. Moreover, it involved modifying configuration files and use custom software. Now everything is configured in automatic or semi-automatic mode. If necessary, each employee can get their secure IP address. The above applies to businesses of any size. Deploying a VPN in a large company requires a bit more time to set up because you need to consider the connectivity of all branches and their rights within a secure network.

Key Benefits for Corporate Users:

  • The possibility to expand the number of employees without setting up multiple offices, making it possible to hire valuable specialists from anywhere across the globe.
  • The company and employees save money on commuting, while the bills’ on the office servicing become considerably lower.
  • The efficiency of every employee is higher when he/she works from home other than from the office with plenty of distractions.

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2. Access to Blocked Resources and Services

More and more countries introduce Internet censorship. Nowadays, in many countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, South, and North America, some services and sites are prohibited. Sometimes, it is even needed to use cryptocurrency properly. What to do if a service that is extremely important for work is prohibited in a country? Only a VPN can help here. As a result, while you stay in China, you can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, and other services that are prohibited there. Using a VPN, you can get the IP of any region of the world and forget about censorship.

Access to Blocked Resources and Services Via VPN

After the LinkedIn social network was blocked in Russia, the work of HR specialists was noticeably complicated there. An important communication channel between job seekers and potential employers has ceased to work. But a way out was quickly found. By the time the social network was blocked in Russia, there were already numerous VPN services that solved the access problem. Now almost all HR agencies have the opportunity to freely use LinkedIn’s business social network to search and verify applicants.

Main Advantages:

  • While traveling, a person will face no discomfort due to the prohibition on a certain web resource. This allows users to access all the websites without looking for unpleasant alternatives
  • Unfortunately, Internet censorship is governed to control & limit the thoughts and opinions of citizens. Thanks a VPN, people can get access to unbiased and true information on the web.

3. Customer Safety

Many companies provide Wi-Fi access. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, airports, etc. The Net is almost everywhere. But the larger the public network, the more dangerous it is. Public Wi-Fi networks are good if you want to check a few things on Google or just read the news. However, logging into personal accounts and entering your access details on Public Wi-Fi is akin to a disaster waiting to happen.

If the communication channel is not secure, an account may be compromised, causing the company to lose its reputation. The threat can be not only external but also internal. After all, the administrator of an open Wi-Fi network can collect any data that passes through the access point. Therefore, make sure you know how to use a VPN properly.

Main Pros:

  • Protection of all the confidential and vital data: from banking details to passwords and account data. People are so used to using cell phones for all the routines. Thus, keeping vital info safe should be of paramount importance.
  • Switching on a VPN while connecting to a public net helps protect against man-in-the-middle attacks that are commonplace for hotspots.

4. Why Also Use the VPN Technology

Aside from all the above-mentioned benefits, some other advantages facilitate the life of people when they use one of the VPN services:

  1. These days, the Internet is a powerful space for selling goods and services. Owing to tracking your activity on the web, marketers have created the algorithms that propose certain wares to you. Earlier or later, you will buy one of these proposed items. If you use a VPN, it will be impossible to track your activity, thus, no annoying ads will make you waste your budget.
  2. Checking the prices on certain wares and services. Contingent on the region, particular web resources may charge different costs. In particular, this refers to airline sites, booking services, etc. Save on your trips using present-day technologies.
  3. Web developers need to know how their resource functions in different regions of the world. Due to using a VPN, they may choose the country from which the connection will be made. In such a way, certain bugs can be eliminated before getting feedback from users from these countries.

VPN is not only safe but also creates additional possibilities for people who work with the Internet. Make use of the boundless source of information without being restricted, compromised or cheated.

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