What Is Vmmem Process? How To Fix Vmmem.exe High Memory Usage

Did you notice a high CPU usage on your Task Manager under the Vmmem.exe process? If you are panicking and thinking about what it might be and how to fix this Vmmem.exe high memory usage, this blog is for you. But what is Vmmem? Let us assist you further with its definition and advance on fixing the issue on your computer.

What is Vmmem Process?

The Vmmem process is a virtual machine process that will help you describe how much of the computer resources are used by the virtual machines running on your Windows PC. In other words, if you observe Vmmem consuming memory and CPU power in massive amounts, it is evident that your virtual system is consuming high memory and CPU resources.

Why Is Vmmem Process Consuming So Much Memory?

When your computer is in operation, the CPU is responsible for sending the system’s data to its memory and delivering the outcome after the process. Tools like WSL ( Windows Subsystem for Linus ) save huge memory space in advance, but it tends to use 80% of Windows’ available memory. The latest version has been modified to 50 percent. Various users have faced issues with high memory usage consumption of their system space.

For Virtual systems to operate, it requires host system resources like memory, disk, CPU, and network, which is expected. But the memory and the CPU tend to get the most used resources as they are essential. As a result, the primary reason for Vmmem.exe high memory usage is ‘users configuring virtual systems with a considerable amount of memory and the CPU increasing Vmmem process advancement.’

How To Fix Vmmem.exe High Memory Usage?

Now that you know what the Vmmem process is and why it takes so much memory? Let’s now find out how you can fix Vmmem.exe high memory usage.

To fix Vmmem’s high memory usage, you can do it on your Windows in three different ways.

Method 1. Restart Windows Subsystem for Linux

1) Open Windows search space and type cmd(short for a command) in the search space. Proceed further with a right click and opt for Run as administrator.

Run as administrator

2) Type below mentioned command to restart the windows subsystem for WSL

Wsl-- Shutdown 

And then press Enter.


3) In case the command denied proceeding favorably, go to File Explorer and type the below-mentioned path in the search space

C: \Users\your-username.Wslconfig

4) Proceed further by typing the below-mentioned text into the file


And save it.

5) To ensure WSL will restart, resume opening your PC. Please note that after this modification, you can’t use Linux Graphical User Interface applications if you do not detach the added lines from the file. Hopefully, the memory usage issue will resolve now.

Method 2. Restrict The RAM Usage

1) Open File Explorer and type the below-mentioned path in the search space


2) Type the below-mentioned command as it will restrict the memory space Vmmem will use RAM and ultimately fix the high memory usage issue.



As you follow any of these methods, you will resolve the Vmmem.exe high memory usage. However, restricting RAM usage is the best solution for the problem. If you find it helpful, please drop your comments and feedback. We would love that gesture. Thanks!


1) Why is Vmmem taking up so much memory?

The primary reason Vmmem takes up so much memory is the users’ configuration of the virtual system and vast memory and CPU. As a result, they tend to use all the available resources, which further increases the Vmmem process’s advancement.

2) How do I lower my Vmmem memory usage?

Shut down your virtual system to lower your Vmmem memory usage issue. Also, you can shut the windows subsystem for the virtual design and then restart your PC and all the process.

3) How do I stop Vmmem?

To stop Vmmem, visit the PowerShell or the respective terminal you are using under admin right and enter the command Wsl– shutdown after you are done playing in Wsl 1 or 2.

We hope the article was helpful for you in fixing vmmem high CPU usage issues on your PC. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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