How to Repair Wet Smartphone – Fix Water Damaged Phone

The moment we see our phone sinking straight into the water the world suddenly freezes, and we shout in terror. The sight of seeing our phone watery is terrifying as we know that now it will be useless. Unless it is a waterproof phone. But you are not alone who has faced such a situation there are many of us.

Worry not there is a hope for fixing the wet phone, but all will depend on your luck.

There are certain methods that you can try to fix the damaged phone. However, the best way is to be cautious and take precautions before and mishappening. You can even use waterproof pouches.

Here we bring for you certain tips that you can try to recover your phone from the unexpected dive. The steps are very simple like flipping a coin, but there is no guarantee that the device will actually be fixed. If the smartphone has been damaged beyond repair, then the trick may not work. Sometimes stars are in our favor and unexpected happen, so there is no harm following these simple steps.

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These tips will increase the chances of fixing the phone and get it working. So let’s get started.

Phone drowned, pull it out and be certain it’s off!

It is indeed a difficult situation but you need to tackle it and look for a solution, before it’s too late. The more your smartphone stays underwater, lesser are the chances of its survival. The first thing you must do is to take out the mobile of water irrespective of where it is fallen.

fix water damaged phone

Once it is out of the water, check it should be off do not try to turn it on. Now take out the battery if it is removable, place it in a on a flat dry surface preferably over some paper towel.


The following actions will make a difference between a damage phone and a survivor. Be careful while doing anything. Please keep the following list in mind before you do anything.

  • Don’t turn on the phone.
  • Don’t plug it in either
  • Don’t press any key as this can allow room to water in device.
  • Don’t shake the device.
  • Don’t apply any heat to the phone.
  • Don’t move the phone too much.

Disassemble the damaged phone

Don’t get confused with the heading, you just need to remove the user-removable parts. This is done to stop water entering in any other part. Put all the parts on paper towel for drying.

Be cautious, while doing so as we don’t want you to cause any further damage than good.

open phone

Dry the outer phone parts

We don’t want any more damage so to avoid it try to dry the phone and remove the excess water. Next use paper towel to dry every part, don’t shake the mobile too much while doing so. Gently dry every component.

dry output phone parts to fix water damage phone

Try using vacuum cleaner

There are areas which paper towel can’t access, so what to do to reach out those areas?  As already stated don’t blow air into the phone or heat it, but we never told you cannot do suction. You can use a vacuum cleaner to pull drops of water out of the phone without too much risk.

use vacuum cleaner to fix water phone

Be careful while using vacuum cleaner and don’t move your phone too much. Also do not use the big vacuum cleaner.

Other tips

If the above tricks won’t work you can try using these ones. But to try them you will have to leave your phone for longer time duration. This means you can’t touch your smartphone!

How will I dry the phone without touching it?  Leave the phone in a drawer or submerge the phone in a airtight bag full of rice/Quinoa, or Couscous and leave it for about 2-3 days.

rice help to water damage phone

Rice! Why? The reason is that it a very good humidity absorbent. So when we will put the phone into it, will help in drying out the device.

There is another that you can also try, if you do not like this one.

Use silica gel packs

silica gel pack use to water damage phone

Wrap Up

So by now you must have follow the either of the trick to resolve the problem. Few days have passed and it’s time to see if all your efforts paid off. Take the phone out of wherever you left it and assemble it. Now try to turn on the phone, if it works, you have succeeded! Check all the components and try using the microphone, earphone and speaker.

If it didn’t then it’s time to accept and face the reality that it is dead, you now need to take it to a professional try your luck. We have done almost all the possible things we could. Sometimes you just have to let the things go if they don’t work. So it’s time to say Bye to your phone.

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We hope you get your phone working.

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