Why Does The Android Phone Heat Up? Top Fixes To Resolve It!

There are over 3 billion smartphone users across the globe. With that number increasing rapidly, we must identify the common issues that occur within our mobile devices and fix them. And once such common problem is: Android phone heats up. There are many reasons due to which your Android might heat up, and reasons for the same could be different from person to person. Let us examine the causes and solutions for as to why your phone is heating up.

Reasons for “Why My Phone is Heating Up?”

  • An Android smartphone is a device that is designed to carry out multiple tasks. In addition to that, manufacturers have reduced the size and made it an all-in-one compact device. The increased number of tasks with smaller components can also lead to phone heat-up issues.
  • A smartphone gets hot, and the battery gets drained when it is connected to an external speaker via Bluetooth for a very long time.
  • Some smartphone heats up due to high display brightness configured on their screen.
  • Staying connected to Wi-Fi for a long time can be a potential answer to why my phone is heating up.
  • If you play a lot of games as it is not a gaming console.
  • Intensive Camera use could be another reason for Android heating up issues.
  • If your charger has developed a fault in the circuit, then this can lead to phone heating up while charging.
  • Physical temperature of the location of the smartphone.
  • An attractive, heavy built, original leather case or any such complicated cases.

Best Possible Resolutions For “Why My Phone Is Heating Up?”

Malware Issues

Systweak Antimalware

Malicious software or simply malware are types of bugs which infiltrate your computer for unethical reasons. These cybercriminals use different means to get unauthorized access into your phone and steal your data. They inject malware which keeps some background services and process always running without the user knowing.

If something is continually running then it as per the law of simple physics, it will generate heat, and that is the reason why the Android phone gets hot and drains battery as well. Many crypto-miners also try to hack devices and keep the process of mining cryptocurrency running in smart systems all over the world.

The simplest solution: Get an Antimalware app! I have been using Systweak Antimalware for a couple of years which helped me to keep my phone clean of Malware. For advanced spyware, you can try other steps as well.

Note- This application has been discontinued

Case & Covers

phone heats up case and covers
Image Source: Freepik

The second solution, which is 90%, the main reason for Android phone heating up while charging is the expensive and stylish cases and covers that adorn the phone. Most of these cases are made out of plastic and leathers, and both of them are not good conductors of heat. Thus they will not allow heat to pass out and contain it.

You can remove the case and try to use your phone for a couple of days and check if the phone heats up issue persists. If not, then it is recommended that you get yourself a lighter case that allows heat to escape and at the same time protects the phone from scratches, wear and tear. You should also check if your smartphone has become wet staying inside the cover for too long.

Charger, Cable & Battery

phone heats up charger
Image Source: Freepik

One fact of older smartphones that many people don’t know is the fact that it should not be charged to 100%. Older devices experience an issue of phones heating up while charging and thus must be charged only to 90% max and should not be allowed to drain below 20%. This will ensure the longevity of battery life and prevent phone is heating up issues.

To prevent phones from heating up while charging, there are a few things to check:

  • Try to replace the cable and the charger.
  • Next, try changing the wall socket.
  • Last, you will need to replace the battery. (Removable battery can be easily replaced, but in other phones, you will have to contact the service centre)

Wi-Fi Usage 24/7

phone heats up wifi

A smartphone connected of Wi-Fi does not usually overheat, but if your phone is connected to Wi-Fi for days continuously, then you can expect a rise in phone temperature. With 24/7 internet connectivity, the apps installed in your phone start having the time of their life, and they not only keep running in the background but try to sync with their servers quite often, and consume resources and bandwidth. If the apps continuously keep on running, then they can result in phone heating up.

To shut off the background internet use, you can always tap on settings and then locate Apps & Notifications. Next click on See All Apps and select each app to check its activity and can even turn off the data consumption feature.

How to Cool Your Phone and Keep It Efficient

phone heats up keep cool
Image: Freepik

Now that you have understood what makes your phone so hot, it is time to follow these measures that would help resolve the issue:

  • Take out the phone’s case for a couple of days and check
  • Toggle on airplane mode to disable all connectivity when not in use
  • Never keep it placed near direct sunlight
  • Decrease the display brightness
  • Use the Battery Saver mode whenever you can.
  • Check your Android phone for Infections.
  • Moderate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS use unless needed

The Final Word On Why Does The Android Phone Heats Up?

According to Physics, Energy is neither created nor destroyed. And this includes heat energy as well. When any machine functions, it is bound to generate heat, but we must find a way to allow a smooth transition of that heat. The same principle applies to smartphones, as well. Heat would be generated when you use your smartphone, but we can either find ways to reduce the generation of heat or allow it to pass to the next level. In simpler words, minimize camera usage, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity will minimize heat generation and keeping a small light cover will allow the heat to pass.

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    Some users have found the problem to occur after receiving notifications from third-party messaging apps like Whatsapp. You can try removing any such app and see if the problem persists. Of course, you will need the app eventually, so this isn’t really a fix, but a way to test if that is the cause. A future update from LG or the app creator should then help resolve the issue.

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