How To Fix The “Unable to Connect to EA Servers”Error On Windows

The problem “unable to connect to EA servers” indicates that FIFA, Battlefield, or another EA game was unable to connect to the EA servers. This error may be brought on by a poor or nonexistent internet connection, unavailable EA servers, inaccurate date and time settings, ISP interference, or an issue with your account. Here are several remedies and checks you can perform if you wish to avoid getting this problem regularly and keep a steady connection to EA servers.

Method 1: Make Sure That The EA Servers Are Operational

EA Servers
EA servers occasionally fall offline for maintenance or because of a technical issue. Therefore, be sure that the EA servers are genuinely up and operating before you start any troubleshooting. To verify that, take these actions:

Step 1: Visit the EA Help page on the official website.

Step 2: Find the game that is giving you the issue and click on it in the top-left corner of the screen’s Games menu.

Step 3: Click the Server Status link on the right side of the screen after a brief delay.

The game servers for that platform are down if there is a red circle next to the device you are using to play the game with an arrow heading downward. If this is the case, wait until the server restarts; the problem should then go away.

The game servers for your platform are active if there is a green arrow pointing up next to the device you are using. As a result, the issue just affects you and is not a general one. Then move on to the following methods.

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Method 2: Examine Your Internet Connection

Examine Your Internet Connection
To effectively connect to EA servers, your device must be linked to a stable internet connection. Determine whether the internet is indeed connected before conducting further investigation. If it is, make sure your internet connection is steady. Use to test your internet speed for free and compare it to the speed your broadband package should provide.

Your connection is probably unstable if there is a significant discrepancy between the speed test results and what you “should” get. Then, if necessary, execute the following actions:

  • Reboot your router.
  • Move your gadget nearer to your router.
  • Try to use a wired connection to connect your device to the internet because it is more reliable.
  • To give your primary device the most available bandwidth, disconnect any additional devices that are using the same internet connection.

Repeat the internet speed test after that. There is a problem if the connection is still unreliable. As a result, you should alert your ISP or short-term use a separate internet connection.

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Method 3: Make Sure Your Account Isn’t Banned

If you breach the conditions of the User Agreement you agreed to when you registered your account, EA may temporarily suspend or permanently ban your account. You are unable to access several game features, including online gaming, once the ban has been issued.

online gaming

Visit the EA website, sign into your account, and choose My Ban History from the Accounts option to see if you’ve been banned. If a ban is in effect, it’s probably causing the connectivity issue. If you think EA made a mistake, get in touch with them to fix it. If there is no such ban, proceed to the next method.

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Method 4: Rule Out Any Additional Account Issues

Additional Account Issues

Here are a few minor account difficulties that could stop you from connecting to EA servers aside from getting your account banned:

  • If your EA Play subscription expires, you won’t be able to play EA games. Therefore, you should renew the membership if it is not currently active.
  • You might not be able to use the online gameplay features if you have a child account.

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Method 5: Perform A Few Simple Repairs

You should make the following repairs after making sure there are no internet connection issues or downtime on EA servers:

  • Before taking any further action, restart your device once, since this frequently resolves connectivity issues.
  • Make sure the same EA account isn’t logged in concurrently on numerous devices if you use the same account on multiple ones.
  • Turn off any proxy servers or VPNs you may be utilizing.

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The Final Word On How To Fix The “Unable to Connect to EA Servers” Error On Windows

Not connecting to EA servers in games is annoying. You should now have a better idea of what can sabotage the connection between your game and the EA servers. Hopefully, the connection will be restored if you properly implement the remedies listed above. If nothing functions, ask for help from EA technical support.

Since the advent of multiplayer games, gamers have had connectivity problems. Your time and work will be saved if you know how to fix them.

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