What Is VPN Server Hopping & How It Boosts Your Online Privacy & Security

You probably know by now that a VPN is a vital tool in your cybersecurity arsenal. Currently, your VPN is up and running, protecting your personal data from outsiders and concealing your location by encrypting your internet traffic.But does it become safer if someone follows VPN Server Hopping? Let us understand What VPN Server Hopping is and should you do it?

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What Is VPN Server Hopping?

Switching between servers, often referred to  as “server hopping,” whichseems like a simple approach to make it difficult for someone to follow you. Some users connect to one server, perform their online activities, disconnect, and then switch to a different server. However, this practice is not necessary due to how VPN technology operates.

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Should You Change VPN Servers Or VPN Server Hopping?

A VPN is designed to protect your IP address and all your information from the moment you connect to any VPN server. If there was a single bit or character could be accessed from your PC after connecting to a VPN server, the purpose of using a VPN is defeated. Whether you use a single server or multiple servers, no information from your PC is visible to anyone.

VPN Service Providers also follows the policy of not keeping activity logs or connection records. Even the majority of VPN service providers don’t have access to that information. A good example to prove this is the introduction of new IT laws by the Government of India. This new law instructed the VPN service providers operating in India to store and provide the Server information to the Indian government whenever required. But as this defeats the purpose of privacy, most VPN companies ended their operations in India.

In reality, the risk of disclosing your identity while browsing by logging into services like Google or Facebook is substantially higher. In these circumstances, a VPN won’t be able to protect your privacy because websites will still be able to monitor everything you do with your account.

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tipsAdditional Tip

Use Systweak VPN To Keep Your Online Activities Private

Systweak VPN is a virtual private network that makes the user’s IP address and all the data related to his/her identity. More than 4500 servers spread over 200 cities and 53 countries are accessible to Systweak VPN users. You can conceal your IP address and real-time location in 200 places spread across 53 distinct nations. When you consider the benefits listed below, it becomes clear why Systweak VPN is the ideal option.

Systweak VPN

No restrictions by region. All IP-based restrictions imposed by streaming services like Netflix are lifted by a virtual private network service like Systweak VPN.

Maintains privacy and security. A VPN service offers protection and privacy because no hacker can determine your real IP address or location. Your laptop is also protected from viruses, malware, and other types of trackers.

Sharing files securely. You can be sure that any files you transfer over a public Wi-Fi network will be secured and guarded against hacker access.

Remote entry. If your VPN is enabled on any network, including public Wi-Fi, you can set up remote access from the laptop in your hand to the workplace or home computer without worrying if it will be intercepted.

Improve gaming. Gamers can connect to games from several regions using Systweak VPN, which also minimizes ping and improves lag. Your gaming credentials and other information are likewise kept safe and secure.

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Conclusion: VPN Server Hopping and Its Importance for Online Users

There’s no need to avoid server locations in your own nation or city. Regardless of the server you choose, your activity remains encrypted, and your real IP is concealed. Picking one server location over another does not impact your privacy in any way.  Additionally, there are advantages to connecting to a server located in your nation or city. Being in close proximity to the server ensures that your Internet speeds remain unaffected, and you experience minimal latency. Additionally, you’ll receive localized search results, which may be more useful.

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